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Licensing And Sales Frequently Asked Questions

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Compare License Types for SDK and Suites

Description Desktop Developer License Web Developer License Enterprise Developer License OEM Developer License Site License OEM Site License API License
Number of developers 1 single developer 1 single developer 1 single developer 1 single developer up to 12 developers in the same company up to 12 developers in the same company Unlimited
For use in web apps?* no yes yes yes yes yes yes
For use in desktop apps?* yes no yes yes yes yes yes
Can re-use in your own API, SDK, automation or scripting interface?  no no no no no no yes
Your app is used by end-users at up to 3 unique offices/locations end-users at unlimited unique offices/locations end-users at up to 12 unique offices/locations end-users at unlimited unique offices/locations developers, administrators or power users accessing your apps programmatically
Lifetime License perpetual license key for the current version of the product license key for use with annual subscription
Data Processing Speed 100% full speed using multiple threads and parallel processing
License is required for every developer coding, compiling or testing directly or indirectly every API server
Updates, bug-fixes and latest patches 1 year of regular updates, patches and bug-fixes are included for free!
Annual subscription renewal is priced at 40% of new license price. You may also purchase up to 3 years instantly to save 25% for each year included.
Priority Technical Support 1 year of unlimited features requests, unlimited incidents reports,
unlimited access to technical support are included for free!
Annual subscription renewal is priced at 40% of new license price. You may also purchase up to 3 years instantly to save 25% for each year included.
Free Trial Version Get you free trial version here

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* ByteScout SDKs or Suites are not allowed to be re-used inside any type of API, Web API, SDK or automation interfaces. In other words, you can not create your own SDK or API using ByteScout. If you are interested in re-using ByteScout inside your own branded API or SDK,  please request a quote for white-label API licensing

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try before buying a license?

Sure, we actually encourage you to try before buying. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need any help during your evaluation.
For offline SDK (Software Development Kit) please download free trial from this page.

For Web API please sign up for free here. You may also try your documents with our online service

Do you have local resellers?

May I look into End User License Agreement?

Need to print License Agreement for SDK/Suite? Please click here

For Web API please check Terms of Use

May I look into the Documentation before buying?

Yes, please check the list of SDKs and Suites documentation

For Web API please use this page

What is a Slow License (Slow Workstation License)?

This license provides slower data processing speed and is limited to the use in just one single desktop application running on just one single in-house desktop workstation. It also displays the banner on startup that is required to be clicked to continue.

Who is a Software Developer?

Developer is a software creator, programmer, person who creates or automates and integrates applications, configures scripts or server scripts or other automation, systems administrator or any person who can configure the ByteScout product using special development tools or techniques.

What is an End-User Application?

An application is a software product, application, server-side script, client-side script or any other type entity that uses ByteScout files and is operated by humans through a User Interface. No API or automation interfaces should be included into End-User Application.

What is a Location?

A location is a single physical location or an office. In case of virtual infrastructure, location is determined based on the actual physical location of end-users of your application.

Do you have unlimited Developers or unlimited Deployment Locations licensing options?

Yes, please contact us using this contact form.

Are there any differences between evaluation and full versions?

Evaluation version (download it here) allows you to evaluate the full set of functionality of products for 60 days. Full version also removes all reminders and demo warnings, removes demo watermarks.

Will our license key expire after 12 months?

The license key you have will work perpetually for the version you have purchased. Once your subscription for updates and technical support expires, you may renew your subscription at just a fraction of new license price.

Can we create our own API / Web API / Toolkit using ByteScout?

It is not allowed to re-use ByteScout to create API, Web API, automated online service or any automated interface used by other machines or other developers. Please contact us to find more about white label  license using this contact form

How much it costs after the 1st year? What is your upgrades policy

Renewal price is 40% of full new license price if you purchase within 3 months before the expiration of your current subscription. You may purchase renewal and get a quote for renewal right from your licensing dashboard 

What is your refund policy?

We provide 30-day unconditional money back guarantee for our on-premise SDK and Suite products except for Slow License which are non-refundable. is paid on monthly or prepaid basis so you may just cancel your subscription.

Do you have any discounts for non-profit / academic / research projects?

We provide free licenses for all anti-cancer projects (see We Fight Against Cancer for more information). We also provide free licenses for projects in schools, non-profits, academic institutions, and scientific research projects. Each request is the subject of manual review. Please contact us to apply and request more details.

European VAT and Sales Tax

When you purchase a license through FastSpring or MyCommerce e-commerce providers, you can be charged an applicable local sales tax required by a law.
If you are VAT exempt then you may need to enter your VAT ID and follow these steps:On the Confirmation / Order Summary page of the order (in the box to the right of VAT Exemption ID) please enter your VAT IDClick on the Apply button.You may need to wait until the order total has been recalculated (zero rated for VAT)Verify that all was recalculated correctly and click the Place Your Order button.

VAT refunds: MyCommerce cannot refund VAT so please double check your VAT ID.


If you still having questions about licensing or about product? Please contact customer support