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How to Read EAN Barcodes with Barcode Reader Freeware

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Hi there Welcome to this tutorial page, today I will be telling you that how to read EAN barcodes with barcode reader freeware (Byte Scout). The freeware tool is used to examine EAN barcodes. It’s simple and this tool gives very easy readability and usability.

First, I will tell you that what is EAN barcodes and barcode reader freeware?

  1. EAN Barcode
  2. Barcode Reader
  3. How to Read EAN barcodes with BarCode Reader Freeware (Byte Scout)
  4. How to Read EAN Barcodes?

EAN Barcode

EAN stands for European Article Numbering. EAN barcodes are commonly used worldwide at different points of sale to distinguish the products. There are different types of EAN barcodes like 2-digit, 5-digit, 8-digit, or even 13-digit. EAN is a standardized barcode and is present on most of the commercialized products in the stores.

Barcode Reader

Barcode readers (barcode scanners) are electronic devices for reading printed barcodes. These are optical machine-readable representations of data relating to the object to which they are attached. They define these objects.

If you want to know how to read EAN barcode with Barcode reader, then you need to see this educational. Now permits to start:

How to Read EAN barcodes with BarCode Reader Freeware (Byte Scout)

The first step you may do is to install the Byte Scout Barcode Reader freeware in order to begin working. After installation of this, you can begin operating the way you read EAN barcodes in easy and comprehensible steps.

How to Read EAN Barcodes?

After installing when you open the barcode reader freeware.

Now, the barcode reader seems to be on the display screen. After this, you will see in reality that the top of the left facet is the “Open record” tab. Click on it a dropdown field will seem. It looks like this. You may see absolutely within the red rectangle.

BarCode Reader Freeware

After clicking the record is “open window” is opened on your display. From here you choose a picture of the EAN barcode which you want to convert.

Read EAN Barcodes

I used this EAN 128 barcode image to read with the BarCode Reader. On the top left, you see many options to select which type of code you select. I selected 1D Barcode reader as this type of code falls in the 1D category.

EAN BarCode Reader

After that go to the “Decode” from the top left menu and click on the “Decode all 1D barcodes”. This is used to decode all 1D barcodes.

After clicking on Decode All 1D. You will get the result like this:

Decode EAN BarCodes

When you click on Decode All 1D barcode a new window will open on your screen. It means that your EAN barcode is converted into the barcode reader tool. You can see the result in a mini window opened within the tool.

You can also fine-tune your result if the results are not showing by going to the next button in the mini window opened of “Results & Adjustments”. Click on “Next”.

You can see these windows to adjust your picture according to the settings available.

EAN BarCodes

EAN BarCode Reader

You can also export these results. To export results, click on the “Export results as….” that shows in the new window left down.

BarCode Read EAN Code

After clicking on this the new window appears on it like this.

BarCode Reading Tool

You can save it now with any name you want and open it to read the results.

Read EAN Codes

In the end, I converted the EAN barcodes into a Barcode reader successfully. Hope you liked this tutorial and it was helpful for you. This tool can be used to read different barcodes like EAN 8 barcodes and can be used as EAN 13 barcode scanner.

This EAN online tool is freeware, available on our download products page go check it out now.