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Healthcare Whitepapers

Use ByteScout tools to help expand your business

Our whitepapers show how ByteScout tools can help your business to expand. We can assist growing any industry as the utilities are multifunctional. PDF functionalities serve for generating rich reports, worksheets, extract data sources, track information, enable document conversion and more. Barcode tools help organize the barcoding process, tagging, labeling, shipping and more.

At ByteScout, we care about helping developers and businesses to save time and expand their businesses. We offer various tools and solutions, as indicated in our whitepapers, to help achieve our mission.

Our responsive technical support and business white papers ensure our customers get help with their tools or solutions as need arises. Based on modern, sophisticated technologies, our tools and solutions are user-friendly and come with free support.

From our technical white papers, you’ll find out that our multifunctional utilities help grow all kinds of industries. Some industries that make use of our, technology white papers, tools and solutions include:

We’ve developed various industry white papers to help various customers understand how our tools and solutions can grow or expand their businesses.

Top 8 ByteScout Tools and Solutions to Grow Your Business

The Barcode SDK

The tool uses all primary 1D and 2D barcodes to automate the generation of barcodes. It also uses a standardized tag for a business’ documentation to automate its digital signing processes.

The tool, as you’ll see in our white paper samples, also automates the processing of labeling in logistics and healthcare, including generation of QR codes.

PDF Extractor SDK

The tool auto collects data from archives, reports, solicitations, and claims. It then organizes and structures the data digitally for further explanation. It’s a critical tool for the healthcare industry. It can make it easy and faster to generate reports for doctors.

The ByteScout tool also makes it easy to generate medical bills and patient data. The insurance industry can also benefit from efficient data processing.

Barcode Reader SDK

The tool uses all primary 1D and 2D barcodes to automate the process of reading barcodes in retail outlets such as supermarkets using POS devices. Various industries such as logistics also use it to track items. Any type of custom barcode can also use the tool to automate the procedure of collecting and processing data.

The Invoice Parser SDK

The tool, as showcased in our large white papers, supports parsing of invoices in various industries ranging from healthcare to logistics. It helps businesses to automatically classify or group many incoming invoices. With the tool, you can auto-capture details of invoices and make sure that they’re processed on time for timely payments.


The process of securing documents with encryption codes and watermarks can be repetitive and tiring. The tool helps businesses to automate the process. It also ensures you can auto-add images, texts, and watermarks into more than one PDF document.

Document restrictions and password protection is a breeze with this tool. PDF SDK also makes it possible to auto-generate PDF reports with rich formatting, images, and vectors without any distortion.

Screen Capturing SDK

Use the Screen Capturing SDK tool as explained in our white paper advertising documents to auto-record live medical sessions from the screen of a desktop or mobile computer.

It’s designed with built-in privacy features to blackout screen sections containing sensitive information. It also auto merges different video files to improve the processing of long videos after the recording sessions.

Document Parser SDK

The tool allows various businesses in different industries to auto-extract data from several incoming documents for easy creation and updating of templates for extraction.


The online service supports automatic filling of forms, accessing legally-binding electronic signatures from other parties, and on-the-go e-signing, in scalable ways. It auto delivers complete and signed documents in the form of PDF files to respective recipients.

Are you still wondering where to find white papers?

Our collection of company white papers has everything you’re looking for.

Check out our white paper documents to find out how our tools and solutions can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your business processes. The best white papers in our collection will grow your business and improve its bottom line.