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How to Work Legally As a Freelancer in the UK
According to a study done by Daniel Clark and published by Statista, as of 2019, 3.31 million men and 1.66 million women living in the UK were self-employed. Those figures represent an increase of 951 thousand for men, and 762 thousand for women, since the year 2000. Furthermore, as of 2019, it is estimated that freelancers generate up to £275bn to the national economy. That is an indication that self-employment is a sure way to [...]
How Robotics and AI Can Make Recycling Facilities Safer
Many employees working in the recycling centers have suffered life-threatening injuries and some lost their lives. These people come into contact with very harmful substances such as sharp needles and toxic chemicals which can cause burns. Since waste must be recycled, technological advancements have come in hand to ensure the safety of the workers as well as efficiency in the recycling plants. The use of robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are two technological advancements whose [...]
How to Win in Counter-Strike
Do you want to play Counter-Strike to win? If you do, it means you target playing like that elite pro you wish to become. The problem many gamers face is mastering their play to help the team complete objectives and rake up wins. Although the Counter-Strike franchise is an objective-based game, you win as an individual. More wins and more objectives completed results in more in-game rewards that you can use to purchase powerful weapons. [...]
TOP-30 Best Laptops for Programming in 2020
Computer programming isn’t all about algorithms, flowcharts, and code, one must understand the hardware also. It is the ability to write codes and solve problems along with an excellent laptop is really crucial. A good way to stay ahead in the coding world is to make sure that you have the best laptop for programming which will help you to transform your ideas into a reality without delays. In short, perfect laptop speeds up tasks [...]
How to Find and Cancel Your Subscriptions in 2020
The first step on getting control over your spendings is to know how much you actually spend and where. For most Americans, the largest spending is the housing but it is always worth checking other spendings too to see where you can save your funds. Meet automatically charged subscriptions: the average American can spend from $100 per month on various subscriptions. For example, 3-5 online services may easily cost you $80-$100 per month. While $100/month [...]
Explore Top-30 Visual Studio Hotkeys in 2020
The whole idea of taking advantage of these Visual Studio 2017 hotkeys is to increase productivity and save time. With these 20 Visual Studio keyboard shortcuts, developers have easy ways to get more done without lifting a finger off the keyboard. 1. CTRL+Q for Quick Launch CTRL+Q opens the quick launch so you can search an indexed list of every feature available in Visual Studio. For example, If you want to do add a new [...]
How to Work Legally as a Freelancer in the USA
Discover how you can work legally in the USA so that you can grow your career or business. As a freelancer in the USA, you will be in charge of filing and paying your taxes, planning your personal finances, and managing your cash flow. According to a 2019 survey by Upwork, the US has a freelance workforce of about 57 million. Collectively, they contribute about $1 trillion to the American economy. Working Legally as a [...]
AI Functions Cheat Sheet for Developers
Cheatsheets are great. They provide tons of information without any fluff. So today we present you a small cheat sheet consisting of most of the important formulas and topics of AI and ML. Towards our first topic then. Table of content Activation functions Loss functions Regression Loss Function Classification Loss Function Statistical Learning Statistical Inference Regression Classification Feature Reduction Activation functions Activation functions are kind of like a digital switch that controls whether a specific [...]
TOP-50 Most Important SQL Queries in 2020
SQL is incredibly powerful, and like every well-made development tool, it has a few commands which it’s vital for a good developer to know. Here is a list of SQL queries that are really important for coding & optimization. Each of the queries in our SQL tutorial is consequential to almost every system that interacts with an SQL database. 1. Retrieving Tables 26. Find Intersection of 2 Tables 2. Selecting Columns from a Table 27. [...]
How to Work Legally as a Freelancer in India
India's 16 million freelancers, is second only to that of the USA. The Indian subcontinent has a large bi-lingual, English speaking population of freelancers. They work mainly in the computer technology, telecommunication, and virtual service industries. However, unlike their US counterparts, the Indian freelancers offer their services at a budget price. Their affordable labor attracts large corporations and startups, which either set shop in India, or choose to hire them through platforms such as, [...]