• Use our tools to label deliverable items, making it easier to track them, and to significantly reduce the check in / check out process;
  • Generate order receipts on the fly with our tools, which also work very well with the Barcode generation – eg. you can put some useful information, like tracking links, encoded in a QR code;
  • Use our PDF tools to generate invoices;
  • Label your vehicles using our SDKs, making their movement tracking and inventory management more efficient;
  • Use our PDF tools to gather information from archived documents, you can search for specific texts, even with a conversion of 3rd party scanned documents into searchable ones.

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Consumer goods

  • POS systems
  • Invoicing
  • Customer displays
  • Order management


  • Patient identification
  • Medication management
  • Document classification
  • Sample labeling
  • Equipment identification


  • Package management
  • Item check in / check out
  • Order management
  • Vehicle identification
  • Equipment identification


  • Customer identification
  • Claim identification
  • Archive documents

Hardware Industry

  • Generate productivity reports
  • Label deliverable items
  • Track your equipment


  • Digital signature
  • Invoicing
  • Working with archived docs

Automative industry

  • Label your docs
  • Create supplier reports
  • Track hardware parts