• Use our PDF Extractor SDK to gather information from archived documents, you can search for specific texts, even with conversion of 3rd party scanned documents (statements, invoices etc.)  into searchable ones;
  • Use our Barcode SDKs to append a digital signature to a document, in the form of a barcode. This gives you a quick and effective way to maintain document integrity and authorize the author of it;
  • Use our products to classify your documents with a barcode classifier containing all the necessary tags and categories. With our Barcode Reader SDK this information can be easily gathered back even for a large number of documents, making the sorting and searching processes much quicker;
  • Use our tools to generate invoices and statements;
  • Use our Spreadsheet SDK to generate financial (or other) reports which can be easily shared with others – without any other spreadsheet software installed.

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Consumer goods

  • POS systems
  • Invoicing
  • Customer displays
  • Order management


  • Patient identification
  • Medication management
  • Document classification
  • Sample labeling
  • Equipment identification


  • Package management
  • Item check in / check out
  • Order management
  • Vehicle identification
  • Equipment identification


  • Customer identification
  • Claim identification
  • Archive documents

Hardware Industry

  • Generate productivity reports
  • Label deliverable items
  • Track your equipment


  • Digital signature
  • Invoicing
  • Working with archived docs

Automative industry

  • Label your docs
  • Create supplier reports
  • Track hardware parts