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Document Parser SDK

Fast to market engine to setup reading of unstructured PDF, images, scanned documents using powerful and easy to use extraction templates editor. Create templates in a visual editor with no programming or coding required. Supports fields, tables, pdf forms, multi-paged tables, unstructured tables. Use OCR engine with multi-language OCR support, re-use built-in AI-powered templates.

PDF Extractor SDK

Extract text, tables, images, attachments and other data from PDF, Reads Tables to CSV, Gets text from Images, Extracts Attachments, supports OCR with one or more languages. Handle noisy images and damaged texts transparently with the built-in OCR filters. Convert to common data structures like TXT, JSON, XLS, XLSX, CSV or XML. AI powered tables and document analysis functions.

Barcode Reader SDK

Read Barcodes from PDF, TIFF, Images, Web or video camera. Works as software based 1D and 2D Barcode Scanner. Supports all popular 1D linear (like Code 39, Code 128, ISBN, Code 39, EAN-13, EAN-5) and 2D multidimensional (like QR code, Datamatrix, PDF417, MaxiCode, Aztec others) formats are recognized. Works in .NET, ASP.NET as well as in the legacy VB6, ActiveX, ASP programming languages.

PDF (Generator) SDK

Generate Rich PDF documents with text, images, bookmarks, annotations, media and sophisticated formatting. Add and manage security options including password protection, document permissions, digital signatures, add watermarks, enable encryption and much much more. Create PDF forms or fill existing PDF forms by filling out pdf text inputs, radio boxes, comboboxes, checkboxes. Supports PDF form to read-only PDF (pdf flattening).


High-quality PDF to HTML conversion with preserved and reproduced layout, fonts, texts, images, vectors and tables. Provides the most precise positioning possible to keep the original look-and-feel of the original document.

PDF Viewer SDK

Preview and Display PDF files in your WinForms .NET app. Create your own PDF reader with area selection, toolbar, multiple pages support, zooming, text and area selection tools. Works without any other pdf reader required.


Generates normal and GS1 versions of QR Code. Supports Unicode and binary data encoding. Tune up QR Code appearance, insert logo or add other customizations. Export QR Code as PNG, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, GIF, EMF images.

Text Recognition SDK

Reads and extracts text from scanned images, formatting and layout preserved. Includes low-level functions and image preprocessing filters. OCR text recognition.

Barcode SDK

Add High-quality Barcode Generation to your app, Generate 1D and 2D Barcodes. Full set of popular 1D linear (like ISBN, Code 128, Code 39, EAN-13) and multidimensional (like QR code, Datamatrix, PDF417, Aztec, MaxiCode) formats are fully supported. Comprehensive .NET, ASP.NET and ActiveX support to easily generate barcodes, add barcodes to PDF and to images.

Spreadsheet SDK

Create spreadsheets and CSV, Read spreadsheets and CSV, Calculate cells with formula, supports XLS and XLSX Spreadsheets with no Excel or other apps required. Work with Spreadsheets from .NET, ASP.NET code, use as ActiveX component or even from command line.

PDF Renderer SDK

High-quality PDF to Image Rendering, PDF to PNG, PDF to JPG, PDF to BMP, PDF to EMF, PDF to TIFF. Renders high quality text, vectors, images, tables. Configure to render a specific area, text only, images only, vectors only or mixed content. Built-in printing support is available.

Free Desktop Apps

Check our FREEWARE utilities for end-users: PDF Multitool, BarCode Reader, BarCode Generator, XLS Viewer, Spreadsheet Tools, Watermarking, Stream Visualizer and other.

PDF.co – online API platform

✓ Web REST API for rapid automation
✓ API for document parsing, data extraction from invoices, statements, claims, reports, scans.
✓ Generate URL to PDF, HTML to PDF, Add text and images to PDF, fill PDF forms and other pdf editing functions.
✓ RESTful Online Web API for developers.
✓ Plugins for popular automation platforms: Zapier, Integromat, UiPath, BluePrism, Automation Anywhere and 300+ others!
✓ Pay as you go with pre-paid credits!

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On-Prem ByteScout Web API Server

✓ Locally hosted on-premises RESTful Web API server (ASP.NET) designed for Enterprises
✓ Modules included: AI powered data extraction from reports, statements, claims, invoices; PDF generation and manipulations; reading and writing spreadsheets and CSV; data masking and sensitive data processing functions; barcode reader and barcode generator and others.
Can work offline to process your data in-house only.
✓ Can use a local file storage (on your server) or optional private Amazon AWS S3 bucket.
✓ Designed for Enterprises. Priority Support and Maintenance.

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ByteScout PDF Multitool

✓ FREE essential tool to work with PDF documents: extract, convert, edit, repair PDF documents, and scans.
✓ Extract data from PDF to structured CSV, JSON, XML, Excel, extract PDF to image formats. Extract file attachments. Split & merge, analyze sensitive data.
Powered by the sophisticated PDF extractor engine.
✓ Automated table detection. Text search inside PDF. Document Parser Editor support.
✓ Sort & classify PDF files with PDF Classifier.

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