Create simple PDF document in Visual Basic.NET (Visual Studio.NET) using Bytescout.PDF library for .NET

Getting started with Bytescout.PDF library and Visual Basic.NET:  "Hello, World!" example

You can download the source code of this example here:

This page contains step-by-step tutorial that will teach you how to create PDF document file in Visual Basic.NET application using Bytescout.PDF library for .NET.

1) Install Bytescout.PDF library on your computer and run Microsoft Visual Studio .NET
Go to New menu and click Project... to create new project as shown on screenshot below:
File menu in VB net IDE
You will see New Project Wizard. Select Windows Application in Visual Basic Projects group:
New project wizard
2) VB.NET will create a new project:
New project generated by wizard
3) To use Bytescout.PDF in Visual Basic.NET we have to add reference to Bytescout.PDF library for current VB.NET project. Select Project in the main menu and click Add Reference command:
Add reference menu command
Switch to Browse tab and find Bytescout.PDF.Demo.dll file (or Bytescout.PDF.dll if you have purchased full version already). Select this .NET library DLL file and add it as a reference to the project
4) Now add the code that will create "Hello, World!" PDF document. Double-click Form1 to create Form1_Load event procedure:
VB.NET project form
The source code editor window will be appear:
Source code editor window

5) Add Imports Bytescout.PDF directive in the beginning of the code to use Bytescout.PDF namespace in the project

Source code to generate "Hello, World!" PDF document is below. Generated pdf document file will be saved into "HelloWorld.PDF" file. You can simply copy-and-paste this code into your project.


        ' Create main PDF Doc Engine 
Dim engine As New PDFDocEngine("""")

' Add new document 
Dim document As Document engine.AddDocument()

' Append new page to the document 
Dim page As Page document.AddPage(PageSizeType.A3, PageOrientationType.LandScape)

' Create new drawing 
Dim drawing As Drawing page.AddDrawing()

' Add standard font 
Dim font As UInteger document.AddFontStandard(StandardFontType.Courier, FontEncodingType.WinAnsi)

' Set Active Font 
drawing.SetActiveFont(font, 50FalseFalse)

' Draw Text 
drawing.PlaceText(1001000"Hello World!")

' Closing drawing on the page 

' Save document 
You can simply copy the source code from the snippet above and paste into Visual Basic.NET code editor window:
6) Press F5 to run the application (you can also use "Debug" | "Start" menu command) and Visual Basic.NET will run the application:
Run project menu command
The application will generate pdf document file and will save it as "HelloWorld.PDF" file in root folder of C:\ drive. 
You can view generated PDF movie using Adobe Reader or another application that is able to open and display PDF documents.

PDF document generated by VB.NET project

You can download the source code of this example here:

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