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Compare Licenses by FeaturesCompare Licenses by Workflow  | Frequently Asked Questions

Compare License Types by Features

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Description PDF.co
Small Business
Desktop Developer
Small Business
Web Developer
Small Business Site License OEM Developer
OEM Site License API License
Licensed Developers no limit 1 1 12 1 12 12 developers + unlimited developers accessing your app
Unlimited end-users can install or access your apps from no limit 1 1 12 unlimited unlimited unlimited
Create desktop apps for end-users running under Windows 7/8/Vista/10 (except Windows Server or/and Terminal Server) yes yes n/a yes yes yes yes
Use in web and server-side apps (no API or middleware) for end-users yes n/a yes yes yes yes yes
Max number of production servers
Windows Server on a physical or virtual machine
unlimited n/a 1 1 1 12 1+
Max virtual CPUs (vCPU) on Windows Server machine unlimited n/a 2 8 16 16 customizable
Re-use in API, Web API, SDK, DLL, EXE, RPA or any other wrapper/middleware for re-use by other apps or developers yes no no no no no yes
Requires subscription no your compiled end-user apps will work forever
even if access to Updates was not renewed
Access to updates, bug fixes, and latest patches yes 1 year is included highest priority
Priority Technical Support yes 1 year is included highest priority
High-priority help and support from our experts and advanced configurations for the best performance and ROI yes n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a yes
High-priority help and support from our experts in optimizing your code for best performance and ROI yes n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a yes
Pricing Sign Up check pricing and plans
– or –
Request a Quote
Request a Demo
Free Trial Version Sign Up Free 60 Day Trial Version Request a Demo
Licensing Agreement Terms
of Use
View End User License Agreement Request a Quote

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Frequently Asked Questions

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2-3 developers licenses: 15% off
4+ developers 30% offFor 5+ developers please consider Site License or OEM Site License that cover up to 12 developers at the same price.

PDF.co Web API: no

API Server, API License for SDK products: the license key is included and updated annually

SDK products: your license key is perpetual and will not expire for applications that were compiled before, even if you don’t renew your subscription to updates and tech support.

If your subscription to updates and technical support has expired and was not renewed, your compiled apps will continue to work without interruption.

If you need to continue development, debugging, recompilation, build apps that use SDK then you need to maintain active subscription for updates and technical  support. Otherwise you must stop using SDK for development, testing, build purposes.

Yes, please Request a Quote

All developers compiling, debugging, testing apps where SDK is used must have a license.

Yes, you may install and activate SDK on both homes and work computers used by the same developer.

Web API: pay as you go accounts and subscription plans are available.

ByteScout API Server: please request a quote or more information

SDK products and Suites: 

Required license type depends on your project type:

  • Outsourcing/contract work (or “work for hire“) your client?
    • each developers on your side and each developer one their side (if test, compiles, debugs the project) must have a license.
  • Product or web app for end-users (without you transferring intellectual property rights permanently to your end-users):
    • get OEM Developer License or OEM Site License or higher. These types of licenses allow you to distribute your end-user app/product to your customers without paying any additional royalties.
  • Web app with automated access or API/automation/integration interface
    • you need to purchase a special API License or obtain a custom license.
  • Tool / SDK / API for other developers:
    • you need to purchase an API License or obtain a custom license.

Sharing licenses between developers (so-called “floating licenses“) is not allowed in any form.

For 5+ developers, we recommend Site License or OEM Site License that cover up to 12 developers at the lesser price comparing to buying licenses for every developer.

If you need to create a product or service for non-licensed developers then you must purchase an API License.

We also have a self-hosted Web API server that you can install on your own server and share access to this web API with multiple developers. This product is called ByteScout API Server. Please also request more information and a Quote

OK for re-use only inside your app/product for end-users (without any automation interfaces/API/web API for direct or indirect automated integration exposed to other unlicensed developers). It is also assumed that this integration is used by the same licensed developer.

