Bytescout BarCode Reader is a Desktop App to Read QR Code and Other Barcodes from Image Files (JPG, PNG, TIFF, GIF), PDF Documents and Webcam - ByteScout

Bytescout BarCode Reader is a Desktop App to Read QR Code and Other Barcodes from Image Files (JPG, PNG, TIFF, GIF), PDF Documents and Webcam

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  • Bytescout BarCode Reader is a Desktop App to Read QR Code and Other Barcodes from Image Files (JPG, PNG, TIFF, GIF), PDF Documents and Webcam

Barcode Reader

Barcode Reader

ByteScout BarCode Reader is able to open and read barcodes from image files (PNG, JPG, TIFF, GIF) and PDF files. Can also read barcodes from a Web cameraclick here to learn how. Extracts decoded value as text that you can copy or save into a file.

Key Features

  • Supports all modern linear and multidimensional barcode types;
  • Reads QR Code barcodes from JPG, PNG. Read QR Code from  TIFF, Read QR Code from PDF documents;
  • Reads Code 39, Code 128, EAN, UPC, PDF 417, Datamatrix, and many other barcodes from images, TIFF and PDF;
  • Built-in support for PDF and scanned TIFF documents;
  • Supports malformed, rotated, scanned, noisy documents and scans;
  • Runs offline. No Internet is required!
  • Tested and approved by many thousands of users and on millions of barcodes;
  • Supports rare barcode types such as GTIN-8, GTIN-12, ITF-14, Code 93, MSI, GTIN-14, including MicroQR Code (2D), HanXinCode (2D);


Download Barcode Reader (direct download)

Free for non-commercial use. If you use ByteScout BarCode Reader on a company level or for work, please get our business user license. Check BarCode Reader for businesses

Need to add barcode reading functions into your app? Check our Bytescout BarCode Reader SDK for .NET developers (click here for more info)


Short Video Demos of Most Popular Barcode Reader Functions

Here are some examples of how you use Barcode Reader to read barcodes in documents:

  1. Read Rotated QR Codes from PDF
  2. Read Multiple QR Codes from PDF
  3. Read Multiple DataMatrix Barcodes
  4. Read Code 128 Barcode from PDF
  5. Barcode Reader Settings
  6. Read Checkboxes from Scanned Form
  7. Find Underlined Fields in Scanned Form

1. Read Rotated QR Codes from PDF

This demonstration will showcase the Barcode Reader’s ability to decode multiple rotated QR Codes in a PDF document.

Multiple Rotated QR Codes

2. Read Multiple QR Codes from PDF

The Barcode Reader can decode different types of barcodes. This demo shows how you can specifically read QR Codes in a document with multiple barcode types.

Read Multiple QR Codes

3. Read Multiple DataMatrix Barcodes

The Barcode Reader supports DataMatrix barcode. This demo shows how to decode multiple DataMatrix barcodes with a single click of a button.

Read Multiple DataMatrix

4. Read Code 128 Barcode from PDF

Code 128 is one of the most widely used barcode types. This demo shows how you can decode Code 128 instantaneously.

Read Multiple Code 128

5. Barcode Reader Settings

The Barcode Reader decoding options allow you to set parameters to narrow down your search, set image adjustments, change barcode orientation, and more. The app supports switching to different PDF rendering resolutions to get the best result. Web API users can also use the app to get the profile configuration. This demo shows the different Barcode Reader settings.

Barcode Reader Settings

6. Read Checkboxes from Scanned Form

The Barcode Reader can detect checkboxes in a document. This demo shows how to scan a PDF for checked and empty checkboxes.

Read Checkboxes

7. Find Underlined Fields in Scanned Form

The Barcode Reader can detect horizontal and vertical lines in a file. This demo shows how to read underlined fields in a scanned PDF.

Read Underlined Fields


Check out Barcode Reader details:

  1. How does a barcode reader work?
  2. An important note to consider when looking for a barcode reader
  3. How ByteScout Barcode Reader Freeware Works?
  4. Supports Various Barcode Formats
  5. Barcode Readers Security
  6. Frequently Asked Questions

How does a barcode reader work?

Barcode readers require a light source, a light sensor, and a lens to translate optical impulses. Those optical impulses become electrical ones that can be conveyed to a computer. The process is put simply into words, but actually requires a complicated process of coding and decoding.

