ByteScout Released Free Online Apps for Everyone
On April 24th, ByteScout Team released 9 web apps for developers and end-users that will help you solve daily tasks and speed up the working process. Each tool is designed to complete one simple task in few clicks. Online applications have an easy-to-use and friendly interface and operate quickly giving you the best result. Here's the list: Synonym Finder Suggests synonyms for any word or expression. It can be used to enrich a text or to [...]
MongoDB vs MySQL: Complete Tutorial
Today we’re going to explore the differences between MongoDB and MySQL. First, a question: are the two locked in mortal competition? Not at all. In fact, “MongoDB vs SQL” makes the issue sound more adversarial that reality reveals since the two serve very different purposes by design. Another important FAQ is this: Is MongoDB faster than MySQL? Again, this is like comparing basketball and baseball: they’re different games, but you might say they both have [...]
Global Update on ByteScout Product Versions
On April 9th and 11th, 2018, ByteScout introduced fresh updates on most SDKs. Check the data below to find out about our products and what new highlights you can utilize. Text Recognition SDK In this version,  the Deskew algorithm for rotated scans was greatly improved. You will also find other minor improvements and bug fixes. ByteScout PDF SDK PDF SDK assists in generating, converting and enriching PDF files. In this new version, you [...]
All You Need to Know About Litecoin
Blockchain-related topics are extremely popular these days and cryptocurrency is one of those. Digital currency is an alternative to money, credit cards, and checks. The innovation behind it enables anyone to send it to a specific person without involving an outsider like a bank. As an ever-increasing number of individuals are grasping the universe of cryptographic money, individuals are searching for venture openings outside of Bitcoin and Ethereum. Litecoin unmistakably resembles a mainstream decision. Well, [...]
TOP-10 Code Examples for Node.JS Developers
What is Node.js exactly, and what is Node.js used for? These are the essential questions we will answer here. Essentially, Node.js enables developers to build server apps in JavaScript. Projects in Node.js today commonly include: Web Application framework Messaging middleware Servers for online gaming REST APIs and Backend Static file server Node.js app development is wildly popular. Projects built with Node.js plus a combination of front-end developer tools are faster than similar PHP apps because [...]
All You Need to Know About CSS Grid Layout: Introducing and Debugging
Cascading Style Sheets, usually known as CSS, is an essential piece of the advanced web development process. It is a very compelling HTML instrument that gives simple control over format and introduction of web pages by separating content from design. In spite of the fact that CSS was introduced in the year 1996, it picked up standard ubiquity by the mid-2000s when prominent web browsers began supporting its features. The most recent variant, CSS3, has [...]
Ultimate AngularJS Guide For Coding SPAs
Let’s start with a clear definition of a “single page application.” An SPA is a web application which is contained in a single HTML page which contains all scripts and resources required, and thus provides a user experience similar to a desktop app. Ideally, SPA loads all HTML, CSS, images, and required scripts such that all resources are dynamically available, and so that the page need not reload nor transfer control to another page. To [...]
Best Machine Learning, Artifical Intelligence and Deep Learning Frameworks in 2018
Distinguishing Between AI and Machine Learning Clarifying the difference between machine learning and artificial intelligence reveals important distinctions regarding many of the popular buzzwords in the field today. Let’s eliminate the confusion by establishing a simple hierarchy of terms. We can say that AI is the parent field of machine learning: Artificial Intelligence Machine learning Deep Learning Neural Network Artificial intelligence is a vast field of theories and methods, and to be perfectly clear: despite [...]
TOP-10 Blockchain Influencers in 2018
The Blockchain industry is a rapidly evolving space with the development of new technologies, techniques, and platforms almost every other day. So, keeping pace with this industry can be challenging indeed. I have, therefore, created a list of top 10 Blockchain influencers/tech influencers who are not just a source of inspiration to Blockchain professionals,  and aspirants alike but also ensure that you keep abreast of all the new developments. Now, let’s cut to the chase [...]
How to Add Popup Message Window using JQuery
The importance of pop-ups for websites is constantly on the rise. A pop up is basically a display area which appears on the website or visual interface. In simple words, pop-ups are dialogue boxes that appear anywhere on your website depending upon the code behind. One of the most common examples of a pop-up is a dialogue box asking you to confirm whether you want to close a tab or not. However, websites use these [...]