ByteScout PDF Extractor vs iText
If you are looking for a tool that can help you automate your documentation processes or if you want to save more time and money by automating your working procedures like integrating PDF functionalities in your applications, processes or products - you would probably need a tool like ByteScout PDF Extractor SDK. Today, we'll check its opponent - iText - and we will compare both tools. Here are detailed features and comparison of these two products. But before [...]
How to Consume Web API Using Angular (TypeScript)
There are 2 ways to build a web application. The 1st way - and certainly the oldest way - is to handle the web application on the server and just send back HTML to the browser. It's basically like Wikipedia, Amazon or LinkedIn. Almost every interaction triggers a page change or a page reload. Then, comes the 2nd way. The principle is to give to the browser all HTML layouts of every screen in the [...]
Hurry Up to Check the Updated Products by BYTESCOUT!
Recently, ByteScout has updated all its major products to the new, fast and highly performant versions. You can now use the better products to facilitate your developer routine tasks. So, what has been done so far? We've released three new awesome products indispensable for the work with documents! Document Parser SDK, version Document Parser SDK is the universal solution that you may quickly adjust for your needs. You can easily create templates using built-in templated [...]
All SQL Constraints for Programmers – Complete List
Introduction In this topic, we discuss SQL Server Constraints. We first discuss the theory behind them, i.e. the concepts of Data Integrity and Referential Integrity, and Database Normalization. Then we will learn about the types of constraints in SQL with examples, its rules, and syntax. In particular, we will check SQL table constraints. What are constraints in SQL? SQL constraints are programmatic constructs that alter Server’s behavior while it applies INSERT/DELETE/UPDATE operations on data. SQL Constraints are SQL [...]
Alpha to Omega: From Creating a traditional SQL DB to modern Stream Processing with Kafka
SQL DB Introduction Imagine a real-time transportation booking network of drivers and passengers operating in a frenetic, densely populated Asian city like Phnom Penh. Thousands of passenger apps are simultaneously uploading and downloading GPS location data, their maps are constantly retrieving driver locations, updating UI displays, and confirming bookings. Hundreds of driver apps are likewise constantly feeding back their location and confirming their availability status. New membership accounts, payments, and online tech support are all [...]
All You Need to Know About CSS Keylogger
Definition of a Keylogger A Keylogger is a program that logs the user’s keystrokes without the user being aware of it. Generally, it is a type of a vulnerability attack used to compromise the security of the victim’s accounts. The keylogger consists of a client side and a server side. The client side is responsible for logging the keystrokes and sending them to the server side, which they would use this info to compromise the [...]
TOP-15 Short Tips for SEO-Competitiveness
What is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is the process by which a website gets in the first pages of Google search results. SEO is relatively simple but requires background knowledge on certain technical features, such as URLs and how a search engine runs. It is important to understand the basic mechanics of the technique before attempting to make a website SEO friendly. What are the benefits of an SEO-competitive site? [...]
SQL Server Machine Learning Ultimate Tutorial
Continuing our exciting journey through today’s cutting-edge machine learning techniques and SQL methods, we naturally want to develop a practical working knowledge of how to bring all the best predictive technology together in this tutorial on SQL Server Machine Learning Services. Most importantly, we want to build real-world applications. Now it’s more realistic than ever to deploy SQL/Python apps. With this awesome platform we can run Python and R code from T-SQL, and as you [...]
7 Online Integrated Development Environments You Should Check
Everybody can figure out how to code. Truly, there are various online integrated development environments in which you can begin adapting immediately. There is a number of programming languages which need IDE to compile and run programs.  These days, there are numerous online IDE’s available for writing and executing your programs. The biggest advantage of the online integrated development environment is that you don’t have to install any software in your laptop or PC. You [...]
Ultimate Tutorial – Learn How to Delete Cookies in All Browsers
What are cookies? We see the term often, cookies, but the first thought for many is a delicious treat instead of a tiny file. Internet cookies or HTTP cookies are sent from websites to your computer and archived on your browser(s). They store a variety of information, such as advertising preferences and login status, which will give you faster loading of websites frequently visited. This data allows web searches and general internet browsing to be [...]