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RPA in Healthcare – Use Cases
A recent study found out that companies considered Robotic Process Operations because of improved productivity, as well as enhanced customer experience. Organizations in diverse sectors classified RPA as a progressive leap into the world of Artificial Intelligence. The technology employs software robots, virtual workers, and mimics humans to implement tasks. It can also process complex information at top-notch speed. We explained all these benefits in our article, "What Are The Key Benefits of RPA(Robotic Process [...]
How to Use Machine Learning for Anomaly Detection and Condition Monitoring
When analyzing real-world data sets, a common desire to determine the data points that stand out from the rest arises. These data points that stand out are known as anomalies. The process in which these outstanding data points are determined is called anomaly detection. These anomalies are ordinarily brought about by errors in data. In some cases, the anomalies are brought about by underlying processes that are previously not known. Anomalies are broadly categorized into: [...]
Ultimate Guide to Fly Cheap: How to Find the Cheapest Flights Possible!
Discover how to find cheap flight tickets without breaking a sweat. Without a proper strategy, searching for a cheap flight ticket may turn out to be a tiresome experience. However, with the tips and strategies we are going to share, you can find cheap flight tickets, easily. Most important, you will get to your destination feeling good, having saved some good money. Factors to Consider When Buying Cheap Flight Tickets Are You Travelling Alone? If [...]
Amazon AWS Textract vs Web API
It is said that "Data is new Oil". And if you consider analysis reports of today's economists. Future data will be more valuable than oil. Which makes us wonder, where is this data and what are the benefits of it? Well coming to the second question, benefits are endless but one of the most obvious benefits is that it gives the power to analyze and predict. Hence makes easy to make decisions. Coming to the [...]
Read It If Your Files and Folders Are A Mess: How To Properly Name Files And Folders
Do you have all these "Untitled.xls" , "Untitled 2.docx", "Copy of Untitled.jpg" files on your computer? This article will change your life (and your files) forever!  First things first: there are tens, if not hundreds, of different files naming schemes. Each comes with their own naming conventions, prefix and postfix characters, separators, and ordering conventions. There's no single naming convention that should or could be followed over others for your project. Each of the schemes [...]
What is SQL and what is it used for
In today’s digital world, enormous amounts of electronic data are being gathered, processed, and stored in databases every single day. These databases can be used for anything – websites, inventory records, vendor and customer information, or even for recording contact information such as phone numbers. If the transformation of raw data into information that supports decision making is the end goal, knowing how to work with such databases is imperative. Here’s where SQL comes in. [...]
Ultimate List of 45 Important SQL Queries
SQL is incredibly powerful, and like every well-made development tool, it has a few commands which it’s vital for a good developer to know. Here are a few of the most important ones – each of these queries is consequential to almost every system that interacts with an SQL database. Check this video to learn about every SQL query: Improve your skills with SQL trainer (for beginner and advanced developers) Try SQL Trainer for Free [...]
How RPA & AI Will Revolutionize The BPO Industry
There is a very interesting similarity between Robotic Process Automation and the BPO sector. Both of them are strictly interested in outsourcing the job. In the case of RPA, it's from the human workforce to their robotic counterpart. But again, that is one of the key reasons why it is becoming more and more popular in the BPO industry. Studies suggest that employing offshore resources can be a 3x costlier compared to automating the process. [...]
Frameworks for Analyzing Security Risks of Smart Devices
The development and advancement of the Internet of Things concept have led to an exponential growth of the number of smart devices connected to the internet. It is estimated that by 2020, the number of smart devices connecting to the internet will grow to about 50 billion.  Smart devices have been developed to support different human activities, including their personal affairs, financial affairs, and business affairs, which has made people’s lives more convenient. The concept of smart [...]
Podcast Episode 02: Basics of Indexing and Type of Indexes in Microsoft SQL Server
From this new episode of ByteScout podcast you will learn basics of indexing and type of indexes used in Microsoft SQL Server.