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How to print barcodes in VBScript using ByteScout Barcode SDK

ByteScout Barcode SDK is the robost library (Software Development Kit) that is designed for automatic generation of high-quality barcodes for printing, electronic documents and pdf. All popular barcode types are supported from Code 39 and Code 129 to QR Code, UPC, GS1, GS-128, Datamatrix, PDF417, Maxicode and many others. Provides support for full customization of fonts, colors, output and printing sizes. Special tools are included to verify output quality and printing quality. Can add generated barcode into new or existing documents, images and PDF.

On-demand (REST Web API) version:
 Web API (on-demand version)

On-premise offline SDK for Windows:
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' This example demonstrates generation and printing of multiple barcodes ' Prepare Barcode object that will generate barcodes for printing Set barcode = CreateObject("Bytescout.BarCode.Barcode") barcode.RegistrationName = "demo" barcode.RegistrationKey = "demo" barcode.Symbology = 9 ' EAN13 barcode.DrawCaption = True barcode.BarHeight = 50 barcode.DrawQuietZones = False barcode.SetMargins 20, 20, 20, 20, 0 ' Prepare BarcodePrinter object Set barcodePrinter = CreateObject("Bytescout.BarCode.BarcodePrinter") ' Set printer paper size barcodePrinter.SetPaperSize "A4" ' Set number of barcodes on a page: 4 lines of 4 barcodes per line = 16 barcodes per page barcodePrinter.SetGrid 4, 4 ' Fit barcodes into the grid cell size barcodePrinter.FitBarcodesIntoGrid = True ' Set some optional printing params 'barcodePrinter.SetMargins 20, 0, 0, 20 'barcodePrinter.Copies = 2 'barcodePrinter.Collate = True 'barcodePrinter.Color = False ' Generate 25 barcode values in EAN13 format "5901234NNNNN" ' and add them to the BarcodePrinter For i = 1 To 25 value = "5901234" + LeftPadding(CStr(i), "0", 5) barcodePrinter.AddBarcodeValue value Next ' Print barcodes to the specified printer barcodePrinter.Print (barcode), "Microsoft Print to PDF" ' Function that returns a new string of a specified length in which the beginning of the current string ' is padded with a specified character. Private Function LeftPadding(str, paddingChar, length) LeftPadding = String(length - Len(str), paddingChar) & str End Function



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