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New and More Affordable Licenses Are Available Starting Today
Today we've added new Small Business licenses for SDK and Suites What's different? more affordable: price starts at $499.99 USD / license covers up to 3 developers at the same company perpetual license keys priority support and updates for 1 year + optional maintenance subscription (cancel at any time) For more details please visit the pricing page  and Licensing FAQ
Discover the List of 35 JavaScript Commands
As the most common programming language, it is imperative that programmers and developers understand JavaScript code and JS commands. Developers with mastery over JavaScript code are the most valuable to employers. If you are new to web development and programming language, you will want to familiarize yourself with the JavaScript commands list. In learning JavaScript, it is essential that you learn about the best JS commands because this will allow you to craft JavaScript code [...]
TOP-30 Developer Jokes for a Great Day
Computer developer is one of the coolest jobs in this world. Developers get to work on various domains and software applications for countless clients which provide them lots of time to innovate, build, and develop. These days developers also never have a shortage of software projects due to smartphones and mobile apps. Some are developing new Android or iOS apps, while some are working to get rid of old features. Also, knowledge is a permanent [...]
How to Convert PDF Files into Excel Chart Creation
PDF files are the most commonly used file formats in electronic documents. It is widely known that PDF is the single most popular format for documents outside of the office. You will most likely encounter PDF files at work virtually every other day. One of the most common problems associated with PDF documents is their conversion to other formats for modification and different usage. You might perhaps want to open and modify a chart in [...]
Guide on How to Convert Excel and PDF into Flat Files
You might have come across the name flat-file and wondered what it is and why it is important. Well, a flat file is a file that contains records that do not have a structured interrelationship. It is simply a text file that does not contain any structure characters of processing from application files such as Excel and PDF. A flat file is made up of a single data table. A flat file allows a user [...]
Ultimate List of Data Science Tools in 2020
Data science is the most important thing in today’s world. It has become a crucial part of many businesses like agriculture, marketing, risk control, fraud discovery, retailing analytics and common policy among others. Here is the ultimate list of data science tools.   Apache Hadoop Keras OpenRefine Seahorse Orange TensorFlow Weka MongoDB Paxata DataRobot Tableau Matplotlib NLTK BigML Feature Labs 1. Apache Hadoop Apache Hadoop is an open-source data science tool/framework which allows users to [...]
Explore Top-30 Visual Studio Hotkeys
The whole idea of taking advantage of these Visual Studio 2017 hotkeys is to increase productivity and save time. With these 20 Visual Studio keyboard shortcuts, developers have easy ways to get more done without lifting a finger off the keyboard. 1. CTRL+Q for Quick Launch CTRL+Q opens the quick launch so you can search an indexed list of every feature available in Visual Studio. For example, If you want to do add a new [...]
10 Myths about Digital Transformation
The gold rush is on, and data is presently the new gold. The present digital transformation can be classified as a gold rush. Several enterprises are rolling out holistic and costly digital transformations with the ambition of discovering an important gold vein. A small fragment of these enterprises will achieve success with their ambition, while others will find one or two lessons and also benefit from massive digital investments. Presently, the rush is still on, [...]
What Industries Were Affected by Digital Transformation
Digital transformation has been around for close to two decades now. However, many businesses have not embraced it yet. In that regard, let us look at how businesses in different industries are taking advantage of digital transformation. Industries Affected By Digital Transformation Transportation / Auto Digital transformation in the transportation industry has largely affected how businesses manage their fleets. It has also affected how car owners can secure their vehicles. The integration of GPS devices [...]
What Are The Keys To Successful Digital Transformation?
Digital transformation is essential for your business if you want to remain competitive, grow your profits, and keep your customers happy. So, how do you achieve it? In this guide, you are going to discover the keys to successful digital transformation. Vision Driven In most businesses, the top executives tend to delegate the implementation of digital projects to their IT departments. While that seems to be a natural fit, it creates additional challenges when implementing [...]