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Licensing And Sales Frequently Asked Questions

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Licensing Comparison and Frequently Asked Questions

Desktop Developer License Web Developer License Enterprise Developer License OEM Developer License Site License OEM Site License Internal / External API License
Number of developers unlimited  1 single 1 single 1 single 1 single up to 12 in the same company up to 12 in the same company up to 12 / unlimited
Use in desktop app with GUI (no automation or system services)? yes yes no yes yes yes yes yes
Use in apps without API or automation interfaces (no console interface, API, SDK, middleware or  services) yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
Use in apps with their own API (middleware, services) yes no no no no no no yes
Use in your own API, SDK, service, middleware, automation or server side scripts?  yes no no no no no no yes
Run your app anywhere Windows apps for end-users from/at up to 3 unique locations Windows apps for end-users at unlimited locations Windows apps  for end-users at up to 12 unique locations Windows apps for end-users at unlimited unique locations customizable
License Key permanent
API key
perpetual license key that won’t expire for your version of the product
and new versions you receive within your maintenance subscription period
automatic license key
Data Processing Speed High speed The speed depends on your hardware, CPU and memory options
Scalability Auto-scales from one to millions of pages per minute Depends on your own infrastructure configuration Optimized for scalability and performance
Security All data transfers are auto encrypted by SSL and TLS. Your data is processed in SSL, TLS, ISO 27001, PCI, FISMA certified data centers Depends on your own infrastructure configuration Optimized for secure in-house file storage with no data shared outside your servers
Licensing Anyone with valid API key can use  per every developer touching the product directly or indirectly custom licensing
Updates, bug-fixes and latest patches Automatically
updated with latest features
requires active maintenance subscription
Priority Technical Support Yes requires active maintenance subscription
Free Trial Version Start Free Trial
Start Your Free Trial Request
Free Demo


If you are interested in using ByteScout inside API, Web API, Web Service or in your own SDK,  please request a quote for API License

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try before buying a license? Web APIplease click here . You may also want to explore API docs
SDK for Windows:  download free trial from this page.
Cloud API Server (on-premise in-house API Server): request demo

What are the definitions of end-user, developer and location?

Developer is a person who writes a programming code, creates integration, script or no-coding integration. This person also can compile, test, build applications.

End-user is a person who uses application you have made using ByteScout.

Location is a unique physical building with end-users inside this building.

Do you have local resellers?

May I look into End User License Agreement?

Need to print License Agreement for SDK, Suite or Cloud API Server? Please click here

For Web API please check Terms of Use

May I explore the documentation before buying? Web API: please use this page

 SDK products: the list of SDKs and Suites documentation

 Cloud API  Server: click here

Is Internet connection required for a product to work? Web API: yes

SDK products: no (but you need to activate the product)

Cloud API Server (on-premise API server): no (but you need to activate the product)

Who is a Software Developer?

Developer is a software creator, programmer, person who creates or automates and integrates applications, configures scripts or server scripts or other automation, systems administrator or any person who can configure the ByteScout product using special development tools or techniques.

What is an End-User Application?

An application is a software product, application, server-side script, client-side script or any other type entity that uses ByteScout files and is directly operated by humans through a Graphical User Interface. No API or automation interfaces should be included into End-User Application.

Example of simple application for end-users:

An app where user can click a mouse or touch element on screen to select a file, load it and then clicks or touch a button to convert file into another format. No automation.

Example of complex application that requires API License

Web application with API or integration with other apps. Or a system service that is called from other apps to automatically converts incoming files to another format automatically. Or web service that is called from other apps.

What is a Location?

A location is a single physical location or an office. In case of virtual infrastructure, location is determined based on the actual physical location of end-users of your application.

Do you have unlimited Developers or unlimited Deployment Locations licensing options?

Yes, please contact us using this contact form.

Are there any differences between evaluation and full versions?

Evaluation version (download it here) allows you to evaluate the full set of functionality of products for 60 days. Full version also removes all reminders and demo warnings, removes demo watermarks.

Will our license key expire after 12 months? Web API: no! your API key works perpetually.
SDK products: no, but you need to renew your subscription to update the product
Cloud API Server: no, but you need to renew your subscription to run the product

Can we create our own API / Web API / Toolkit / Console / CLI using ByteScout? Web API: yes.
SDK products: no. You need a special “API License” in this case as regular licenses won’t apply. Please contact us for more details and a quote
Cloud API Server: no. but you can use the product as internal / external API server.

How much the maintenance costs after the 1st year? What is your upgrades policy Web API: updates are automatic and you always have access to the latest features and fixes!
SDK products (except API Licenses): the renewal price is 40% of full new license price if you renew within last 3 months of your current subscription. You may purchase the renewal and get a quote for your renewal right from your licensing dashboard 
Cloud API Server: updates and maintenance are usually included with your annual subscription.

What is your refund and cancellation policy? Web API: you  can cancel your subscription at any time from this page and you won’t be billed next time.
SDK products: please try and explore free 90 day trial version before purchasing a license. We can provide money back gurantee in special cases when agreed with our representative.
Cloud API Server: updates and maintenance are usually already included with your annual subscription.

Do you have any discounts for non-profit / academic / research projects?

We provide free licenses for all anti-cancer projects (see We Fight Against Cancer for more information). We also provide free licenses for projects in schools, non-profits, academic institutions, and scientific research projects. Each request is the subject of manual review. Please contact us to apply and request more details.

European VAT and Sales Tax

When you purchase a license through FastSpring, you can be charged an applicable local sales tax required by a law.

If you are European VAT exempt then you need to enter your VAT ID and follow these steps: on the checkout page click on the Enter VAT link and enter your VAT ID and click Apply button. You may need to wait a little before the total is recalculated and VAT is removed.

If you are Tax Exempt by Law (goverment agency etc.), please contact us and send us your tax exemption certificate before placing your order.

If you still having questions about licensing or about product? Please contact customer support