We Fight Against Cancer – Free Licenses for Cancer-Fighting Projects

For years ByteScout has provided free licenses for its SDK tools to non-profits and research projects over the world including anti-cancer projects and organizations. Dozens of really important projects saved their funds on development tools by participating in this program.

We are happy that anti-cancer organizations in the USA and Europe are using our development tools to work with PDF documents, scan and generate barcodes. The fight against cancer should not know any borders.

In order to support cancer-fighting related projects, we provide FREE licenses for our software products to cancer-fighting projects and organizations.

If you want to apply your project should be a registered non-profit, academic, research, movement or initiative.
All requests are subject to manual review and approval.

CLICK HERE to apply to apply. All applications are subject to manual review.

Currently, this is a major world’s problem that all countries and organizations should be involved into to fight against the most difficult forms of cancer. Every year, more than 76 million people die from cancer worldwide.

Financing of cancer-fighting projects involves inciting people to participate in voluntary funds gathering through the acquisition of goods and services.

Bytescout provides a number of developer APIs that are useful for C# and .NET developers when working with PDF documents, spreadsheets and barcodes.

If you are a software vendor and you want to offer free licenses to cancer-fighting projects please contact us to be added to this page too.