PDF Extractor SDK allows developers to
convert PDF to text, extract images from
PDF, convert PDF to CSV for Excel, PDF to XML

Works WITHOUT any additional software

PDF Extractor SDK – Main Features

See documentation for full set of all features and extraction options.

Extract Text From PDF


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Text extraction OCR Table detectionXML extraction

Your Benefits

Processing of Millions of PDF Documents: PDF Extractor’s high performance engine works flawlessly under pressure, making it an ideal solution for processing large quantities of PDF reports, indexing large PDF libraries, and more Easy to use and implement: No matter how complex your PDF document’s structure is, you’ll find that PDF Extractor is easy to use and integrate into your existing systems seamlessly
No more extraction errors: PDF Extractor can even process damaged files that have complex structure and would otherwise need to be processed manually Multiple language support: PDF Extractor successfully converts PDF documents regardless of the different type of characters used in it (any language, any symbol)

Quick Video Presentations

PDF Extractor Video Review

PDF to CSV Extraction

PDF to XML Extraction

If you need a powerful tool to extract text or raw images from PDF in C#, then check our updated software on ByteScout.

All of the APIs included are easily accessible and optimized to developers with any level of experience and knowledge about electronic documents. You can try the Trial version to extract data from PDF with C#, the extraction process is easy and fascinating.

The product includes the image to text functionality (OCR) that works for English, German, Spanish, French and many others including Asian languages. For noisy images or scanned documents, the product includes special built-in filters to clean them.

PDF Extractor SDK is a fully functional suite that includes functions to extract text, images, tables, text from images, raw images, forms, and field data. We have a comprehensive documentation and tutorial set to make it easy for you to extract text from PDF with .NET.

PDF Extractor SDK is also capable of extracting and repairing damaged text from PDF files. Special functions for the text reconstruction are powered by the included images to text engine. Text repair works for English, German, Spanish and other languages.

It is easy to extract tables from PDF using PDF Extractor SDK with the automated table detector. Tables can be automatically selected and extracted as CSV, XML, or JSON data.

It is possible to operate with other Bytescout products, PDF to HTML in C# may be useful if you need to convert your docs fast. For a complete package with many functions, the best option is PDF API found on Bytescout. You can also generate PDFs easily using our generator for Javascript. Rendering C# PDF to image can be done via a specific API. Extensive viewing options of your self-processed documents can be performed via C# PDF viewer.