Cloud API  new! Secure REST Web API to convert HTML to PDF , split and merge PDF, watermark PDF, extract XML from PDF, CSV from PDF, read barcodes, generate barcodes. Available for PHP, Python,  Javascript, Ruby, Java, .NET!

Barcode Generator SDK  – add high quality barcode generation to your app

Barcode Reader SDK – read barcodes from PDF, tiff, images, web camera

PDF SDK – generate rich pdf reports with images, media, sophisticated formatting

PDF Extractor SDK – extract text and binary data from PDF, get tables, images and attachments, run OCR

PDF Renderer SDK – high quality pdf to image rendering

PDF to HTML SDK – high quality pdf to html conversion

PDF Viewer SDK – preview and display pdf files in your winforms app

Spreadsheet SDK – create, read, calculate XLS, XLSX spreadsheets with no Excel required

Image to Video SDK – generate video slideshow with 2d and 3d effects

Screen Capturing SDK – record screen video with audio, cursor tracking, pause/start and more

SWF to Video and Images SDK – converts swf flash movies into high quality video

Watermarking SDK – protect images with visible watermarks, easy to plug into your existing workflow

Watermarking PRO – Windows desktop utility to protect photo images with visible watermarks

SWF to Screensaver Scout – create self installing screensavers based on flash movie

405, 2016

ImageTragick issue: how to verify images and documents to protect from renamed malicious files

Yesterday, the critical security flaw revealed in the popular ImageMagick image processing package. The secury issue allows to execute the code by passing a specifically modified image. This is a serious threat for any service that relies on ImageMagick [...]

2604, 2016

Debugging JavaScript code using Google Chrome Developer Tools

JavaScript is a client side programming language that helps developers add interactivity to their webpages on the client side. Since, JavaScript runs within a client’s browser, it is extremely fast. Typically, JavaScript is typically used [...]

2604, 2016

How to create a printable invoice for your client within 3 seconds using ByteScout chatbot!

Always wondered why on Earth you would need to really use a chat bot? Here is the answer: the updated version of ByteScout Chat bot is capable of generating a PDF invoices based on short instruction [...]



ByteScout BarCode SDK is very easy to implement and looks very complete as far as configurability and supported symbologies are concerned. We plan to use it occasionally in a plug-in for our software to support 2Dbarcodes.
I did test several PDF textextractors before purchasing PDF Extractor from Bytescout. The reason I choose the PDF Extractor was the ability of the product to follow columns in complicated PDF pages.