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How Does Microsoft Flow compare with IFTTT and Zapier?
The innovative programs with a simple idea of purpose and impact are based on a simple concept. One action will cause any other activity. For example, if you need all your tweets saved into an Excel sheet or get each day's weather reviews despatched via electronic mail, those packages can automate those techniques. Flow is the most up-to-date automation tool at the block. It's restrained, and its integration with Microsoft apps and offerings. Flow works [...]
WebP Images Explained
If you've ever sought to upload a picture out of a webpage and it appeared in a format that won't appear in your favorite photo viewer application's photo gallery, you're not alone. Follow and read this article till the end to learn how to overcome this problem. Introduction WebP is a picture design-like format like JPG/PNG/GIF, yet it has additional fascinating highlights that make it more flexible. It was created and delivered by Google. Take [...]
The most prevalent file formats used by developers are CSV and XML. However, there is still a conflict between their utility. So, in this article, we will compare the two formats and see which one is better. CSV CSV stands for "Comma Separated Values," which signifies that the "columns" are separated by a delimiter in a standard text file. It is still a widely common file format for all sorts of data. You can use [...]
How to Integrate Third-Party Services: Zapier and IFTTT, or?
IFTTT is the acronym for the programming conditional declaration "if this, then that." It is a company-provided software program platform that connects apps, devices, and services from distinct developers intending to cause one or more automation involving those apps, devices, and services. Zapier is packing onboard more integration and workflow automation platform that supports thousands of the most popular apps. Both easy automation is without problems executed in each app. However, a few personalization settings [...]
Basic CRUD operation using Dapper!
Dapper is an object mapper for .Net. As per stackoverflow definition, dapper is a micro-ORM, offering core parameterization and materialization services, but (by design) not the full breadth of services that you might expect in a full ORM such as LINQ-to-SQL or Entity Framework. While working on one project in my company, I have come across this library and found that it is one of the fastest ORMs available in .net. For statistics, below is [...]
Case Expression in SQL Server
Case Expression is used when we want output-based different conditions. You might think that for that purpose If-Else is there, but here's a difference. If-Else is a flow control statement, while Case is not. If-Else spans across multiple SQL queries when Case is used in a single SQL query. This statement assesses a checklist of requirements and yields one of the numerous potential result expressions. This expression has two configurations: The straightforward CASE expression corresponds [...]
In this article, we will review certain SQL functions and how they can be used. You will also check some code examples below. So here's a brief overview: COALESCE Function in SQL NULLIF Function in SQL ISNULL Function in SQL COALESCE Function in SQL COALESCE returns the first non-null parameter among all parameters passed to it. If all parameters are null then it'll return null. The COALESCE() function in SQL is beneficial to manage NULL [...]
Do You Know the Subsets of SQL?
This is a very basic question asked by some interviewers. The Subsets are the pillars of Structured query language. Without subsets, it is not possible to manipulate the database and to create and build applications successfully. The DDL, DML, DCL, and TCL are responsible for building robust database applications and they all can be effectively utilized even in procedures and functions of SQL. We can split SQL into these five areas. Querying Data Manipulation Language [...]
Execution Order of SQL Statement
SQL is one of the most effective tools. The SQL ordering of implementation specifies the decree in which the clauses of a query are considered. Some of the most typical query troubles people fly into could be effortlessly bypassed with more precise knowledge of the SQL order of performance, occasionally dubbed the SQL order of functions. Learning SQL query order can assist users to detect why a query won’t execute, and even more often will [...]
GOTO Statement in SQL Server
GOTO statement is used to break execution of flow and move execution directly to label specified. The GOTO statement modifies the course of performance to a tag. The T-SQL statement or messages that pursue GOTO are ignored and execution resumes at the tag or label. GOTO statements and labels can be utilized anywhere within programs such as procedures, batch, or statement blocks. GOTO can work within dependent control-of-flow information, statement obstructions, or methods, but it [...]