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profiles in VB.NET using ByteScout PDF Extractor SDK

Tutorial: how to do profiles in VB.NET

The documentation is designed to help you to implement the features on your side. ByteScout PDF Extractor SDK helps with profiles in VB.NET. ByteScout PDF Extractor SDK is the Software Development Kit (SDK) that is designed to help developers with data extraction from unstructured documents like pdf, tiff, scans, images, scanned and electronic forms. The library is powered by OCR, computer vision and AI to provide unique functionality like table detection, automatic table structure extraction, data restoration, data restructuring and reconstruction. Supports PDF, TIFF, PNG, JPG images as input and can output CSV, XML, JSON formatted data. Includes full set of utilities like pdf splitter, pdf merger, searchable pdf maker.

The SDK samples like this one below explain how to quickly make your application do profiles in VB.NET with the help of ByteScout PDF Extractor SDK. To do profiles in your VB.NET project or application you may simply copy & paste the code and then run your app! VB.NET application implementation typically includes multiple stages of the software development so even if the functionality works please test it with your data and the production environment.

On our website you may get trial version of ByteScout PDF Extractor SDK for free. Source code samples are included to help you with your VB.NET application.

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Imports Bytescout.PDFExtractor ' This example demonstrates the use of profiles. Profiles are set of properties ' allowing to apply them to Extractor in any combination quickly. You can use ' predefined profiles or create you own in JSON format like in this example. Class Program Friend Shared Sub Main(args As String()) ' Create Bytescout.PDFExtractor.TextExtractor instance Dim extractor As New TextExtractor() extractor.RegistrationName = "demo" extractor.RegistrationKey = "demo" extractor.OCRLanguageDataFolder = "c:\Program Files\Bytescout PDF Extractor SDK\ocrdata" ' Load sample PDF document extractor.LoadDocumentFromFile("sample_ocr.pdf") ' Apply predefined profiles extractor.Profiles = "ocr, newspaper-layout" ' Extract text to file extractor.SaveTextToFile("result1.txt") extractor.Reset() ' Load another document extractor.LoadDocumentFromFile("sample_ocr.pdf") ' Load and apply custom profiles extractor.LoadProfiles("profiles.json") extractor.Profiles = "keep-formatting, ocr-forced-200dpi" ' Extract text to file extractor.SaveTextToFile("result2.txt") ' Cleanup extractor.Dispose() ' See result files in "bin\Debug" folder End Sub End Class

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