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ByteScout PDF Multitool

free for non-commercial use

All-in-one set of powerful PDF tools for everyday use by data analytics, managers, accountants, and software developers


  • A must-have everyday tool if you work with PDF documents:
    • extract tables and text from PDF into Text, CSV, JSON, XML;
    • convert PDF to/from images
    • merge and split PDF files
    • edit PDF files by removing text and adjusting content;
    • redact sensitive data automatically;
    • read malformed and damaged PDF files;
    • extract file attachments and embedded media (audio and video);
    • turn scanned documents into text-searchable PDF files;
    • pdf classification and sorting;
    • create and test data extraction templates based data extractor (Document Parser engine);
    • developers: create and test data extraction profiles for Web API
  • Powered by the same sophisticated PDF extractor engine as in powerful ByteScout SDK products for developers;
  • Developers: use this tool as a configurator and demo app for creating and testing data extraction profiles that you can use with the following products from ByteScout:
    • ByteScout SDK products
    • cloud Web API (
    • on-prem Web API (API Server);


  • Convert PDF to CSV, PDF to text, PDF to XML, PDF to XLS, PDF to XLSX, PDF to HTML;
  • Built-in OCR image to text engine to read text from PDF and scanned documents (English, German, Spanish, French, and other languages are supported);
  • Convert images and scanned PDFs into text-searchable PDF documents;
  • Automatically extract tables from PDF;
  • Search for text inside PDF and scanned documents: simple text search that also supports regular expressions, fuzzy text search;
  • Split PDF, Merge PDF, Extract pages from PDFs;
  • Extract PDF attachments from documents, PDF archives, and PDF portfolio;
  • Extract data from XFA and XFDF PDF forms;
  • Delete text from PDF and images;
  • Auto-detect and redact sensitive data such as PII, credit cards, SSN from PDF documents;
  • Convert PDF to TIFF (multipage or single-paged), PDF to PNG, PDF to JPG, PDF to BMP. Adjust rendering options;
  • Convert PDF to HTML with images, graphics, vectors, and layout preserved;
  • Print PDF documents;
  • Sort and classify PDF files using PDF Classifier
  • Night mode support for built-in PDF viewer


Download PDF Multitool (direct download)

To use PDF Multitool for commercial purposes, you may want to check PDF Multitool for Businesses.
To integrate features from PDF Multitool into your own app or service, please check ByteScout SDKs and Web API


ByteScout Aspose SpirePDF Multitool vs Tabula
Check this comparison between 2 freeware utilities that help work with PDF files. Find the major differences, pros, and cons. You can test both powerful tools in order to see which one works better for you. The tools can be used on a daily basis for multiple tasks and projects.



Short Video Demos of Most Popular Functions of PDF Multitool

Here are some examples of how you can use PDF Multitool to extract and process PDF data:

  1. Automated Table Detection
  2. PDF to XML Conversion
  3. Text Search Inside PDF
  4. OCR (Reading Text from Images)
  5. Show / Hide Layers in PDF
  6. Merge PDF
  7. Split PDF
  8. Analyze Sensitive Data
  9. Document Parser Editor
  10. Remove Text From PDF
  11. Add Images to PDF
  12. Profiles for

1. Automated Table Detection

PDF Multitool is best at detecting tables. This demo explains how you can detect tables in PDF automatically. That is an easy way to extract tables from PDF into TXT, CSV, XLS, or XML formats.

Automated Table Detection

Some documents have border-less tables with custom spacing, which requires special effort to detect tables. Use AI Mode to detect this kind of table.

Automated Table Detection - Borderless Tables

While extracting data from PDF in CSV format, AI-powered Content Group AI mode is very useful.

Automated Table Detection - Content Group AI Mode

2. PDF to XML Conversion, so XML Data Can be Used in Non-PDF Software

XML is one of the most recognized data structures to store data into. With PDF Multitool we can export PDF data to XML format.

This demo shows how to convert PDF to XML using PDF Multitool. The XML data can be used in non-PDF software afterward.

PDF to XML Conversion

3. Text Search Inside PDF

PDF Multitool has a feature to find text inside PDF. It also sees through scanned PDF and finds the text from there as well. Regular Expression support is also provided.

Text Search Inside PDF

4. OCR (Reading Text from Images)

You can read text from images using improved Optical Character Recognition. You can use Selection Tool to select the area you want to read. Otherwise, you can read the whole PDF page.

PDF Multitool also provides a feature to convert Scanned PDF to Text Searchable or Un-Scanned PDF.

OCR / Read Text From Images

5. Show / Hide Layers in PDF

PDF is made of many layers such as text, images, vectors, etc. For advanced inspection of PDF, we can use this feature to know which part of PDF is made of what.

You can show or hide layers in your PDF file using the PDF Multitool desktop utility. You have the options to show text or vector objects as well as to show images.

Show/Hide Layers in PDF

6. Merge PDF

Merging PDF is a very common and useful feature provided by PDF Multitool.

Merge PDF

7. Split PDF

With the PDF Multitool Split feature, you can split by page number. You can also extract specific page ranges out of the document or remove specific page range from the document.

Split PDF

8. Analyze Sensitive Data

Sensitive information detector/remover feature from PDF Multitool helps auto-identify or remove sensitive information from PDF documents.

Analyze Sensitive Data

9. Document Parser Editor

PDF Multitool has in-built support for Document Parser Editor. You can create a template or check test data from out of it.

