Solutions for Healthcare: Medication Management, Patient Identification, Document Classification, Samples Labeling

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Take a look at what can be done in your business, in particular, with the help of Bytescout tools.

  • Use our barcode SDKs to create identification bracelets. Note that with some barcodes you can code more than 4000 character information, enough to store the most important personal and medication information offline;
  • Label the medication with the necessary information (like patient location or when should they receive them);
  • Use our barcode products to label laboratory samples, to make the processing workflow much more effective and to greatly reduce the chance of mismatching;
  • Inventory management can be very time-consuming without the right tools. Use our barcode SDKs to label all equipment with the necessary tracking information from a unique ID to the next revision date;
  • Use our PDF tools to quickly generate a patient report. You can easily put any barcode on them as well;
  • Use our products to gather information from archived documents (medical reports, patient documents), you can search for specific texts and convert scanned documents into searchable ones;

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Healthcare industry is aimed at global health improvement and maintenance among the population. Access to healthcare is different depending on each country, region, age group, social and economic conditions and health policies etc.

Healthcare systems are created to meet health needs of specific groups of people. These are well-organized institutions with its proper jurisdiction and regulations. They take a large usage of healthcare systems and automation that facilitate the performance of the industry as a whole and help to contribute and to improve country’s health situation.


Consumer goods

  • POS systems
  • Invoicing
  • Customer displays
  • Order management

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  • Patient identification
  • Medication management
  • Document classification
  • Sample labeling
  • Equipment identification

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  • Item check in / check out
  • Order management
  • Vehicle identification
  • Equipment identification

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