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AI-Powered Data Extraction

API for rapid automation of data extraction from documents.Up to x10 less costs and less errors.

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RPA Tools

NEW! Automate data extraction with easy to make and run scripted robots. Auto-read PDF, use PDF tools, update spreadsheets, monitor files, sort files. No other apps to install!Read More w/ Web API

Cloud service with built-in API for rapid automation and parsing of documents, data extraction from invoices, statements, claims, reports, scans. Includes Web API for developers, Zapier, Integromat, UiPath plugins!

ByteScout API Server

NEW: self-hosted on-premise REST Web API server for AI powered data extraction from documents, reports, statements, claims, invoices. Includes tools for PDF manipulations, spreadsheets, barcodes reading and barcode encoding. Use local storage or Amazon AWS S3 storage. No Internet is required!

Barcode Reader SDK

Read Barcodes from PDF, TIFF, Images, WEB camera, 1D and 2D Barcode Scanner. Nearly all linear (like ISBN, Code 39, EAN-5) and multidimensional (like QR code, MaxiCode, Aztec, PDF417) formats are recognized. Comprehensive .NET (WinForms, WebImage, Mono.Net libraries) and ActiveX support to reach these capabilities through the widest scale of languages.

Barcode SDK

Add High-quality Barcode Generation to your APP, Generate Batch Barcodes. Nearly all linear (like ISBN, Code 39, EAN-5) and multidimensional (like QR code, MaxiCode, Aztec, PDF417) formats are supported. Comprehensive .NET (WinForms, WebImage, Mono.Net libraries) and ActiveX support to easily attach them to any PDF.

PDF Extractor SDK

Extract text and Binary Data from PDF, get Tables, Images and Attachments, run OCR. Handle noisy images and damaged texts transparently with the built-in filters. Convert to common data structures like XLSX, CSV or XML.

PDF (Generator) SDK

Generate Rich PDF reports with Images, Media and sophisticated formatting. Manage all security settings including digital signatures, watermarking and encryption. Handle PDF forms in the easiest way, add, fill or flatten all kind of PDF inputs. Conversions from HTML and Word documents are also available.


High-quality PDF to HTML conversion with layout, fonts, texts, images, and tables preserved. Provides the most precise positioning possible to keep the original look-and-feel of the site.

PDF Viewer SDK

Preview and Display PDF files in your WinForms APP. Multiple Pages Support with zooming and text selection tools. Works independently from any other PDF software.

Spreadsheet SDK

Create, Read, Calculate XLS, XLSX Spreadsheets with no Excel required. Create Spreadsheets with .NET Code (including Mono.NET), ActiveX components or even command line.

PDF Renderer SDK

High-quality PDF to Image Rendering, PDF to BMP, PDF to EMF, PDF to TIFF. Conversion with Layout Preserved. You can target the rendering to a specific area. Also, built-in printing options are available.

Invoice Parser SDK

Auto extracts multiple data and tables from any of your invoices. Includes improved OCR image preprocessing filters and added page indexes to parsing results.

Document Parser SDK

Batch extract documents using pre-built templates. Supports processing of multiple PDF, PNG, TIFF, JPG documents and scans. Supports multi-paged tables, custom data fields with no programming required templates.


Generates normal and GS1 versions of QR Code. Supports Unicode and binary data encoding. Tunes the barcode appearance. Supports PNG, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, GIF, EMF.

Text Recognition SDK

Reads and extracts text from scanned images formatting and layout preserved. Includes low-level functions and image preprocessing filters. OCR text recognition.

Screen Capturing SDK

Record Screen Video with Audio, Cursor Tracking, Pause/Start and more. Use hot-spots and region highlighting. Lossless video codec included, also WMV and AVI formats are supported. Comes with DirectShow Source Filter, and ActiveX driven recorder component.

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Free Desktop Apps

Check our FREEWARE utilities for end-users: PDF Multitool, BarCode Reader, BarCode Generator, XLS Viewer, Spreadsheet Tools, Watermarking, Screen Capturing, Stream Visualizer and other.