Document Parser Editor

10. Remove Text From PDF

PDF Multitool provides an easy user interface to remove text from PDF documents.

Remove Text From PDF

11. Add Images to PDF

Adding Image or Text into PDF is a very useful feature provided by PDF Multitool.

Adding Text or Images into PDF

12. Profiles for

Profiles parameter plays a crucial role when doing customization with API integration. With PDF Multitool you can generate this profile parameter with additional settings selected.

Profiles for


PDF Multi-tool for Data Extraction to Different File Formats

PDF Multitool is one of the best products available in the market. As mentioned earlier, this utility tool can execute different functions. Let’s take a look at it in more detail.

  1. Benefits of our PDF Data Extraction Tool
  2. Benefits of our PDF to CSV Tool
  3. Benefits of our Free PDF to XML Tool
  4. Benefits of the PDF to XLS or XLSX Tool
  5. PDF to TIFF Images Free Tool
  6. Software to Extract Data from PDF
  7. How to Get Images from PDF?
  8. Convert PDF to XML Free

Benefits of our PDF Data Extraction Tool

Our PDF Data Extraction Tool is free to use for personal use, but that does not mean you are getting a poor service. Instead, you still get an accurate data extraction service from our tool. Moreover, you can download the tool and install it on your computing device.

The only exception is the tool is subject to fair use, whereby you cannot use it to extract the same volume of data, which commercial users will typically extract. In that regard, you get to test all its features, without paying for it.

Benefits of our PDF to CSV Tool

Digital automation tools cannot process information directly from PDF forms. Instead, you must extract the information, and then feed it to the automation tools, in a systematic manner.

Our free PDF to CSV tool allows you to do that, without the extra burden of paying for the service. For small businesses, that means an ability to test our tool, without spending money.

Furthermore, it makes it easy to justify the need to invest in our commercial PDF to CSV Tool, once you can quantify its benefits in terms of saved FTEs.

Benefits of our Free PDF to XML Tool

You are possibly looking for a free tool to convert PDF to XML, because ready yet to invest in one. The good news is we have such a tool for you, but you will only be able to use it for non-commercial use.

The limitation allows you to convert a few personal files in a secure manner, while still limiting it to personal use only. That is crucial when handling electronically protected health information, (ePHI).

Benefits of the PDF to XLS or XLSX Tool

Sometimes you need a fast and secure way to convert your PDF files to XLS or XLSX file format, without paying a dime. This can be because you are doing a test job for a client, and you are just starting your business. You could also be doing it as part of your project in school.

We understand there is that need, which is why we make this tool not only free to use but also free for download.

PDF to TIFF Images Free Tool

You often get PDF files with great images, which you may want to extract and share online. Moreover, you may also want to retain ownership of those images, or even prevent third parties from accessing them before you publish them.

Using some free PDF to TIFF Images tools can prevent you from doing that because they often retain ownership of your data. Some may not do it, but they may add a watermark to your images.

Our tool does none of that, which is why we recommend it for personal use, and you can upgrade anytime for commercial use.

Software to Extract Data from PDF

If you are looking for software that can extract data from PDF then Bytescout Multitool can provide this functionality. PDF data extractor is accessible as a member of  PDF Extractor software.

The following PDF data can be obtained by using this tool. Suppose you want to obtain page content as a searchable plain text; or a text from tables in CSV, XML, XLS format; pictures; information about PDF documents then such data can be extracted. For example, the following screenshot is explaining to us how to extract data from PDF. To achieve this, the first step is to install Multitool on your laptop or desktop. After that, click on PDF Multitool. The following image will be displayed.

Extract PDF Data

Now click the “Open PDF Document” option on the upper left corner of the UI. Now, select the PDF saved on your computer from which you want to extract data. The following image is displaying the sample uploaded PDF.

PDF Data Extraction

Now, go to the “Extract as CSV” option in the Sidebar and save this file on your computer or on Google drive. In this way, you can extract data from PDF files on a Sheet or a word file.

How to Get Images from PDF?

Now, the same procedure can be applied if you want to get an image from a particular PDF or PDF image to text or vice versa. In other words, if you have any PDF report which you want to convert PNG or JPEG file then PDF Multitool is useful. To achieve this, click on the “Open PDF Document” and then go to the “conversion” option and then select “Convert to Bitmap(PNG, JPEG). In this way, you can easily get the images from the PDF file.

Convert PDF to XML Free

Now, if you want to switch different file formats to excel then the PDF Multitool can convert the various file formats to Excel. The following is an example screenshot of the UI which is representing the dashboard of PDF Extractor SDK. On the left-hand bar, the Dashboard contains various utilities of C# and VB.NET.

Convert XML to Excel

Now, to convert an XML file to Excel or PDF to XML then the first step is to upload your PDF/XML file by clicking on the Open tab present in the upper left corner of the UI.

Extract as XML

Now, click on the data extract alternative and then there are five choices. The uploaded file is the XML file and we want to convert it into excel. To accomplish this, click the “Extract as XML” option and the data will be illustrated in a tabular format as presented above. In this method, you can convert any file format to excel or XML.

There are many alternatives available here that encourage users to turn and obtain tables into CSV and XML, regular expression exploration, managing split texts, PDF documents merge and split as well as other items.  Click the correct alternative and then save the file and you are done.


PDF Multitool Demo Videos

Following are some helpful videos to get to know PDF Multitool better!