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How to read DataMatrix barcodes with Bytescout BarCode reader

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Welcome to our quick guide on how to read DataMatrix barcodes with Bytescout BarCode reader (freeware). Our freeware tools were built keeping in mind that it is user-friendly, easy to use and very easy to understand. If you want to learn how to read DataMatrix barcodes using our BarCode reader, read the following tutorial.

This will help you understand how to use the BarCode reader and how to successfully decode the DataMatrix barcodes.

What are DataMatrix barcodes?

First let’s learn something about DataMatrix barcodes, why they are created in the first place and where these are used.

DataMatrix barcodes are two-dimensional matrix barcode, which used to encodes text or raw data in a pattern of black and white square modules. This two-dimensional matrix code can encode up to 3,000 characters. DataMatrix barcodes are widely used in healthcare, manufacturing and the retail business. There are several versions available but here we will not dig deep into it, hope you have got an idea about the DataMatrix barcodes.

Let’s start the tutorial about reading the DataMatrix barcodes from Bytescout BarCode reader.

First, you will download & install the ByteScout BarCode Reader freeware. Once it’s downloaded and installed you can begin with reading the DataMatrix barcodes with just a few steps.

How to read DataMatrix barcodes with BarCode reader freeware (Bytescout)

After installing the Barcode Reader tool, you will open the tool and will see the following screen. There are many options available on the user-friendly main dashboard from which you can choose as seen in below figure.

DataMatrix Barcodes

Once the barcode reader tool is opened, click on the “Open File” from the top left menu or you can go to the “File” and then click on “Open” to select the file you want to open.

A mini window is opened on your screen from which you can select the file, in your case the DataMatrix barcodes image file and click on “Open” to open the file in Barcode reader.

DataMatrix Codes

After opening the file, you can see your barcode image opened in the main window of the tool.

Read DataMatrix Barcodes

On the menu buttons, you can see many options from which you can choose your option, for this particular DataMatrix barcode we need to find and select the option for 2D DataMatrix barcode.

For this go to the “Decode” from the top left menu and go to the “Decode specific 2D symbology” and then go to “DataMatrix” as shown in below figure.

DataMatrix Barcoding Tools

After clicking on the “DataMatrix” once it’s processed, you will get the results shown in the figure below. There is an option from where you can export the results as a text file and you can also fine-tune the results if the results are not showing by clicking on “Next.

DataMatrix Decoding Results

On the “Results and Adjustments” window you can click on “Next” to view more options to fine-tune your results if you are not getting the results. Once you click on the “Next” you will see the following mini window.

Code39 Bar Codes

Here you can adjust the Barcode Orientations settings. Click on the “Next” for more options.

Code39 Codes

Here you can see the “Image Adjustments” options of “Resize image” or “adjusting contrast” and other options.

On the “Results and Adjustments” window you can go to “Export Results….” options to export results. You will be then asked to save the file on your computer.

DataMatrix Codes

Choose the location and hit “Save”.

You can view the exported file from where it is saved and can see the results.

This is the end of the tutorial on how to read DataMatrix barcodes using our freeware barcode reader tool from ByteScout.

This freeware tool can be used on any operating system. This is the simplest tool available in the market with easy to navigate interface enriched with user experience.