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How to convert text email to PDF in VB.NET and ByteScout PDF SDK

This code in VB.NET shows how to convert text email to PDF with this how to tutorial

The sample source codes on this page shows how to convert text email to PDF in VB.NET. ByteScout PDF SDK: the pdf library that can create, update and modify PDF files. Supports text with fonts and style selections, layers, form fields, drawing lines and objects, automatic tables, images. Can be used to create and fill pdf forms. It can convert text email to PDF in VB.NET.

You will save a lot of time on writing and testing code as you may just take the VB.NET code from ByteScout PDF SDK for convert text email to PDF below and use it in your application. Follow the instructions from the scratch to work and copy the VB.NET code. Enjoy writing a code with ready-to-use sample VB.NET codes.

ByteScout PDF SDK free trial version is available on our website. VB.NET and other programming languages are supported.

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Imports System.Drawing.Printing Imports System.Linq Imports System.Text Imports Bytescout.PDF Imports Bytescout.PDF.Converters Module Program Sub Main() Try Console.WriteLine("Please wait while PDF is being created...") ' Parse MessageContents using MsgReader Library ' MsgReader library can be obtained from: Using msg = New MsgReader.Outlook.Storage.Message("TxtSampleEmail.msg") ' Get Sender information Dim from = msg.GetEmailSender(False, False) ' Message sent datetime Dim sentOn = msg.SentOn ' Recipient To information Dim recipientsTo = msg.GetEmailRecipients(MsgReader.Outlook.RecipientType.[To], False, False) ' Recipient CC information Dim recipientsCc = msg.GetEmailRecipients(MsgReader.Outlook.RecipientType.Cc, False, False) ' Recipient BCC information Dim recipientBcc = msg.GetEmailRecipients(MsgReader.Outlook.RecipientType.Bcc, False, False) Dim oHtmlGenerator As HtmlGenerator = New HtmlGenerator() oHtmlGenerator.Title = {code}quot;Subject: {msg.Subject}" oHtmlGenerator.AddParagraphBodyItem({code}quot;File Name: {msg.FileName}") oHtmlGenerator.AddParagraphBodyItem({code}quot;From: {from}") oHtmlGenerator.AddParagraphBodyItem({code}quot;Sent On: {(If(sentOn.HasValue, sentOn.Value.ToString("MM/dd/yyyy HH:mm"), ""))}") oHtmlGenerator.AddParagraphBodyItem({code}quot;To: {recipientsTo}") oHtmlGenerator.AddParagraphBodyItem({code}quot;Subject: {msg.Subject}") If Not String.IsNullOrEmpty(recipientsCc) Then oHtmlGenerator.AddParagraphBodyItem({code}quot;CC: {recipientsCc}") End If If Not String.IsNullOrEmpty(recipientBcc) Then oHtmlGenerator.AddParagraphBodyItem({code}quot;BCC: {recipientBcc}") End If oHtmlGenerator.AddRawBodyItem("<hr/>") Dim msgBodySplitted = msg.BodyText.Split(vbLf.ToCharArray()) For Each itmBody In msgBodySplitted oHtmlGenerator.AddParagraphBodyItem(itmBody) Next oHtmlGenerator.SaveHtml("result.html") Using converter As HtmlToPdfConverter = New HtmlToPdfConverter() converter.PageSize = PaperKind.A4 converter.Orientation = Bytescout.PDF.Converters.PaperOrientation.Portrait converter.ConvertHtmlToPdf("result.html", "result.pdf") Dim processStartInfo As ProcessStartInfo = New ProcessStartInfo("result.pdf") processStartInfo.UseShellExecute = True Process.Start(processStartInfo) End Using End Using Catch ex As Exception Console.WriteLine(ex.Message) Console.WriteLine("Press enter key to exit...") Console.ReadLine() End Try End Sub ''' <summary> ''' Html Generator class ''' </summary> Class HtmlGenerator #Region "Constructors and variable declarations" Public Sub New() Me.StrBodyItems = New List(Of String)() End Sub Public Property Title As String Private Property StrBodyItems As List(Of String) #End Region #Region "Methods" ''' <summary> ''' Add Body Item ''' </summary> Public Sub AddRawBodyItem(ByVal strBodyItem As String) StrBodyItems.Add(strBodyItem) End Sub ''' <summary> ''' Add Paragraph body item ''' </summary> Public Sub AddParagraphBodyItem(ByVal strText As String) StrBodyItems.Add(String.Format("<p style=''>{0}</p>", strText)) End Sub ''' <summary> ''' Gets generated HTML ''' </summary> Public Function GetHtml() As String Dim oRetHtml As StringBuilder = New StringBuilder(String.Empty) oRetHtml.Append("<html>") oRetHtml.Append("<head>") oRetHtml.AppendFormat("<title>{0}</title>", Title) oRetHtml.Append("<style>p { line-height: 107.9 %; margin-bottom: 13pt; font-family: 'Arial', 'sans-serif'; font-size: 15pt; margin-top: 0; margin-left: 0; margin-right: 0; }</style>") oRetHtml.Append("</head>") oRetHtml.Append("<body>") For Each itemBody In StrBodyItems oRetHtml.Append(itemBody) Next oRetHtml.Append("</body>") oRetHtml.Append("</html>") Return oRetHtml.ToString() End Function ''' <summary> ''' Save all HTML ''' </summary> Public Sub SaveHtml(ByVal fileName As String) Dim allHtml = GetHtml() System.IO.File.WriteAllText(fileName, allHtml) End Sub #End Region End Class End Module

Try ByteScout PDF SDK today: 60 Day Free Trial (on-premise version) or sign up for Web API (on demand version)

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <packages> <package id="MsgReader" version="3.4.1" targetFramework="net45" /> <package id="OpenMcdf" version="" targetFramework="net45" /> </packages>

Try ByteScout PDF SDK today: 60 Day Free Trial (on-premise version) or sign up for Web API (on demand version)



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