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For those who are not familiar with this topic, here is a brief glossary of the main terms in Blockchain industry:


Is a cryptographed register of transactions around the world where anyone can participate, but nobody can control the database. You can easily keep any agreements and credentials there. Another advantage is that this system is decentralized and can store the data forever. It uses the bitcoins as cryptocurrency for operations.


It is cryptocurrency used in Blockchain operations. It is decentralized and accessible to anyone with a computer or a smartphone. Middlemen are bypassed in this process that is why it remains outside the authority control.

Smart contracts

These are computer-based protocols that are mostly used to help verify, facilitate and improve the performance of contracts. In this case, transaction expenses are subsequently reduced and security is reinforced.


This software allows creating smart contracts and applications based on Blockchain technology – Daaps (decentralized apps). Ethereum facilitates the process of deployment as you can develop many applications within the same platform.