ByteScout PDF MULTITOOL is a FREE utility for non-commercial usage with multiple functions to help to extract data from PDF, convert PDF to CSV, PDF To XML, PDF To XLS or XLSX, PDF to TIFF images, extract file attachments and much much more!

With ByteScout PDF Multitool (former PDF Viewer) you may:

  • Convert PDF to CSV, PDF to XML, PDF to XLS, PDF to XLSX, PDF To HTML
  • Read text from scanned documents (English, German, Spanish, French and more are supported) with HTML PDF Viewer
  • Convert PDF with scanned images into text searchable PDF documents
  • Automatically find tables inside PDF
  • Search inside PDF with regular expressions
  • Split, Merge, Extract pages from PDF
  • Extract file attachments from PDF
  • Extract data from XFA and XFDF PDF forms
  • Convert PDF to TIFF (including multipage TIF), PDF to PNG, PDF to BMP
  • Convert PDF to HTML with images and graphics
  • Print PDF documents
  • and more!
  • If you need PDF utility for commercial purpose, you may want to check PDF Multitool for Businesses.
Here are some functions available in the utility:
Automated table detection:
Auto finding tables
PDF To XML conversion so XML data can be used in non-PDF software:
PDF To XML conversion
Text search inside PDF:
Text search inside PDF
OCR (reading text from images):
OCR preview
Show / Hide layers in PDF:
Show hide layers in PDF