Best Handmade Teas for Developers
There are plenty of reasons, both physically and emotionally, to drink tea. Teas are unique in that they add minerals, vitamins and antioxidants to otherwise regular water. It also includes a small but powerful flavor boost for an even better experience. Considering its low artificial flavorings or additives, it has become a great alternative to sugary and carbonated drinks. When you are involved in stressful and time-consuming jobs such as being a developer, a warm [...]
TOP 10 Plugins in 2019 that make your WordPress Website Speedy and Rich
The speed of the website is one of the most important criteria, speaking about the quality of the website. Especially in our time, when a person got used to receiving information quickly. And small delays in sending this information from the website will lead to the fact that a person will go to search for another faster website where he will not have to spend time waiting. Therefore, it is important to give the website [...]
Top 5 Google Docs Tricks for 2019 year
1. Clean up formatted text in Google Docs When you copy and paste text into your documents it is often passed along with various formatting, font styles etc. You may quickly clean it up using a hotkey. Select text snippet to clean up and remove formatting from Press CTRL + \ (on Windows) or  COMMAND + \ (on Mac OSX) to clean up all the formatting from the selection. 2. Quickly create a new document from Address Bar [...]
Remove Password from PDF – ByteScout PDF Protection Tutorial
Creating PDF with ByteScout is quite a simple task. It needs to add ByteScout PDF SDK in your project at first, and include its namespace in your .cs extension file where you are looking to create a PDF file. i.e. using Bytescout.PDF. Go through the short tutorial which will create a sample PDF and adding password to it. The PDF file can be created by creating the object of Document class and calling its default constructor. [...]
How to Prevent, Solve and Test SQL Injection in PHP?
An SQL Injection Attack is presumably the simplest crime to prevent while being one of the smallest defended against modes of attack. The focus of the attack is that an SQL call is connected to the back end of a form entries in the web or application front end, with the purpose of destroying the fundamental SQL Script and then operating the SQL script that was included into the form fields. This SQL injection most [...]
How to Quickly Setup and Use Two or More Git Repositories for One Single Project
Sometimes we need to sync our local code base with  2 or more Git remote repositories. For example, if your source code is on the Github for issues tracking and also pushed to Heroku for production. Here is the step by step instruction on setting up a project to sync with 2 or more remote git repositories (on Github and Heroku). What we have for this tutorial: Git repository on Github: /my-company/my-project Git repository on [...]
TOP-10 New Web Frameworks in 2019
Web frameworks have become a crucial element of web development, as the measures of web apps are constantly improving, so does the technology. It’s absolutely thoughtless to rediscover the apparatus for such complicated technologies considering that one can rediscover all that. Here is the list of top 10 web frameworks of 2019. 1. Laravel Laravel is one of the best PHP web frameworks. It was built by Taylor Otwell and dedicated for the developing web [...]
Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning ?
  Well, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are hot topics these days. But how do we know which term is more proper for use? Let's have a quick cheat sheet: Machine Learning is... Is known and actually used for years by programmers. One day programmers thought: oh, maybe there is a way to allow the program to learn from a set of values instead of hard coding all the rules in the code (if value == [...]
What Information Does a BarCode Hold?
To understand what information is stored on a barcode, you must first know what a barcode is and how barcodes work. A barcode is an encoded image, usually displayed with black and white lines of varying width that contains vital information easily readable by a machine. Barcodes store information using symbols that can vary from lines to dots, such as in the matrix barcoding. There are many types of barcodes, such as one dimensional and [...]
What is the Best Website Content Management Tool: Static HTML vs Drupal vs WordPress
  We went through multiple stages with our website. And here is our hands-on experience with various ways to host a website online. Static HTML website We've started our website ( many years ago as a set of simple HTML pages. It was easy to maintain, easy and cheap to host, compact and worked great. Advantages of static HTML website: Managing pages is as easy as managing files in a folder; You may add new [...]