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fill form 1099 INT in VB.NET using ByteScout PDF SDK

fill form 1099 INT in VB.NET

Today you are going to learn how to fill form 1099 INT in VB.NET. ByteScout PDF SDK was made to help with fill form 1099 INT in VB.NET. ByteScout PDF SDK is the pdf library that can create, update and modify PDF files. Supports text with fonts and style selections, layers, form fields, drawing lines and objects, automatic tables, images. Can be used to create and fill pdf forms.

This rich sample source code in VB.NET for ByteScout PDF SDK includes the number of functions and options you should do calling the API to implement fill form 1099 INT. Follow the instruction from the scratch to work and copy and paste code for VB.NET into your editor. Enjoy writing a code with ready-to-use sample VB.NET codes to add fill form 1099 INT functions using ByteScout PDF SDK in VB.NET.

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Imports Bytescout.PDF ''' <summary> ''' This example demonstrates how to fill PDF form programmatically. ''' </summary> Class Program Shared Sub Main() ' Map of form fields and sample values to set Dim fieldMap As New Dictionary(Of String, Object)() fieldMap.Add("c2_1[0]", True) ' Void fieldMap.Add("c2_1[1]", True) ' CORRECTED fieldMap.Add("f2_1[0]", "John Smith, 12 Palm st., Hill Valley, CA 12345") ' PAYER'S name, street address, city or town, ... fieldMap.Add("f2_2[0]", "123456") ' PAYER'S TIN fieldMap.Add("f2_3[0]", "234567") ' RECIPIENT'S TIN fieldMap.Add("f2_4[0]", "John Doe") ' RECIPIENT'S name fieldMap.Add("f2_5[0]", "23 Elm st., 345") ' Street address (including apt. no.) fieldMap.Add("f2_6[0]", "Hill Valley, CA 12345") ' City Or town, state Or province, country, And ZIP Or foreign postal code fieldMap.Add("c2_2[0]", True) ' FATCA filing requirement fieldMap.Add("f2_7[0]", "345678") ' Account number (see instructions) fieldMap.Add("f2_8[0]", "456789") ' Payer's RTN (optional) fieldMap.Add("f2_9[0]", "1000.00") ' 1 Interest income fieldMap.Add("f2_10[0]", "11.00") ' 2 Early withdrawal penalty fieldMap.Add("f2_11[0]", "12.00") ' 3 Interest on U.S. Savings Bonds And Treas. obligations fieldMap.Add("f2_12[0]", "13.00") ' 4 Federal income tax withheld fieldMap.Add("f2_13[0]", "14.00") ' 5 Investment expenses fieldMap.Add("f2_14[0]", "15.00") ' 6 Foreign tax paid fieldMap.Add("f2_15[0]", "16.00") ' 7 Foreign country Or U.S. possession fieldMap.Add("f2_16[0]", "17.00") ' 8 Tax-exempt interest fieldMap.Add("f2_17[0]", "18.00") ' 9 Specified private activity bond interest fieldMap.Add("f2_18[0]", "19.00") ' 10 Market discount fieldMap.Add("f2_19[0]", "20.00") ' 11 Bond premium fieldMap.Add("f2_20[0]", "21.00") ' 12 Bond premium on Treasury obligations fieldMap.Add("f2_21[0]", "22.00") ' 13 Bond premium on tax-exempt bond fieldMap.Add("f2_22[0]", "567890") ' 14 Tax-exempt And tax credit bond CUSIP no. fieldMap.Add("f2_23[0]", "AA") ' 15 State [field 1] fieldMap.Add("f2_24[0]", "BB") ' 15 State [field 2] fieldMap.Add("f2_25[0]", "33") ' 16 State identification no. [field 1] fieldMap.Add("f2_26[0]", "44") ' 16 State identification no. [field 2] fieldMap.Add("f2_27[0]", "30.00") ' 17 State tax withheld [field 1] fieldMap.Add("f2_28[0]", "40.00") ' 17 State tax withheld [field 2] ' Load PDF form Dim pdfDocument = New Document("f1099int.pdf") pdfDocument.RegistrationName = "demo" pdfDocument.RegistrationKey = "demo" ' Get second page ("Copy 1") Dim page = pdfDocument.Pages(1) ' Get widget by its name and change value For Each keyValuePair In fieldMap Dim annotation As Annotation = page.Annotations(keyValuePair.Key) If TypeOf (annotation) Is CheckBox Then CType(annotation, CheckBox).Checked = CType(keyValuePair.Value, Boolean) ElseIf TypeOf (annotation) Is EditBox Then CType(annotation, EditBox).Text = CType(keyValuePair.Value, String) End If Next ' Save modified document pdfDocument.Save("result.pdf") ' Cleanup pdfDocument.Dispose() ' Open document in default PDF viewer app Process.Start("result.pdf") End Sub End Class

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