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How to Read Code 93 Barcodes with ByteScout Barcode Reader

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Code 93 is a barcode that offers a higher density, efficiency, and data security than Code 39 barcode. It supports alphanumeric characters and can vary in length to accommodate more data. Like Code 39, its first and last symbols are not ASCII characters.

But unlike Code 39, it has five extra special characters. Instead, a “*” designation is used. The encoded data comes immediately after the start symbol, followed by a two-character check-number.

Code 93 has two check-numbers to verify that the code was entered correctly when read manually. The two characters are known as “Modulo-47 Check Character C” and “Modulo-47 Check Character K.”

After the check-number, we have a stop character, followed by a stop bar, which indicates the end of the barcode.

How to Scan Code 93 Barcode in Four Simple Steps

Step 1: Download and Install Our Barcode Reader

You can download a Code 93 barcode reader from our site, and use it to scan Code 39. Double click on the executable file to install it. You may have to accept/give it permission to make changes to your computer.

Step 2: Launch the ByteScout Barcode Reader

The next step is to launch the barcode reader, by going to the start menu and clicking on its icon. You may also launch it from the desktop, by clicking on its icon shortcut.

Code 93 Barcodes

Step 3: Scan the Code 93 Barcode

To scan a barcode, you need to capture a Code 93 barcode image and load it into the barcode reader. You can do that in three ways:

  1. You can upload a softcopy of the barcode into the barcode reader. To do that, click on Open File to locate and upload it.
  2. Use your computer’s camera to scan the barcode directly from the barcode reader. To do that, Click on Decode from Live Camera.
  3. Attach an Imaging Input Device such as a scanner to your computer, and then click on Acquire Image.

Read Code 93 Barcodes

Step 4: Decode Code 93 using ByteScout Barcode Reader

Once the Code 93 Image is loaded on the barcode reader, click on Code 93, to complete the decoding process. You can choose to export the results as CSV, TXT, JSON, or XML file.

If you receive an error, you can click Next to change the 93 barcode’s orientation, Zoom level, and other settings, and then try again.

And that’s how you read or scan Code 93 using the ByteScout Barcode Reader.