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How to Read MaxiCode Barcodes with Bytescout BarCode Reader

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A MaxiCode Barcode is a scannable symbol that is similar to a barcode. But unlike a traditional barcode, it uses dots forming a hexagonal grid, instead of a series of bars. Businesses can use it to track and manage their shipments or inventory.

It measures 1 square inch, with a symmetrical bullseye at its center, with dots surrounding it to form a hexagonal pattern. A MaxiCode Barcode can code up to 93 characters, and up to 8 of them can be grouped together, to convey more information.

This two-dimensional symbol is mostly used by the UPS to manage and track packages, thanks to its ease of use. For instance, machines can scan packages easily, even when the packages are in motion and irrespective of the package’s orientation.

That is possible by the use of the bullseye to center the scanned image, and the use of dots instead of lines, to make the MaxiCode Barcode readable from any angle.

How to Scan a MaxiCode Barcode

You can use a ByteScout barcode reader to scan or read a MaxiCode Barcode, by following these four simple steps:

Step 1: Download the ByteScout Reader

You can download the Barcode reader from our download page, and then install it on your PC. The app is free to download. You may have to grant it some permission, to complete its installation successfully.

Step 2: Install the Barcode Reader

The next step is to launch the barcode reader app from the Start menu or desktop, by clicking on its icon. If you cannot see the icon, you can search the app, by typing “ByteScout Barcode Reader” in the search box, then pressing Enter.

MaxiCode Barcodes

Step 3: Load the MaxiCode Barcode

Once you have launched it, the ByteScout barcode reader gives you three ways to load a MaxiCode Barcode. You can choose any that best suits your current needs or capability. The three methods are:

  1. You can upload it from your local storage, by clicking on Open File.
  2. Scan the barcode using your computer’s camera, by clicking on Decode from Live Camera.
  3. You can also load it from an image scanning device, by clicking on Acquire Image.

Step 4: Scan the MaxiCode Barcode using ByteScout Barcode Reader

Once you have loaded the MaxiCode Barcode, you can click on MaxiCode to start the reading process. After a successful scan of the MaxiCode Barcode, you can choose to export the information as TXT, JSON, XML, or CSV file.

Read MaxiCode Barcodes

That is all you need to do, to scan or read a MaxiCode Barcode, using our ByteScout Barcode Reader.