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Best Programming Bootcamps in 2022
Programming boot camps are widely helpful in learning technical skills that align with current market trends. It is a short-term, fast-paced course that prepares its students for efficient software development. Are you someone who has been searching for top-notch programming boot camps? We have the answer for you! Read on to find out more! Let's start with a basic understanding of programming boot camps What are Programming Bootcamps? Programming boot camps are intensive programs that [...]
Rapid Application Development Methodologies
If you’re a developer or an online business owner, we’re sure you have heard of Rapid Application Development. Let’s take a closer look at RAD. What is Rapid Application Development (RAD)? RAD is a speedy method of developing apps whereby continuous feedback and different versions are used to assist in the process. It prioritizes user feedback over expensive planning. It is not a definite model of app development. But it is more like an approach [...]
Wyng – Zero-Party Data API
What is Zero-Party Data? Zero-party data is information that a customer willingly and conscientiously shares with a company. It may include personal taste center data, purchase decisions, individual relevance, and how the person wishes to be recognized by the brand. Why is Zero-Party Data Important? When a client believes a brand enough to offer this critical data, it implies the brand doesn't have to guess what the client wants or their intentions. Another possible explanation [...]
Zig vs. Rust
Zig needs only 75% of both the data that Rust needs. Zig is more quickly typed and spoken than Rust. And although Rust is much behind "C," Zig is well behind Rust in the vocabulary. Both are LLVM-based and low-level enough for all the users to control completely. Their best-case run-time efficiency is essentially the same in this regard. The compilation process is just where Zig is quicker. Zig's processor has much less effort to [...]
Can Big Data and AI Work Together?
Big data and artificial intelligence (AI) have a symbiotic connection. Big data analytics uses AI for more useful data research. In favor, AI needs a huge hierarchy of data to understand and enhance decision-making methodologies. This article is all about how artificial intelligence and Big Data work together. Let's take a look at it. How Are AI and Big Data Associated? Employing machine learning for big data is an analytical action for businesses scrutinizing to [...]
Plotting Geographical Heatmaps using Python Folium Library
In this article, you will see how to plot geographical heatmaps with the help of the Python Folium library. The Folium library is a data visualization library that you can use to plot various types of geographical maps, including the heatmap. Installation Folium You can install the Folium library via the following pip command: pip install folium If you are running Anaconda’s Python distribution, you can install the Folium library via the following command: conda [...]
Interaction using Alert, Prompt, and Confirm using JS
JavaScript and User Interaction JavaScript is one of the well-known programming languages. Developers mainly use JS in the Web browsers create an interactive and dynamic environment. This interaction helps enhance the user experience, and the end-users feel involved in the whole process. Therefore, most of the modern technology’s essential functions and applications implement JavaScript to boost user interaction. User Interaction Functions JavaScript provides the developers with the opportunity to engage with the users effectively. It [...]
Error Handling using Try/Catch in JS
Error Handling in Javascript Error handling is the technique by which users avoid errors or exceptions to disrupt the program’s flow during the run-time. Mainly, these errors result at the end of the program's execution or crash while doing critical work. Therefore, the users get the “program crashed” notification while running the program. Javascript is a loosely coupled programming language, and most of the errors occur during run-time instead of compile time. For instance, the [...]
Concept of Garbage Collection in JS
In programming languages, garbage collection is a crucial concept dealing with automatic memory management. The programming languages which enable garbage collection provide developers with various garbage collecting engines. These engines work efficiently to clean the memory space. A garbage collection engine looks for the objects that are no longer under the use of the program. The engine deletes or removes these objects to utilize memory and resources efficiently. Types of Garbage Collectors Garbage Collection in [...]
Concept of Asynchronous Programming in JS
What is Asynchronous Programming in JS? Asynchronous programming is the act of performing specific tasks at a particular time, and these are often referred to as operations. Programmers should ensure that processes get finished and eventually have their work done within a specific time. Ways to Achieve Asynchronous Programming There are many ways to achieve asynchronous programming in programming, like using flag variables, semaphores, UNIX signals, etc... Still, one of the essential concepts used to [...]