Logistics is a knowledge about how to organize and to implement a complex orientation. The elements known in logistics are physical (equipment, materials, and animals) and abstract (time and information).

As a part of supply chain management, logistics can be useful as it plans, implements and controls these elements as well as connects the point of origin and the point of consumption.

You can use Bytescout tools entirely in order to solve main tasks and problems in logistics:

  • Use our tools to label deliverable items, making it easier to track them, and to significantly reduce the check in / check out process;
  • Generate order receipts on the fly with our tools, which also work very well with the Barcode generation – eg. you can put some useful information, like tracking links, encoded in a QR code;
  • Use our PDF tools to generate invoices;
  • Label your vehicles using our SDKs, making their movement tracking and inventory management more efficient;
  • Use our PDF tools to gather information from archived documents, you can search for specific texts, even with a conversion of 3rd party scanned documents into searchable ones.

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Consumer goods

  • POS systems
  • Invoicing
  • Customer displays
  • Order management

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  • Patient identification
  • Medication management
  • Document classification
  • Sample labeling
  • Equipment identification

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  • Package management
  • Item check in / check out
  • Order management
  • Vehicle identification
  • Equipment identification

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  • Customer identification
  • Claim identification
  • Archive documents

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Hardware Industry

  • Generate productivity reports
  • Label deliverable items
  • Track your equipment

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  • Digital signature
  • Invoicing
  • Working with archived docs

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Automative industry

  • Label your docs
  • Create supplier reports
  • Track hardware parts

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Artificial intelligence

  • Access to locked data
  • Process better structures for your learning algorithms
  • Choose cost-effective solutions

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Financial technology

  • Working with malformed docs
  • Process mobile payments
  • Recognize any barcodes

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