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PDF Multitool utility – Extract Data from PDF, Convert PDF to Text, Extract Data from PDF as CSV, XML or XLS Format, Convert PDF to HTML, Convert PDF to TIFF, PDF to PNG, PDF to BMP Images and More

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PDF Multitool

ByteScout PDF MULTITOOL is a FREE utility for non-commercial usage with multiple functions to help to extract data from PDF, convert PDF to CSV, PDF To XML, PDF To XLS or XLSX, PDF to TIFF images, extract file attachments and much much more!

Main program features:

  • Convert PDF to CSV, PDF to XML, PDF to XLS, PDF to XLSX, PDF To HTML;
  • Read text from scanned documents (English, German, Spanish, French and more are supported) with HTML PDF Viewer;
  • Convert PDF with scanned images into text-searchable PDF documents;
  • Automatically find tables inside PDF;
  • Search inside PDF with regular expressions;
  • Split, Merge, Extract pages from PDF;
  • Extract file attachments from PDF;
  • Extract data from XFA and XFDF PDF forms;
  • Convert PDF to TIFF (including multipage TIF), PDF to PNG, PDF to BMP;
  • Convert PDF to HTML with images and graphics;
  • Print PDF documents;
  • Now FULL-SCREEN mode and NIGHT mode are available!
You can download PDF Multitool HERE.
If you need PDF utility for commercial purposes, you may want to check PDF Multitool for Businesses.
ByteScout Sensitive Data Suite is the best for analyzing, detecting and removing data on your PDF and image files.


ByteScout Aspose SpirePDF Multitool vs Tabula
Check this comparison between 2 freeware utilities that help work with PDF files. Find the major differences, pros, and cons. You can test both powerful tools in order to see which one works better for you. The tools can be used on a daily basis for multiple tasks and projects.


Explore program functions:

Automated table detection:
Auto finding tables
PDF To XML conversion so XML data can be used in non-PDF software:
PDF To XML conversion
Text search inside PDF:
Text search inside PDF
OCR (reading text from images):
OCR preview
Show / Hide layers in PDF:
Show hide layers in PDF


PDF multitool is one of the best products available in the market. As mentioned earlier, this utility tool can execute different functions. Let’s take a look at it in more detail.

Software to extract data from PDF

If you are looking for software which can extract data from PDF then Bytescout multitool can provide this functionality. PDF data extractor is accessible as a member of  PDF Extractor software.

The following PDF data can be obtained by using this tool. Suppose you want to obtain page content as a searchable plain text; or a text from tables in CSV, XML, XLS format; pictures; information about pdf document then such data can be extracted. For example, the following screenshot is explaining to us how to extract data from PDF. To achieve this, the first step is to install multitool on your laptop or desktop. After that, click on PDF Multitool. The following image will be displayed.

Extract PDF Data

Now click the “Open PDF Document” option on the upper left corner of the UI. Now, select the PDF saved on your computer from which you want to extract data. The following image is displaying the sample uploaded PDF.

PDF Data Extraction

Now, go to the “Extract as CSV” option in the Sidebar and save this file on your computer or on a Google drive. In this way, you can extract data from PDF files on a Sheet or a word file.

How to get image from PDF?

Now, the same procedure can be applied if you want to get an image from a particular PDF or PDF images to text or vice versa. In other words, if you have any PDF report which you want to convert PNG or JPEG file then PDF multitool is useful. To achieve this, click on the “Open PDF Document” and then go to the “conversion” option and then select “Convert to Bitmap(PNG, JPEG). In this way, you can easily get the images from the PDF file.

Convert PDF to XML Online Free

Now, if you want to switch different file formats to excel then the PDF multitool can convert the various file formats to Excel. The following is an example screenshot of the UI which is representing the dashboard of PDF Extractor SDK. On the left-hand bar, the Dashboard contains various utilities of C# and VB.NET.

Convert XML to Excel

Now, to convert an XML file to Excel or PDF to XML then the first step is to upload your PDF/XML file by clicking on the Open tab present in the upper left corner of the UI.

Extract as XML

Now, click on the data extract alternative and then there are five choices. The uploaded file is the XML file and we want to convert it into excel. To accomplish this, click the “Extract as XML” option and the data will be illustrated in a tabular format as presented above. In this method, you can convert any file format to excel or XML.

There are many alternatives available here that encourage users to turn and obtain tables into CSV and XML, regular expression exploration, managing split texts, PDF documents merge and split as well as other items.  Click the correct alternative and then save the file and you are done.