An important note to consider when looking for a barcode reader

Barcode scanners should offer platform stability and most importantly, privacy and security. ByteScout delivers secure and reliable barcode reading without risk thanks to its online compatibility.

We are 100% certain of the capabilities of our app that you can take our online application for a spin before deciding. It is a perfect code reader for PC, smartphones, or other devices. Our Barcode Scanner will professionally decode a wide range of barcode types. This means you get various scanners in one without buying expensive equipment or investigating how to read a barcode on your own.

We are here to help you grow and understand how barcodes work with up-to-date information. Everything you need to know can be found with our different applications, meant to make your life easier. ByteScout’s Barcode Reader is just one of many that will guide you in the dos and don’ts.

Data collected through barcodes are accessible immediately. Since the data is examined immediately into the primary computer, it is available almost immediately. From a retail display, the automated barcode scanner that is applied in the warehouse can also extract data from PDF.

How ByteScout Barcode Reader Freeware Works?

The Bytescout barcode reader freeware needs a sensor, and a lens to interpret visual movements. Those visual movements become electrical units that can be sent to a computer. The method is placed directly into words but needs a complex method of coding and decoding. If you are thinking about how to copy barcodes from pictures then you just have to upload the picture then it opens and reads barcodes from image files.

The most comprehensive thing about ByteScout is that it can also be used as a desktop barcode reader program. The developer tools can also be used for various features and they are very robust. The barcode recognition software gives platform resistance and most significantly, isolation and protection.

ByteScout’s Barcode Reader gives reliable and stable reading without danger thanks to its online adaptability. It is quick and precise. You can effortlessly make barcode exposure and decoding to the desktop and web.

Supports Various Barcode Formats

The desktop barcode reader program and developer tools support various new barcode types like 

  • QR Code 
  • PDF 417
  • Datamatrix
  • Code 39
  • Code 128
  • GTIN-8
  • GTIN-12
  • ITF-14
  • Code 93
  • MSI
  • GTIN-14 including MicroQR Code (2D), HanXinCode (2D).

The ByteScout Barcode reader reduces the probability of human mistakes. The incident of mistakes for manually registered data is significantly costlier. A ByteScout barcode scan is quick and secure and takes an extremely shorter time than recording data by hand. Overall it decreases operator training time.

The ByteScout barcode recognition software is a vital tool for pursuing a variety of information, from pricing to list. The outcome of a complete barcoding system is a decrease in expenses.

Barcode Readers Security

Barcode readers are seeing increasing usage as the need to verify and enter data remotely, becomes a requirement for most businesses. However, that also means you need to read barcodes securely, especially when the codes represent confidential information.

A quick search online will reveal that there are many free barcode readers that are readily available. Still, you have to ask yourself, how many of them are secure? Well, here are a couple of reasons why you should consider using ByteScout code readers.

Secure Barcode Scanner

Our code reader scanning software is secure and does not keep a record of the scans you have done. We are able to do that because our business model allows us to budget scans for personal use and a business license for commercial code scanning.

Business and Personal Use

If you need to do a one-time scan, but still protect your confidential information, then our freeware software scanner offers exactly that. You do not need to pay for the app when used for personal use.

You can also get a license for commercial use, where you will be scanning hundreds of codes per day, week, or month. Our commercial license offers you value for money, by allowing you to choose a license plan that best suits your business needs.

Easy to Use Barcode Scanner App

There is no steep learning curve when using our Barcode scanners. For instance, if you are using it for personal use, all you have to do is install the app on your phone.

Then, open the app, and point your phone’s camera on the code you want to scan. The app will scan and send the scanned codes to the application or site that needs them.

Works with Multiple Devices

Our barcode reader software will work with different devices that include phones, PCs, Browsers, and Point of Sale (POS) devices. Just choose the barcode reader that matches your device or mode of use, to get started.

Works Offline

Working online is on the increase, and since Covid-19 hit the world, the number of people working online has increased greatly. If you need to use a barcode scanner on your computer but without an Internet connection, then choose our online version barcode scanner. The online barcode scanner allows you to pay for what you use, instead of paying more for a lifetime license.

