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How to Read QR Codes with Barcode Reader

Welcome to our quick guide on how to read QR codes with BarCode Reader freeware (ByteScout). Our freeware tools were created keeping in mind that the tool is easy to use and even easier to understand. If you still want to learn how to read QR codes with barcodes, read the following tutorial.

This tutorial will help you understand the process of reading QR codes with BarCode Reader.

  1. What are QR Codes
  2. How to Read QR Codes with the Barcode Reader freeware (ByteScout)
  3. Open the Tool and File
  4. Check out the Settings
  5. Decode Your QR Codes
  6. Barcode Orientation
  7. Image Adjustments
  8. Export your Barcode Output

What are QR Codes

QR codes abbreviated form called Quick Response Code are used for the marketing of the products and services by various firms and product owners to give customers extra information about the products or services. Most of the QR code reader devices available do not give these many options as this QR reader and scanner gives. QR code reader online is available as freeware on our website to download free to use for non-commercial purposes.

Let’s start reading QR codes from BarCode reader.

First, you will install the ByteScout BarCode Reader freeware. Once it’s downloaded you can begin reading the QR codes with just a few steps.

How to Read QR Codes with the BarCode Reader freeware (ByteScout)

After installing the Barcode Reader tool open the tool, you will go to the following screen. You will see many options here from which you select the desired one.

Read QR codes

Open the Tool and File

Once the Barcode Reader tool is opened click on the “File” on the top left menu and click on it, a dropdown will open where you can click on the “Open” to select the file you want to open or you can directly click on the option “Open File”.

Now select the file you want to open, here you will select the QR code image.

Scan QR codes

Check out the Settings

After clicking “Open” you will see this window where the QR code image is open in the main window. On the menu buttons, you can see many options to select from, for this type of particular QR code we need to select 2D QR code reader.

QR Code Scanner

Decode Your QR Codes

After that go to the “Decode” from the top left menu and click on the Decode all 2D barcodes. This QR code reader can be used to decode all the 2D barcodes as shown in below figure.

QR Code Reader

After clicking on Decode All 2D. You will get the results shown like the figure below. You can read the results there or you can also export them as a text file. While the “Results & Adjustments” window is open you can review extra settings and fine-tune your results as of your needs. You can do the following:

Barcode Orientation

Where you can change the orientation of the QR code on the Horizontal and Vertical axis and on different angles.

Image Adjustments

You can resize the image here, add contrast to it and use some other filters to be applied on the image to get better results.

Export your Barcode Output

To export the results, you need to click on “Export Results as….”.

You will be asked to save the file on the location you desired to, after selecting the location where you wish to save it click on “save”.

QR Codes Scanning

The file is exported as a text file in your desired location you can go and open it.

Yay, you just learned how to read QR codes using QR barcode reader tool!

This free QR reader can be used on any PC. This simple easy to use QR reader app was developed using the best user-friendly practices to ensure that you have better understandability with all the options.