Ultimate Tutorial – Learn How to Delete Cookies in All Browsers
What are cookies? We see the term often, cookies, but the first thought for many is a delicious treat instead of a tiny file. Internet cookies or HTTP cookies are sent from websites to your computer and archived on your browser(s). They store a variety of information, such as advertising preferences and login status, which will give you faster loading of websites frequently visited. This data allows web searches and general internet browsing to be [...]
Get Inspired by These Creative CSS Buttons
So, you want to create a catchy button using only HTML and CSS. As you will see in this article this is very achievable using these tools. In earlier days developers used to achieve such style using other components like Flash which was proprietary and involved enabling a plugin at the client, besides that it was much slower while displaying. The main idea behind these new CSS styles is the latest updates to CSS and [...]
10 Best Backpacks for Programmers in 2018
Whether you are traveling anywhere in the world, looking for a new job, or starting your own venture, choosing the best quality backpacks is crucial. Not only should it be comfortable and look good, but it should be big enough to carry all your cool gadgets, laptop, a collection of thumb drives and much more. A backpack provides more space for gadgets, laptop, and cables while balancing the weight between shoulders. Even when going away [...]
How to add GDPR compatible dynamic cookies consent in 20 minutes using Google Tag Manager
TL;DR: Step by step implementation of cookies consent for Wordpress websites that takes around 20 minutes and relies on Google Tag Manager and the code from Daniel Setzermann update: June 6, 2018 (improvements to cookies bar: larger button, now suggests user accepted if user clicked on any link on page EXCEPT Privacy Policy) update: June 4, 2018 (improvements to cookies bar) IMPORTANT: The information you obtain in this article is not, nor is it intended to [...]
The Awesome ByteScout PDF Extractor Tools (Part 2)
In Part 1 of this multi-tutorial about my fabulous experience as a developer using the Bytescout PDF text Extractor SDK tools I covered several easy but sophisticated tools and showed how to extract images from pdf online as well as how to extract pages from PDFs or extract one page from a PDF. START YOUR FREE TRIAL Now, in Part 2 I want to delve into the more basic nuts and bolts functions and show [...]
The Awesome ByteScout PDF Extractor Tools (Part 1)
Recently I had a challenging project to develop an interface for a mechanical engineer who needed to chart and visualize data from PDF spec sheets on an Excel spreadsheet. Fortunately, I found these great SDK tools from Bytescout which made the technical challenges and coding a breeze and made the whole project fun and easy! In this multi-tutorial, we will explore the rich variety of tools available in Bytescout’s awesome PDF Extractor SDK, and learn [...]
Top 10 Best Laptops for Programming in 2018
Computer programming isn’t all about algorithms, flowcharts, and code, one must understand the hardware also. It is the ability to write codes and solve problems along with the excellent laptop is really crucial. The best way to stay ahead in the programming world is to make sure that you have the best laptop which will help you to transform your ideas into reality. In short, perfect laptop speeds up tasks and processes, which help to [...]
How to Use Google Fonts in Desktop Programming
Web-safe fonts give you total control and certainty that your web app - and now your WPF desktop app - will visually render exactly according to your design specifications. Now that AngularJS and Node.js and other tools are making it possible to create Single Page Applications which function like desktop apps, the distinction between desktop apps and web apps is blurred in a positive way, especially from the user’s point of view. In fact, as [...]
Vue.js vs ReactJS Head to Head: A Vue.js Tutorial
What is Vue.js and how is Vue.js framework distinguished from other popular JavaScript frameworks and libraries? To begin, Vue.js tools have different applications which strictly speaking are not ReactJS alternatives. Vue.j supports developer templates whereas ReactJS does not. Vue.js vs ReactJS performance metrics are similar for speed, but faster development leans toward Vue.js. In this Bytescout Vue.js for developers tour, we will explore essential Vue.js components, and more specifically Vue.js UI components, and we will [...]
ByteScout PDF Tools for Zapier are now available!
ByteScout PDF Tools are now connected to Zapier! The functions available in our tools can be automated with other services on Zapier platform. You are not required to be a professional or any developer in order to operate with ByteScout tools inside Zapier. All you need to do is to get beta access here. Zapier is a perfect constructor that brings together widely used applications and make them work on the automated basis. It allows integration [...]