The following sample demonstrates how to read barcode from photo image (BarcodePhoto.jpg file) in Visual Basic 6 using Bytescout BarCode Reader SDK for .NET

Sample input image for barcode recognition:
barcode vb 6

Private Sub Form_Load()

  ' IMPORTANT NOTE: you need to have .NET Framework 1.10 installed to use BarCode SDK from Visual Basic
 ' to download and install .NET Framework 1.10 please use this link:

Set bc = CreateObject("Bytescout.BarCodeReader.Reader")

bc.ReadFromFile "BarcodePhoto.jpg"

For i = 0 To bc.FoundCount - 1

     Msgbox "Found barcode on page #" & CStr(bc.GetFoundBarcodePage(i)) & " with type"

     & Cstr(bc.GetFoundBarcodeType(i)) & " and value " & bc.GetFoundBarcodeValue(i)


Set bc = Nothing

End Sub