Data Extraction from PDF Tools: Tabula vs ByteScout PDF Multitool

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PDF (Portable Document Format) is document format independent of system’s hardware and software and can be opened on any system using designated software. However, unlike Microsoft Word and other word processing software, it is extremely cumbersome to extract desired information such as figures and tables from PDF documents. Special software have been developed which allow users to extract information from PDF documents. Tabula and ByteScout PDF multitool are two of such software. In this article a brief review of both of them has been presented.  
Tabula is used for extracting information stored within a PDF document and storing that information into CSV files and/or excel sheets. If you tried to copy and paste content from tables or simple rows within a PDF document you would find that it is not as easy as doing it in Word. Tabula allows you to perform this functionality.
However, there is a limitation. Tabula can only be used to extract information from Text based PDF documents and it cannot extract information from scanned PDF documents.
This is an excellent alternative to Tabula and contains additional features. Some of those ones are listed below:
  • with ByteScout PDF Multitool you can extract information from PDF tools even when you are offline
  • it can be used to search text and tables within a document
  • with OCR engine, ByteScout PDF multitool can also be used to extract text from scanned documents. This functionality is not available in Tabula
  • unlike Tabula, it can also detect attachments within a PDF document and can extract information from them as well
  • finally, the installation process of ByteScout PDF tool is extremely easy as compared to tabula.


Having reviewed both Tabula and ByteScout PDF Multitool it is safe to say that ByteScout PDF Multitool is much better in terms of features as well as functionality.