BarCode Generator SDK – all-in-one solution
for your barcodes generation needs

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BarCode Generator SDK


  • Includes components for desktop and web applications development: .NET class, WinForms Control, ASP.NET Web Image control, SSRS reporting service, ActiveX interface to generate barcodes from Visual Basic 6, Classic ASP, Delphi, Javascript, Word and Excel VBA
  • Arrives with comprehensive documentation (100+ source code samples included for all supported languages and platforms)
  • Supports almost all 1D linear and 2D (multidimensional) barcodes, including MaxiCode barcode (NEW!)
  • Mono .NET Framework compatible
  • Made using 100% C# code for .NET (optional source code licensing is available)
  • 30 day money back guarantee

Already trusted by hundreds of companies around the world for their .Net barcode generator needs.

Technical details:

  • Includes 5 types of controls and components for instant barcode image generation:
  • Supports almost all 1D barcode types (Code39, ISBN and many other), along with supplemental EAN-2 and EAN-5 barcodes
  • Supports GS1 barcodes (also known as RSS): GS1 Code 128, GS1 DataMatrix, GS1 Databar Omnidirectional, GS1 Databar Stacked, GS1 Databar Omnidirectional, GS1 DataBar Truncated
  • Comes with built-in automatic validation
  • Allows to modify visual appearance: font, font size, foreground and background colors
  • Exports generated barcode as EMF (vector metafile) , JPG, PNG, GIF, TIF images

Solutions for managers:

  • Use our BarCode Generator to produce barcoded data of orders if you are in POS industry;
  • In Logistics, use the tool  to name deliverable parcels making it simpler to track them and to essentially facilitate the check in/check out process;
  • Also, mark your vehicles with the help of BarCode SDK, making stock administration more effective;
  • In Healthcare industry, BarCode SDK can help to make recognizable identification bracelets. Note that with some standardized identifications you can code more than 4000 character data;
  • You can also put labels with generated barcodes on laboratory samples or any kind of medication;
  • In insurance, use our barcode generator SDK alongside with PDF SDK to rapidly make grouped reports from claims. With barcode identification, it’s significantly simpler to deal with the distinctive reports of a claim;
  • In Banking industry, with Barcode SDKs you can add a digital signature to a record, as a standardized tag. This gives you a speedy and viable approach to keep up report honesty and approve its creator;
  • In Hardware industry, our tool can help you name deliverable things, making it simpler to track them, and to altogether facilitate the check in/check process;
  • The tool can be also used in Automative industry as you may track your equipment parts with standardized tags. Inside each scanner tag, you can encode available information from the serial number to the office where it should be used;
  • In FinTech, the tool can be used to make QR codes for mobile payments. It’s additionally valuable to order your different archives.

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