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Digital Transformation Expert Predicts 2025 Innovations
Experts agree that the future will be based on humanity. It’s about leveraging technology to change our work, lifestyles, perceptions, and surroundings. The future will be profoundly digital but will still be inherently human. The common link in all these patterns is the human aspect. Digital transformation has previously centered on the promise of technology that drives efficiency and productivity over the last ten years. Many companies will recognize the value of human-centered architecture. In [...]
Lasso and Ridge Regressions using Python
This tutorial will study the Lasso and Ridge regression methods with Python implementations and discuss their differences. Table of Contents: Regression models Bias and variance terms Lasso regression and Python implementation Ridge regression and Python implementation Summary and Discussion We start from the general description of regression models and examine bias and variance concepts. Then we explain Lasso and Ridge regressions by demonstrating their Python implementations. In the last part, we summarize the tutorial and [...]
TOP-5 Interview Questions in SQL for Beginners
SQL stands for Standard Query Language. SQL is primarily used to manage the Database Management System data. There is a very high demand for SQL developers in the market, and if you are going to appear for an interview, you have landed in the right place. The following questions are the most likely asked Interview questions in SQL. Please go through them and ace your interview with flying colors. 1. What is the difference between [...]
Basic Guide to Kubernetes
Developers have been using various ways to create and deploy applications. The most common are the traditional methods of deployment. Since this is the era of new technology advancements, software companies have been continuously introducing and applying the latest application deployment platforms to improve the process. Docker is the most common platform that has gained massive popularity relatively quickly by switching the deployment methods to isolated containers. Kubernetes is another platform that provides container-based deployment. [...]
Where to Buy (And Sell) a Startup
Why buy a startup If you want to create and run a "unicorn" startup (which will be valued over $1B+) then you can gather your friends, borrow some money and create a brand new startup in your garage. But if you have no time but have some free money then you can actually try to buy and grow one. Though the idea of buying a startup is a bit controversial, still there are a few [...]
How Digital Technologies Affect our Health?
Digital devices dramatically influence the modern human lifestyle. We spend a large amount of time online, and handheld devices have become an integral part of human nature. We look at digital screens when we are working. We look at them when we are at home. We communicate with cellphones, track health with electronic fitness trackers, and so on.  We depend on technology without mindful of its effects on our mental and physical health. We need [...]
List of Frontend-Backend Technology in 2021 Trends
With the rise of new technologies, the scope of software development is developing remarkably. The use of advanced frontend and backend technologies is necessary for robust mobile and web application development. Here is the list of top frontend and backend technologies in trend in 2021. Top-8 Frontend Technologies In plain terms, it is a collection of technologies that are utilized in expanding the user interface of web applications. Npm Npm is also called Node Package [...]
TOP-10 Digital Transformation Examples in Marketing
In the last few years, particularly within the last year, significant marketing changes have occurred. Most of these changes have been powered by digital transformations that have completely changed marketing as we know it. The impact of the global crisis has fast-tracked several transformations that may likely take years or even decades to materialize. These transformations are key for the survival of many businesses as they have kept many relevant in the face of harsh [...]
Popular Command-line Tools with 3 Most Common Commands
Command-line tools range from scripts to libraries to applications and can solve several difficulties for users. Normally, they differ from web dev to service to production and can give a lot of functionality for people running from the command line -- even on Windows. Now, considering that users have a workable shell, let's take a look at some amazing command-line tools that are worth learning about. In many places, users want to execute a command-line [...]
List of Free, or Premium Learning Resources
In today's digital age, there are hundreds of excellent learning resources on the world wide web. As a result, with a little bit of effort and commitment, an individual can get an outstanding education without stepping foot into any of the major colleges around the world. The best part is that a large portion of these resources does not cost a dime. The resources that are accessible at a fee are significantly less expensive than [...]