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Digital Transformation Examples in Banking
In banking and other commercial and service industries, decision-makers are using digital transformation to lower operation costs and to free employees from repetitive manual tasks. Although each bank chooses its own digital banking transformation strategy, some of the common automated tasks include data entry, online retail transactions, sorting and forwarding mails, and acknowledging receipt of transaction requests. Moreover, while there are many underlying technologies that have made digital transformation in the banking industry possible, the [...]
TOP-20 Interview Questions About Digital Transformation
Facing interviews are an integral part of having a healthy corporate life. So in this post, we have compiled a list of top 20 interview questions that you are almost certain to face in any digital transformation opening. Some of the questions are relatively straight forward and basic, while the rest are open and require a bit of thinking. Okay then, without further ado we present the first question.   BASIC QUESTIONS 1. What IS [...]
Banking and Finance Innovations in February 2020 (Industry Digest)
The financial services industry has been evolving with fintech disrupting the status quo across the entire spectrum of the industry. We analyze innovations across the front office (customer engagement), middle office (automation), and back-office (settlement processes). Table of Contents: Summary Building and Communicating Customer Loyalty more effectively Micro-customization: Personalizing customer insights Augmented Reality to communicate card benefits Chatbots – Using voice & becoming interoperable Automating Middle Office Tasks using RPA Blockchain to secure transaction processing [...]
How to Prevent, Solve and Test SQL Injection in PHP?
An SQL Injection Attack is presumably the simplest crime to prevent while being one of the smallest defended against modes of attack. The focus of the attack is that an SQL call is connected to the back end of a form entries in the web or application front end, with the purpose of destroying the fundamental SQL Script and then operating the SQL script that was included in the form fields. This SQL injection most [...]
5 Main Areas of Digital Transformation
Many organizations are actively going through digital transformation, irrespective of the actual industry, irrespective of the organizational structure. Digital transformation presents a wide variety of lucrative incentives such as better sales models and higher customer satisfaction. TABLE OF CONTENT Summary Healthcare Finance Logistics and E-Commerce Telecommunication Hospitality Summary There are certain differences between the transformation of a sector from another. Every organization is different - the organizational structure, processes, and culture vary even between organizations [...]
How to Join Hack The Box?
Penetration testing is the most important job in the world of security. Many online platforms allow users to practice their penetration testing skills. Hack The Box is one of them. It is primarily an online platform to examine and improve your abilities in penetration testing and cybersecurity. It includes various challenges that are regularly modernized. Some of them resembling real-world situations and some of them inclining more towards a CTF technique of challenge. Let's take [...]
Top-10 Artificial Intelligence Books for Beginners
In 1956, computer scientist John McCarthy coined the term Artificial Intelligence (AI). Decades later, research, funding and massive technological advancement have brought the reality of its potential to virtually every sphere of society. But as an area of computer science, AI isn't particularly an easy field for non-technical beginners. What with demands like having a grasp on maths, logic as well as a basic understanding of human intelligence? For those starting, it becomes a tricky [...]
Ultimate List of TOP-20 Laptops for Designers
As a graphics designer, you need a laptop that can handle all the resource-intensive tasks. It should support all commonly used apps and peripheral accessories, have a powerful processor that runs cool at all times, and a large display. Other important features include portability, a powerful graphics card, ample storage and memory, and great battery life. If you already checked ByteScout's list of TOP-30 Laptops for Programmers, learn about the best laptops for graphic designers [...]
How to Build the Best Analytical SQL Report
Today, database teams want to immediately release new applications that give a vital competitive edge and make extra income streams. The difficulty confronting many companies is to obtain the best platform and language to handle the data and analytical conditions while at the same time maintaining the most comprehensive applications to maximize the investment. For this, SQL analytical query has played a crucial part. This post will explain the use of SQL analytical queries to [...]
Healthcare Innovations in January 2020 (Industry Digest)
“Time-restricted eating” improves the condition of patients with metabolic syndrome Introduction   If a person has three or more of the following conditions they are said to have metabolic syndrome; central obesity, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high blood fat, and low blood high-density lipoprotein (HDL). "Intermittent fasting" (IF) is a popular diet that commonly includes 16-hour fasts every day or fasting for two separate 24-hour periods in a week. A new variant of [...]