Convert PDF to text, PDF to CSV, PDF to XML, extract images from PDF, extract information about PDF files in .NET and ActiveX interfaces with Bytescout PDF Extractor SDK

PDF Extractor SDK allows developers to
convert PDF to text, extract images from PDF, convert PDF to CSV for Excel, PDF to XML.
Works WITHOUT any additional software required.


PDF Extractor SDK Main Features

New: Advanced text search with support for regular expressions and more
New: Image to text extraction - convert OCR in PDF to text
New: Repair damaged text when PDF shows correct text but copies damaged text
Extract PDF file author, title, description and other metadata
Extract and convert tables from PDF to CSV or XML
Merge or split document for easier management
Extract embedded images from PDF
.NET (2.00 to 4.50) and ActiveX interfaces emulation
See documentation for full set of all features and extraction options
Extract text from PDF

PDF Extractor SDK will extract plain text from PDF files regardless of encoding

Convert PDF to Excel

Extract and convert tables to CSV that can be easily converted to MS Excel format

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ByteScout PDF Extractor SDK Main Benefits

Process Millions of PDF Documents

PDF Extractor's high performance engine performs flawlessly under pressure making it an ideal solution for processing large quantities of PDF reports, indexing large PDF libraries, and more

Easy to use and implement

Even if your PDF documents have very complex structure you'll find that PDF Extractor is very easy to use and integrate into your existing systems

No more extraction errors

PDF Extractor can process even damaged files that have complex structure that would need to processed manually otherwise

Multiple language support

PDF Extractor successfully converts PDF documents written in other languages with different characters

Quick Video Presentations

PDF Extractor Video Review

PDF to CSV Extraction

PDF to XML Extraction

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