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How to Extract Selected Part of Text using PDF Multitool?

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Step by step guide:

1. In this tutorial, we will show you how to select certain areas of text in a PDF document and only extract the selected part. We will use this 4-page sample PDF document and only extract the 1st paragraph on page 1.

PDF To TEXT Source File
Screenshot of Source PDF

2. First, let’s open the sample document in PDF Multitool.

Open Document In PDF Multitool

3. Next, let’s click on the Select Tool so we can select the area that we want to extract.

PDF Multitool's Select Tool Button

4. Then, drag the cursor over to the 1st paragraph on page 1.

Select Paragraph To Extract

5. We are now ready to extract the 1st paragraph. On the left navigation panel, click on Extract as TXT under Data Extraction folder.

Extract as TXT Function

6. A new window will pop up. Let’s leave the default settings and click the Extract to File button to save the output in our local machine. To extract text with multiple columns, check out this tutorial here.

Extract to File Button

7. You can also select an area of a document or text by specifying the coordinates. Kindly right click on the document, select Developer Tool, and click on Custom Selection.

Custom Selection Option To Select Text

8. Then, you can enter the coordinates. This is very helpful when you are working on several files with the same structure and need to extract text in the same area.

Enter Custom Selection Coordinates

9. Awesome! We have successfully extracted the 1st paragraph in a PDF document.

In this tutorial, we learned how to select text in two different ways. We also learned to extract the selected part and converted it to TXT.

PDF to TXT File Output
Screenshot of Output TXT

Extract Text from PDF – Frequently Asked Questions

How to extract text from PDF image

You can use our Bytescout PDF Multitool, to extract data from your PDF image. The PDF Multitool uses OCR technology to recognize text in the PDF image, extract it. It then makes it available for saving as a file or copies it to Clipboard.

Unlike other tools, the Bytescout PDF Multitool gives an option to extract a section of text. You don’t have to extract text from the entire PDF document if you only needed one paragraph. This feature is useful for extracting one type of data from similar documents, such as PDF forms.

Extract Text from PDF Mac

You can extract text from PDF on a MAC, using the Bytescout PDF Multitool. To do that, just download and install the PDF Multitool for Mac. You can follow the instructions outlined above to extract text from a PDF on your Mac. The tool works on both text and image PDF documents.

How OCR works briefly explain?

The Bytescout PDF Multitool uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR), to scan for images of words or letters. It then generates the corresponding words and letters, which it then saves as editable text. You can then choose to save the file or copy the text to Clipboard.

How do you use OCR?

You can do it by using OCR-enabled tools such as Bytescout PDF Multitool. The tool will then execute its inbuilt OCR technology, and extract text from a PDF.

How can I extract text from an image?

You can use the PDF multitool to extract text from an image PDF. The tool has an option to convert an image to a PDF image. You can then select the text you want to extract from the image PDF, and complete the extraction. Just follow the simple steps we have outlined above.

And if you want to extract the text from images in Bulk, you can opt for tools. Your program can help you access its features via API.

How can I extract text from an image for free?

You can extract text from an image for free using Bytescout PDF Multitool. PDF Multitool is downloadable and works on both Windows and Mac computers. Furthermore, the PDF tool offers additional PDF manipulation and editing functions.

How do I extract data from an image?

You can select and extract data from an image using the PDF Multitool “extract as text” feature. And it only takes 9 steps to complete the extraction from an image PDF. And as we have already mentioned, you can use it to extract text data from an image on Mac and Windows.