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fill form W 9 in VB.NET using ByteScout PDF SDK

Write code in VB.NET to make fill form W 9 with this How-To tutorial

The documentation is designed to help you to implement the features on your side. ByteScout PDF SDK helps with fill form W 9 in VB.NET. ByteScout PDF SDK is the SDK for pdf documents generation, modification and updates. Can also generate and fill PDF forms. Provides support for text (fonts, style, size, font family), layers, pdf form fields, vector and raster drawings.

The SDK samples like this one below explain how to quickly make your application do fill form W 9 in VB.NET with the help of ByteScout PDF SDK. VB.NET sample code is all you need: copy and paste the code to your VB.NET application’s code editor, add a reference to ByteScout PDF SDK (if you haven’t added yet) and you are ready to go! Enhanced documentation and tutorials are available along with installed ByteScout PDF SDK if you’d like to dive deeper into the topic and the details of the API.

ByteScout PDF SDK is available as free trial. You may get it from our website along with all other source code samples for VB.NET applications.

Try ByteScout PDF SDK today:  60 Day Free Trial (on-premise) or  Web API (on-demand version)

Imports Bytescout.PDF ''' <summary> ''' This example demonstrates how to fill PDF form programmatically. ''' </summary> Class Program Shared Sub Main() ' Map of form fields and sample values to set Dim fieldMap As New Dictionary(Of String, Object)() fieldMap.Add("f1_1[0]", "John J Smith") ' Name fieldMap.Add("f1_2[0]", "12 Palm st., Hill Valley, CA 12345") ' Business address ' Load PDF form Dim pdfDocument = New Document("W-9.pdf") pdfDocument.RegistrationName = "demo" pdfDocument.RegistrationKey = "demo" ' Get first page Dim page = pdfDocument.Pages(0) ' Get widget by its name and change value For Each keyValuePair In fieldMap Dim annotation As Annotation = page.Annotations(keyValuePair.Key) If TypeOf (annotation) Is CheckBox Then CType(annotation, CheckBox).Checked = CType(keyValuePair.Value, Boolean) ElseIf TypeOf (annotation) Is EditBox Then CType(annotation, EditBox).Text = CType(keyValuePair.Value, String) End If Next ' Save modified document pdfDocument.Save("result.pdf") ' Cleanup pdfDocument.Dispose() ' Open document in default PDF viewer app Process.Start("result.pdf") End Sub End Class

Try ByteScout PDF SDK today:  60 Day Free Trial (on-premise) or  Web API (on-demand version)



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