How to draw circle in PDF document using Bytescout.PDF library for .NET

Drawing a circle in PDF document

This example demonstrates how to draw a circle object using Drawing class in Bytescout.PDF library

Circle in PDF document made with Bytescout.PDF library

Download example source code: (10 KB)

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Text;
using Bytescout.PDF;
using System.Diagnostics;

namespace HelloWorld
class Program
static void Main(string[] args)
// Create main PDF Doc Engine
PDFDocEngine engine = new PDFDocEngine("", "");

// Add new document
Document document = engine.AddDocument();

// Append new page to the document
Page page = document.AddPage(PageSizeType.A3, PageOrientationType.LandScape);

// Create new drawing
Drawing drawing = page.AddDrawing();

// Line width
const double lineWidth = 5.0f;

// Set Line Width

// Create red color
Color color = Drawing.RGBToColor(255, 0, 0);

// Set fill color

// X coordinate of circle
double pointX = 500.0f;
// Y coordinate of circle
double pointY = 500.0f;
// Radius of circle
double radius = 200.0f;

// Draw circle
drawing.Circle(pointX, pointY, radius);

// Fill and stroke circle

// Closing drawing on the page

// Save document

// open generated PDF document in default PDF viewer installed in Windows

Download example source code: (10 KB)

Filed in: PDF SDK