BarCode Reader SDK reads barcodes from scanned documents and images on your computer as well as web applications running on Windows

Not sure about barcodes and what type you should use? You’re not alone!
We had so many questions from users about barcodes we decided to put together a free e-book guide, “Introduction Into Barcodes” which is now available for download here

ByteScout BarCode Reader SDK Video Review:


  • Reads barcodes from JPG, PNG, TIFF images and PDF (no other components are required);
  • 80+ source code samples ready to copy-and-paste from are included;
  • Sample GUI application to test the SDK against your your images and PDF documents is included into the SDK;
  • Royalty free licensing (no additional run-time licenses or additional fees on bar code reader);

BarCode Reader SDK screenshot


DEMO VIDEO (click to view)

  • How to read Code 39 barcodes from images and PDF using BarCode Reader SDK

  • how to read MICR font text from bank checks images and PDF with BarCode Reader SDK

Looking for a barcode generator component instead? To generate barcodes please check our BarCode Generator SDK