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How Artificial Intelligence Works in Banking?
In almost every industry, including banking and finance, artificial intelligence has become a crucial game changer. The inclusion of artificial intelligence (AI) into banking software and services has made the sector more client and technologically appropriate. This article is all about how artificial intelligence works in banking. Let's take a look at it in more detail. AI-based systems can assist banks to trim expenses by improving efficiency and making decisions based on data that an [...]
TOP-10 Location Tracking Apps in 2022 to Improve Security
Location-tracking apps are essential for knowing the whereabouts of our family or loved ones. After all, the world out there is pretty dangerous, and instant location-tracking apps help us keep a tab on the movements of dear ones. Moreover, we can download different location-tracking apps, run the app in the background, and track the location of your family. What apps track your location? Let's go through the same in detail. What Apps Track Your Location? [...]
Extract PDF Data using XMLExtractor in PDF Extractor SDK in C#
Extractor SDK provides several ways of extracting data from PDF documents and one of them is XMLExtractor class. Extracting Text and Form Fields XMLExtractor reads document data and transforms it into XML format. The resultant XML has a table-like structure and contains the following elements: ‘’document” root element with attributes “pageCount” and “pageCountWithOCRPerformed” which give you the total number of pages in the document and the number of pages on which OCR analysis was performed, [...]
Blitz.JS: The Next Best JS Framework
JavaScript Frameworks According to a developer’s survey, JavaScript is the most commonly used language. The developers use JavaScript, HTML, and CSS as the core technologies when developing a web application. Various other development environments utilize the JavaScript platform, such as Adobe Acrobat, Node.js, and Apache CouchDB. Furthermore, the JavaScript frameworks help develop mobile applications, desktop environments, and games. The purpose of using the best frameworks is to optimize any application development by reducing the repetition [...]
How to Extract Document Info and Metadata using PDF Extractor SDK in C#
PDF Extractor SDK makes possible not only extraction of actual document data such as text and images but also retrieval of basic and detailed information about the PDF document including its metadata. InfoExtractor class implements a rich interface IInfoExtractor. Here are listed all properties and methods of this interface on the online documentation page: Initialization and document loading is using are not different from other SDK extractors: InfoExtractor extractor = new InfoExtractor(); extractor.RegistrationName = [...]
Event Browser Monitoring Using JS
Browser event refers to any action in the DOM elements, such as click, hover, drag, and many others. When an action occurs or a program’s state changes, it is said that an event has occurred. Types of Browser Events Following are the common browser event types: 1. Mouse Events These events include clicking an element (click), pressing or releasing the mouse button over some element (mouse up/ mouse down), moving the mouse cursor over an [...]
Design Patterns for Microservices
Microservices have emerged as the industry standard for building applications in the current market. Despite their reputation for overcoming a wide range of difficulties, expert users of this design frequently encounter difficulties. To increase the effectiveness of the application, programmers can instead investigate the prevalent patterns in such issues and build reusable solutions. Therefore, the top patterns required to construct a productive Microservice are covered in this essay on Microservices Design Patterns. How Do Microservices [...]
What’s New on ByteScout in October 2022
ByteScout Team has been working hard to bring updates and new features to its major products. ByteScout News and Updates in October 2022 PDF Extractor SDK (October 1, 2022) DocumentSplitter: added support for "**" split range that splits the document into pairs of pages. Added methods to all extractors that support Variant datatype for input and output. They allow performing in-memory processing when using the SDK as COM/ActiveX object from Delphi, VC++, VBScript, etc. [...]
Extract Text from PDF using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) of PDF Extractor SDK in C#
PDF Extractor SDK has powerful OCR capabilities with just as little configuration as possible. It utilizes the latest achievements in the machine learning field and encapsulates all the complexities behind simple API and includes support of multiple languages. Although to extract text from PDF using OCR little configuration is required there are additional options to fine-tune performance and recognition results. So below are common steps to extract text in supported language from PDF embedded image. [...]
Top-10 Automated Software Testing Tools
A crucial step in the software development cycle is testing a software program before it is released and used by end customers. Software testing automated tools ensure that a particular software product operates or is utilized in compliance with the guidelines as per the requirement of the clients. Finding the appropriate technology for the project is essential to the success of any test automation effort. Choosing an automation tool might be difficult because so many [...]