January 2018

Rust vs. C++: A brief Overview

The year 1979 saw Danish computer scientist, ‘Bjarne Stroustrup’ working on a project of C language, that he called ‘C with Classes’. He enriched C language by introducing new features like classes, derived classes, default arguments and inlining to the C compiler. 14 years later, ‘C with Classes’ was labeled ‘C++’ with the addition of

Most Influential Pre-Trained Machine Learning Models

Did you know that new drugs are now designed by machine learning models? ML is pervasive in every industry because leading companies can no longer compete without mining and exploiting these rich and expansive new benefits. ML algorithms can recognize patterns in data that people cannot see, and often cannot even understand. Paypal uses ML

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Most popular CDN Services You Must Check

A Content Delivery Network or CDN helps speeding up the access to a website by shortening the virtual distance between the people visiting a site and the server delivering its content. In most cases, a site’s components and its static data are distributed and saved on servers around the globe. That way, anyone accessing the

Professional JavaScript 2018: New Frontiers & Strict Standards

New standard methods of JavaScript development are at hand and demand our attention because of their potential for voluminous deployment across millions of important websites today. The new ECMAScript 2017 defines world changing optimizations which we can deploy to greatly improve performance. JavaScript’s extensibility recently appears boundless. Frameworks such as AngularJS have reshaped JavaScript development

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TOP-10 New Features of ECMAScript 2017

Developers must be quick to become aware of the most recent revisions and feature enhancements to the JavaScript language in order to hold a competitive advantage and to capture ever-increasing performance from their websites. That is why ByteScout is here to provide you a summary of the most recent and most valuable additions to JavaScript’s 

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December 2017

GitHub vs GitLab

Git Is version control software designed specifically to keep track of the changes made to files over time. In other words, Git is a distributed revision control system which means that every Git directory on every computer is a full-fledged repository with the full history of the project, not just the current state of the

Front-End Tooling Trends 2018 Plus… CSS Preprocessor Intro

Front-end development tools and techniques evolve rapidly, but we must stay on top of them to keep a competitive edge and extract superlative performance from websites and apps. To achieve this goal ByteScout presents emerging front-end tooling trends going into 2018, along with an intro to CSS Preprocessors versus native CSS code. To begin, let’s

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TOP-5 Smart Contracts and How to Use Them

If you use or create technology in any way, you’ve probably heard all about Blockchain. But what exactly is Blockchain? How does it tie to smart contract platforms and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin? Let’s unwrap some Blockchain fundamentals to see how the technology links to formal agreements. Bitcoin and Blockchain technology explained In essence, Blockchain is

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Learn More About Different Async Patterns in JS

Background: what’s async, at the start? Async programming has been made popular because of JavaScript, but it exists in fact in many languages. In pure theory, you can even do async programming in C if you feel really adventurous. But first, what’s async programming? Well, it’s a way to deal with operations that can take

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Ultimate Lasso.js Tutorial

As a client-side Javascript module bundler, Lasso.js provides powerful advantages over other bundlers. Optional dependencies, code splitting, and plugins for pre-processing are among the innovative optimizations featured. Lasso.js enables asynchronous loading of additional JavaScript and CSS following initial page load. Combine this with Lasso’s de-dupe feature to eliminate module redundancy, and you have the ultimate

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