Printable Sketch Sheets for Mobile Design Wireframing and watch design wireframing
Are you working on a new mobile or watch app idea? It is always good to draw sketches on paper first to discuss and to iterate. Here are a few templates that will help you in wireframing your app and app workflow. How to use: download PDF file with the template (see below) print template on US Letter Size paper draw wireframes of your app show, iterate, discuss wireframes with potential users, friends, clients   [...]
Why Technical SEO is Important: JS and CSS for Website Optimization
Ah, SEO. Being ranked high in search engines' results is important for many website authors as - if SEO is done right - search engines generally drive visitors interested about your content to your website. But people think that SEO is only related to how you manage your content and which keywords you put on your pages. In reality, SEO is really broader than that. Don't forget that search engines are powered by bots - [...]
Rust vs Go
Rust and Go are both system level programming languages. They have a lot in common, but their similarities are not critical to the choice! The crucial point in the choice lies in the differences. We want to explore the salient functional nuances of both languages. We want to know exactly why you should choose Rust for your project instead of Go, or vice versa. What benefits do the architects of Rust and Go intend for [...]
Learn TOP-20 Excel Advanced Features and Functions
Microsoft Office Excel is one of the most important tools to perform the calculation, analysis, and visualization of data and information. It helps people to organize and process data by the use of columns and rows with formulas and some cool features and Excel capabilities. In MS Excel 2010, row numbers range from 1 to 1048576. There are total 1048576 rows, and columns range from A to XFD and there are total 16384 columns. Now, [...]
TOP-20 PostgreSQL Advanced Queries
When application data complexity demands object-oriented data we need PostgreSQL. The object-relational database is a natural fit for object-oriented coding. PostgreSQL advanced features have many advantages, such as table inheritance and foreign keys. For example, we can use relationships among data to find records. You can even add custom functions with other languages like C and Java! In this PostgreSQL tutorial, we are going to illustrate the best of PostgreSQL advanced queries. This will serve [...]
ByteScout PDF Extractor vs iText
If you are looking for a tool that can help you automate your documentation processes or if you want to save more time and money by automating your working procedures like integrating PDF functionalities in your applications, processes or products - you would probably need a tool like ByteScout PDF Extractor SDK. Today, we'll check its opponent - iText - and we will compare both tools. Here are detailed features and comparison of these two products. But before [...]
How to Consume Web API Using Angular (TypeScript)
There are 2 ways to build a web application. The 1st way - and certainly the oldest way - is to handle the web application on the server and just send back HTML to the browser. It's basically like Wikipedia, Amazon or LinkedIn. Almost every interaction triggers a page change or a page reload. Then, comes the 2nd way. The principle is to give to the browser all HTML layouts of every screen in the [...]
Hurry Up to Check the Updated Products by BYTESCOUT!
Recently, ByteScout has updated all its major products to the new, fast and highly performant versions. You can now use the better products to facilitate your developer routine tasks. So, what has been done so far? We've released three new awesome products indispensable for the work with documents! Document Parser SDK, version Document Parser SDK is the universal solution that you may quickly adjust for your needs. You can easily create templates using built-in templated [...]
All SQL Constraints for Programmers – Complete List
Introduction In this topic, we discuss SQL Server Constraints. We first discuss the theory behind them, i.e. the concepts of Data Integrity and Referential Integrity, and Database Normalization. Then we will learn about the types of constraints in SQL with examples, its rules, and syntax. In particular, we will check table constraints. You can learn SQL queries in another article. What are constraints in SQL? SQL constraints are programmatic constructs that alter Server’s behavior while it applies INSERT/DELETE/UPDATE [...]
Alpha to Omega: From Creating a traditional SQL DB to modern Stream Processing with Kafka
SQL DB Introduction Imagine a real-time transportation booking network of drivers and passengers operating in a frenetic, densely populated Asian city like Phnom Penh. Thousands of passenger apps are simultaneously uploading and downloading GPS location data, their maps are constantly retrieving driver locations, updating UI displays, and confirming bookings. Hundreds of driver apps are likewise constantly feeding back their location and confirming their availability status. New membership accounts, payments, and online tech support are all [...]