We hope that you found this guide to be informative, and you will increase the efficiency and safety of your business data, by using our business scanners.

Frequently Asked Questions – Barcode Readers

Can a Barcode reader read any Barcode? QR Code? PDF 417? Code 128? Datamatrix?

Our Barcode Reader can read almost all types of barcodes (including QR Code, Code 39, Code 128). it supports. In other words, if the barcode reader software cannot decode the barcode, then it will not be able to read it. That is why it is important to use a free barcode reader such as ours because it supports all types of barcodes.

What type of device is a Barcode reader?

ByteScout Barcode Reader is a virtual barcode reader in a form of a barcode reader application! Barcode Reader is the application that you download and install on your computer. In that regard, you can use Barcode Reader as a virtual barcode reader to replace point-of-sale scanners to scan prices on items from a webcam.

What happens when a Barcode is scanned?

Barcode Reader is analyzing the image for barcodes (as a series of lines or dots). Then it reads the barcode area on a source image and decodes the barcode into data or a text string.

How do I scan a Barcode on a picture?

Using our Barcode Reader app you can load an image from a file and scan it for barcodes. You can also enable scanning from a web camera and show the printed scan or document to the camera to scan the barcode.

How do I identify a Barcode?

Barcode looks the same, and the obvious difference is usually in the type of Barcode. For instance, a QR code looks like a big square made of small square boxes. These square boxes are the base for barcodes, the rest is the data encoded as filled dots or empty spaces. These dots contain barcode value data and additional recovery data that helps to recover the main value even if some parts were damaged.

On the other hand, a typical linear Barcode like Code 128 or Code 39 has 15 lines, and spaces between them. Of the 15 lines, the one is a Stop code, followed by 12 Data codes, followed by a Checksum code, and finally a Stop code. When scanning, if the software encounters the Stop code first, it knows to read the rest of the code in reverse. For example, for linear UPC barcode, has 12 data codes (each code is a set of few lines) which are divided into two six codes, where the first six are UPC codes assigned to the manufacturer codes, which are followed by another six that the manufacturers have assigned their products.

What can a barcode tell you?

Barcode may contain encoded value with the unique id of the product, short text snippet, link, contact card, or custom data.

The Barcode reader software can identify any Barcode, as long as it supports the Barcode’s encoding. Our Barcode reader software supports dozens of barcode systems, which makes them reliable when scanning various types of barcodes.

Why do barcodes say the proof of purchase?

Barcodes like QR Code, Datamatrix, PDF417 can be used by manufacturers to include additional unique id that refers to a very specific item. For example, some luxury brands are assigning a unique number to each luxury bag and using this number you can track where and when this bag was made and where it is sold. Matching this unique number to the internal database via item maker centralized website allows buyers to quickly verify the authenticity of the item because they see where this item is supposed to be sold and if it was actually produced or it is just a random number (in case of faked products)

In that regard, you can use the barcodes to stop the sale of counterfeit products. By using proof of purchase barcodes, can help you, manufacturers, to identify retailers who are stocking products with fake barcodes.

Which barcode type should I use for placing on a physical item?

  • Code 128 – simple short numbers for easy low quality. This barcode is made of vertical lines which are easily printed.
  • QR Code – currently is the most popular and most supported barcode type. It uses a square shape and requires to have a decent printing quality to be available. Also, can handle damage of up to 25% of the surface.
  • DataMatrix – a square-shaped barcode that is similar to QR Code but occupies about 30% less space. Also, there are fewer barcode readers for this barcode type. The main advantage of this barcode type is the size and capability to encode any type of data and handle damages.
  • PDF417 – a rectangle-shaped barcode similar to Code 128 but uses 2D encoding (i.e. dots instead of lines). Can encode any type of information and can handle damages of the printed barcode. Because of its shape, it is widely used for barcodes printed on stickers and placed on vertical surfaces (such as a drink).

What is the most common barcode type?

Code 39, Code 128, QR Code, and Datamatrix are the most commonly used barcode coding. You can use any font and any font size for creating a label on top, below a barcode.

..and ByteScout apps and dev tools can help to handle all these issues! Create Code 128, QR Code, DataMatrix, PDF417, and many other types of barcodes, verify them before printing, add labels and captions, and much more!