Why technical support for developers over the phone is not working?
At ByteScout, we deliberately asking our customers to use our secure online customer support desk for technical support. And sometimes customers ask us: why you don't provide technical support over the phone? Actually, in the past, we were providing technical support for our SDK products (which are used by programmers, software developers) and here are the advantages and disadvantages we saw: Advantages of technical support over the phone: Fun. Talking to a fellow developer is always [...]
TOP Wichtigsten SQL Abfragen
SQL ist unglaublich mächtig und wie jedes gut gemachte Entwicklungstool verfügt es über ein paar Befehle, über die jeder gute Entwickler Bescheid wissen sollte. Hier sind einige der wichtigsten Befehle – jede dieser Abfragen ist für so gut wie jedes System erforderlich, das mit einer SQL Datenbank arbeitet. 1. Abfrage um Tabellen wiederzugeben Diese Abfrage kann ausgeführt werden, um eine Liste von den Tabellen einer Datenbank zu erzeugen, in denen die Datenbank „My_Schema” lautet. 2. Abfrage [...]
Forgot to update the year in the footer again? Fix it once and for all with this simple javascript snippet
It is 2019 year already but lot of websites still have their footers saying something like " (c) 2017-2018". Well, yes, someone just forgot to spend half an hour and manually change 2018 to 2019 in the footer. But you can easily fix it with a just a line of javascript so your website visitors won't think "are these guys still in business in 2019?" If you use Wordpress: Go to to open admin panel Find your [...]
TOP-20 Programming Books in 2019
Successful programmers love reading different coding books. Reading is an essential part of programmers’ life. Reading and practicing are two signs of an exceptional programmer. Great programming books include concepts and approaches, algorithms that have been performed in their authors' cognizances over and over, clarified and fixed before confined to paper. Here is the ultimate list of top 20 programming books that every programmer must read in the year 2019. 1. Learning Python: Powerful Object-Oriented [...]
How to Add a Widget at the Top of Each Page or Post in WordPress
Suppose we would like to add some information to our website at the top of the page or post, above the main content. This may be for example advertising, links, appeals, whatever you want, all that is enough fantasy. Functional blocks in Wordpress are called widgets. Widgets are placed on sidebars. Widgets and sidebars can be managed and configured in the WordPress administration panel. Administration panel - Appearance - Widgets Let's add a sidebar to [...]
How to enable classic editor in new WordPress (version 5.0 +)
One evening, after updating WordPress, I couldn’t find my usual text editor, but I saw a completely different modern editor. I tried to understand how to open the article in the classic editor. Found! I began to study and see how to work with this new editor, it turned out he was good enough! With the release of a new version of WordPress 5.0, the text editor has been completely updated, and in general the very [...]
Java vs C++
Both C++ and Java are great object-oriented programming languages which have broad utility in the computer world, however the two languages bare several differences. Portability Java was initially developed to help developers build cross-platform software's with the same code and hence it was designed to run on top of a Java virtual machine as opposed to C++ which is compiled directly into machine executed code. Java by the fact that runs on top of a [...]
How to Secure your Data in 2019
Data is the new oil and data security is the most crucial part of any software programming. If data is lost, everything is lost. Programmers always make sure that the data is properly encrypted and secured before launching or releasing any web application. If you want to create any robust application then the security of your data is very important. This post will explain how to secure your data in 2019 by using various programming [...]
How to submit an ideal customer support request
Customer support is very important and we all love to be treated like a valued customer. However, sometime when we are requesting support to solve complex technical issues, the process may take a lot of time. But the good news is that if we (customers) can provide bit more details about the issue then customer support specialist may directly forward it to the technical department. And then the whole process will be much faster. We've [...]
Top 10 Best Monitors You May Buy to Work with Code
Computer programmers are all singing-all dancing technical wizards. They understand the importance of computer resources to deliver accurate and efficient results. A computer monitor is a vital member of programmers’ daily jobs. It enables programmers to envision everything they code and need. This suggests it’s remarkably valuable to choose a model that will be good, enduring, and effective. The following is the list of top 10 best monitors for programmers. 1. Samsung C32F391FWN 32″ Screen [...]