Not allowed: creating DLL/SDK/API/web API/automation/RPA interface for other non-licensed developers and/or for providing an integration interface for 3rd party companies (with non-licensed developers).  In this case you need an “API License“, please Request a Quote

If you make software for your client (i.e. your client is “outsourcing” software development to you under “work for hire” type agreement then your client must purchase a license for every developer working on the project on your and their side (for developers maintaining the project).

If you make  “products” for end-users and you are not transferring intellectual rights for your app to your clients (i.e. you are selling “licenses” for your apps) then you need to purchase “OEM Developer License” or similar license for every developer in your company and your end-users can use your app without paying additional fee (assuming they are not developers).

Developer is a person who writes a programming code, creates integration, script, or no-coding integration. This person also can compile, test, build applications or/and create, update, maintain integrations with other apps
End-user is a person who is using your application via a graphical user interface only and who is not a developer.
Location is a unique physical building with end-users inside this building.

Please click here for SDK License.pdf
For PDF.co Web API please check PDF.co Terms of Use

SDK products and Suites: SDKs and Suites documentation

ByteScout API Server: click here

PDF.co Web API: click here

You can also explore video tutorials at ByteScout Academy
PDF.co Web API: Yes
SDK products: No
API license and API Server (on-premise REST API server): No. You can optionally connect API Server to cloud based storage if you require it.

An application is a software product, application, server-side script, client-side script, or any other type of entity that uses ByteScout files and is directly operated by humans through a Graphical User Interface.
No API or automation interface (which can be used by end-user  process more than 10 documents without any interactions) should be included in the End-User Application

The free trial version (download it here) allows you to evaluate the full set of functionality of products for 60 days. The full version is provided to registered users and it also removes all reminders, demo warnings, and demo watermarks.

PDF.co Web API: Yes!

SDK products and Suites: need to obtain a special “API License“. Please Request a Quote

API Server (self-hosted Web API): Yes, please Request a Quote

PDF.co Web API:  runs on the latest versions and no upgrades are required and tech support is included with Business plans and higher.

Renewals for SDK products (when purchase within 60 day grace period after the main term expiration):

  • 70% off discount for +1 additional year
  • 87% off discount / year when purchased for 2+ additional years

Renewals after the 60 day grace period

  • 5% off discount for +1 year


  • New License: $1,000 (1 year of updates and support is included)
  • Renewal pricing after the 1st year:
    • Renewed within 60 day grace period (1 year + 60 days):
      • $300 for +1 additional year
      • $450 for +2 additional years
      • $675 for +3 additional years
    • Renewed after the grace period (after 1 year + 60 days) has expired:
      • $1,000 (new license is required).

In other words, you can get very huge discount if renewed within 1 year and the grace period.

API License and ByteScout API Server product:

your annual subscription includes:

  • high priority support
  • high priority updates
  • high priority patches and bug-fixes
  • optional customization
  • optional help and reviews from experts

PDF.co Web API: past payments are not refundable but you can always cancel your subscription at any time from this page and you won’t be billed for the next subscription period.

SDK products:

No refunds for SDK products because we provide a 60-day free trial with all functions enabled.

You may also request free extension of the trial period for 60 days more and get 180 days total for your trial.

The only difference between the trial version and the full version is that it randomly inserts the word “Demo” in the result.

You can get fully functional free trial of SDK tools here 

API licenses: past payments for subscriptions are not refundable but you can cancel your subscription at any time by contacting us and you won’t be billed for your next subscription period.

We provide free licenses to anti-cancer projects (see We Fight Against Cancer for more information).

We also provide free licenses for projects in schools, non-profits, academic institutions, and scientific research projects related to Covid-19 prevention and research. Please check the We fight against Covid-19 page for more information.

Each request is subject to manual review.

Please contact us to apply and request more details.

When you purchase a license through FastSpring, you can be charged an applicable local sales tax required by law. If you are European VAT exempt then you need to enter your VAT ID and follow these steps: on the checkout page click on the Enter VAT link and enter your VAT ID and click Apply button. You may need to wait for a little before the total is recalculated and VAT is removed.

If you are Tax Exempt by Law (government agency etc.), please contact us and send us your tax exemption certificate before placing your order.

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If you still have questions about licensing or about any product or service then please Get In Touch

Last Update: January 24, 2022