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How to Split PDF File using PDF Multitool?

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Step by step guide:

1. In this tutorial we will show you how you can easily split a 2-page PDF file into 2 separate PDF files using the PDF Multitool.

2-page PDF Source File to Split Into 2 PDFs
Screenshot of a 2-page PDF Source File

2. First, let’s open our sample PDF document in the PDF Multitool.

Open Sample PDF in PDF Multitool

3. Next, on the left navigation panel, click on the Split Document function under the Utilities folder. This will open the Split Document Settings page.

Split Document Function Under Utilities

4. We have three split options. We will split our PDF into 2 parts and split it at page 2. Below is a description of each split option. Click on the Go button to save the PDF files.

  • Split into two parts – this will split our PDF file into half or into 2 parts. The page number that you set at Split at will be the first page of the 2nd document.
  • Extract page range – the chosen page range will be extracted into a single PDF file.
  • Remove page range – this will remove the chosen page range and the remaining pages will be extracted into a single PDF file.

Split PDF Into Two Parts Settings

5. Awesome! We have successfully split our PDF file.

In this tutorial we learned how to split a 2-page PDF file into 2 separate PDF files. We also learned how the three split option works.

Split PDF Output Page 1
Screenshot of Split PDF Page 1

Split PDF Output Page 2
Screenshot of Split PDF Page 2

Split PDF Files – Frequently Asked Questions

How can I split PDF files for free?

You can split PDF files for free using the Bytescout PDF Multitool. The PDF tool works on both Windows and Mac. However, you must download and install it on your computer. You then follow the steps outlined above to split your PDFs.

It isn’t an online tool. If you want to split files online, you can try While it is a paid tool, it allows you to split PDF files online. You can split one PDF at a time, or split PDF files in bulk.

Can I split a PDF document?

Yes, you can split a PDF document using a PDF Multitool. You can download the tool from this page. The tool gives you an option to split one or more pages from your PDF. You can choose which pages to exclude or retain after the PDF split.
You can also choose to split a PDF into two and keep both portions of the split PDF.

How do I save two pages of a PDF?

The PDF Multitool allows you to extract one, two, or more pages from a PDF. Through this feature, you can save two pages of a PDF. This is important when you are researching to create a report or presentation. You can save PDF pages to create your research resources.

Split Long PDF into Pages

If you need to split a long PDF into pages, you can use the PDF Multitool. The tool is free for personal use, and you can use it to split as many PDFs as you want. You can then choose to save the files or copy them to the clipboard.

Split PDF by Size

You have an option to split a PDF by page numbers, which allows you to control the size of the split PDFs. In that regard, our PDF Multitool lets you split PDF files by size. You can also calculate the average size of the new split PDF files.

Just divide the total PDF size (TS), by the total number of pages (N). Next, multiply that result (R), by the number of pages (n) you want each split file to have. Whatever you get, is the average size of the split PDF files (AS).


Delete Pages from PDF

You can delete pages from a PDF using the PDF Multitool. To do that, follow the steps outlined above. However, when you get to Step:4, you have to select “Remove range” and then select the pages you want to delete.

Then complete the process by clicking “Go”. The tool will then save your PDF file, and delete the page range you selected. You can use this feature to reduce your PDF file, which will save you valuable space online