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Bytescout PDF To HTML SDK converts PDF to HTML without any additional software required.

ByteScout’s PDF To HTML API Video Review:

PDF to HTML Benefits:

    • converts PDF to HTML C# with layout preserved;
    • text, fonts, images, tables are preserved;
    • vector graphics are preserved (background images);
    • precise positioning of text and images to reproduce the original PDF file when working with c# converting from PDF to HTML;
    • Works offline without Internet connection required;
    • doesn’t require Adobe Reader or any other 3rd software to be installed;
    • works with .NET 2.00, 3.5, 4.00 in desktop applications – can convert PDF to HTML .NET;
    • works with ASP.NET 2.00, 3.5, 4.00 in web-applications;
    • provides access via an ActiveX interface for use by legacy programming languages (Visual Basic 6, old versions of Delphi) and scripting (VBScript and others).

PDF to HTML SDK works completely offline. But it is available for developers as an online API.

Find all PDF to HTML SDK features in one PDF.co Web API that works online –>


Why choose ByteScout PDF to HTML SDK?

  • Combination of new technologies is widely implemented throughout our tools. We keep learning new things and introducing them to our future products as well as gradually updating the existing ones.
  • Each tool has a well-built friendly interface that facilitates its usage and helps you tackle developer tasks easier.
  • We’re happy to share our knowledge with developers of any level. Check manually updated source codes and documentation.
  • Our customers are delighted with the personalized customer support they get. We love developers and are always ready to help.

Quick video covering how to convert PDF to HTML with Bytescout‘s PDF to HTML SDK: