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RPA Best Practices in Retail Industry
Workers in Retail Industry spend up to 28% of their time in daily processes, and 20% in the organization, instead of actual productivity. The good news is you can RPA to automate those tedious and repetitive tasks and free your human workforce to work on high-value tasks. Summary Most occupations have manual tasks that offer RPA opportunities. RPA can leverage AI to learn new skills to improve and perfect performance. You can use RPA to [...]
World’s TOP-20 Developer Conferences in 2020
In this list of the top 20 developer conferences of 2020, you will discover conferences for AI, Machine Learning, Graphics Programming, Deep Learning, among others. Each review includes important details such as dates, venue, and fees. That will help you to choose and plan for them accordingly. Table of Content C# Corner Annual Conference - #C DeveloperWeek – General Programming O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference Google Cloud Next Dublin Tech Summit – Emerging Technologies AI Summit [...]
Robotic Process Automation in Insurance
Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in Insurance promises to bring about the traditional benefits of automation, but at a lower cost, and with the flexibility of implementation. Industry analysts predict it is going to reduce the workforce by 25% in some sections, and at the same time create opportunities in areas that require higher-level skills. Table of Contents RPA Use Cases in the Insurance Industry RPA Adoption Impact of RPA Preparing for RPA Better Service Delivery [...]
Digital Trends and Ongoing Transformation in the US Finance Industry
The financial services sector in the US is undergoing a dramatic technology-led evolution that is changing the landscape of the entire industry. Some of the most pronounced disruptions have been caused by: Artificial Intelligence (AI) across the investment workflow. Incorporation of Big Data. Evolution of new-age payment systems and apps. Blockchain Among these trends, we explicitly analyze the impact of AI on the wealth management industry in the US. AI has pervaded all aspects of [...]
Best Website Hosting Providers for WordPress or Where To Host Your WordPress Website
Wordpress became a dominant platform for websites. According to various analytics systems,  more than 30% of active websites in the world are currently using Wordpress at their content management system. Our own experience with Wordpress vs others In our own experience, moving ByteScout website from our homegrown PHP based content system to Drupal CMS and then to Wordpress brought us many new advantages: a wide choice of website hosting platforms, access to many design themes, [...]
TOP-5 Most In-Demand AI Skills in 2020
AI is the future. One does not need to be an oracle like Nostradamus to predict that. AI has not only influenced the technology sector but the corporate world as well. Professionals willing to switch over to the AI and its sibling sectors need to have a number of specific skills. The following are some of them that are going to rule 2020. But before going into the exact skillset, one also needs to have [...]
What are Main Components of Digital Transformation?
Having a successful digital transformation strategy is undoubtedly one of the most important components of your business's future. The survey conducted by Constellation Research, a well-known technology research, and advisory firm based in Silicon Valley, reveals that >60% of participants believe that having a working digital transformation strategy is essential to improving the organization's performance. It's essential to improving your organization's productivity and efficiency, driving your business's performance metrics higher, and enhancing the consumer experience. [...]
How to Track New Trends and Find Market Opportunities for Your Startup and Find What People Want
Technology innovations have significantly changed our lives during the last decade. New opportunities arrive every day and thanks to the Internet you don't have to be in Silicon Valley to keep track of new trends. Here is the list of sixteen online services, apps, articles and resources that will help you to track new business trends and find new opportunities. Online Services and Apps to Automatically Track New  Trends 1. Exploding Topics — free online [...]
What is the Internet of Things?
Technology has revolutionized the world that at the moment we have smart objects that have the capability of sensing the surrounding, capture certain signals about changes and relay their presence to other smart devices. This has also been enabled by massive computation capability, network flexibility and use of electromechanical components that have provided new dimensions in the product specification. Table of contents: Reasons for the Emergence of IoT Security Privacy Standards Legal and regulatory rights [...]
All You Need to Know About Edge Computing
Edge computing has been derived from the increased convergence and integration of a number of traditional distinct disciplines which include cloud computing, on one hand, mobile computing as well as the Internet of Things (IoT). Latency Privacy and Security Bandwidth Applications of Edge Computing Conclusion All this has been brought together by the advanced nature of the technologies used in networking. The main reason behind this is to provide users with a product that assures [...]