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How to Add Signature or Stamp to PDF using PDF Multitool?

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Step by step guide:

1. In this tutorial, we will show you how to add a signature or a stamp to a PDF document using the PDF Multitool. To demonstrate, we will use an Invoice and stamp a semitransparent ByteScout logo in the middle of the page.

Invoice PDF Source File
Screenshot of Sample Invoice

2. First, let’s open the Invoice in our PDF Multitool.

Open Invoice In PDF Multitool

3. On the left navigation panel, expand the Utilities Folder and click on Add image to PDF document.

Add Image To PDF Document Function

4. Let’s add our ByteScout logo by clicking on the three dots button.

Open The Stamp or Logo In PDF Multitool

5. The ByteScout logo will automatically be added on the top left corner of the page. Drag the Add image to PDF document window to the right to see the ByteScout logo.

Position Logo In The Center

6. You can drag the ByteScout logo anywhere on the page and resize it according to your requirement. In our case, we will place it in the middle and resize it enough to cover the height of the table. Then, click the Process Document button.

Process Document Button

7. Great! We have successfully stamped the Invoice using the PDF Multitool with just a few clicks.

In this tutorial, we learned how to add an image as a stamp to an existing PDF file using the PDF Multitool app. We also learned how to put a semitransparent image on top of a PDF and how to save it as a new PDF document.

PDF Invoice With Stamp Output
Screenshot of Stamped Invoice

Soft Copy Signature and Stamp – Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a soft copy signature?

You can create a soft copy signature by scanning your hardcopy signature and saving it in a PNG image format. You can then insert it anywhere on your PDF documents, using PDF Multitool. The hardcopy signature must be on a white background.

How do you make a soft copy of a stamp?

You can make a soft copy of a stamp by scanning a stamp’s image. To do that, stamp on white blank paper, then scan that image into a PNG format. Use a PNG format instead of JPEG, to get a clear non-compressed image of your stamp.

With a stamped image, quality is more important than size. That’s why it’s important to avoid using compressed image formats. Alternatively, you may also use TIFF image formats.

How do I create a PDF stamp?

With the scanned image of a stamp, you can use Bytescout PDF Multitool to create a PDF stamp. All you need to do is follow the instructions outlined above, to add them to your PDFs.

The Bytescout PDF Multitool is free, but you have to download and install it on your computer. You can install it on a Mac or PC, using the respective installation files.

How do you make a stamp without rubber?

You can make a stamp without a rubber using the Bytescout PDF Multitool. You can use the tool to insert a scanned stamp anywhere on your PDF. And if you don’t have an image of a stamp, you can create one using vector image creation software.

How Do I Put Stamps on All Pages in PDF?

You can add a softcopy stamp to all pages in PDF, using the PDF Multitool “Stamp Page Range” feature. The same feature also allows you to add the softcopy on a specific page. You may also use it to add the stamp to some of the pages, and exclude others.

How Do I Digital Stamp a PDF?

You can digitally stamp a PDF using our PDF Multitool. However, you still need to create the digital stamp image first, before you can add it. There are two ways to go about it. One you can scan your stamp against a white background, and save the scanned stamp as a PNG image.

The second option is to use vector graphics software to create a digital stamp. You can then export it as a PNG image, which you can add to your PDFs using the PDF Multitool. You can also save your Stamp in TIFF format if you want to encode additional data.