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PDF Viewer SDK provides a visual control to implement your own PDF reader.

Screenshots (click to view):
Normal view Selection Text search

PDF Viewer Benefits:

    • Controls  viewing PDF files in c# PDF library;
    • Doesn’t require any other PDF reader software to be installed (eg Adobe Reader, SumatraPDF, Foxit Reader);
    • Works offline without Internet connection required;
    • Supports zooming;
    • Supports multiple pages;
    • Supports text copying to clipboard;
    • Supports text search.

System Requirements:

Visual Studio 2005-2012

Supported frameworks:

  • Microsoft .NET framework 2.0, 3.5, 4.00
  • Mono .NET Framework

Why choose ByteScout PDF Viewer SDK?

  • You will find a mixture of very sophisticated technologies in all our tools. It helps them to achieve better performance.
  • Generally, we update all SDKs, API, and freeware once in a while. You will definitely see a few improvements every month.
  • We prepared lots of source codes and documentation available for everyone who wants to start working with the products.
  • You will find the interface extremely developer friendly and simple-to-use for anyone.
  • You will find our personalized customer support. very helpful at any stage of the interaction with the product.


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