The PDFDoc Scout SDK product has been acquired by Lionsoft company in January, 2011 and not available on our web-site anymore.

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Tutorial: how to create PDF document in VBScript (Visual Basic script) using PDFDoc Scout library

Quick Guide: How to create PDF document in VBScript using PDFDoc Scout library
"Hello, World!"example

You can download the source code of this example here:


PDFDoc Scout library can be used in scripting languages that support ActiveX/COM objects: Javascript, VBScript, ASP and ASP.NET scripted languages. This page will show how create the PDF document using VBScript and PDFDoc Scout library.

Windows 98/2000/ME/XP have built-in VBScript support and all files with ".VBS" are recognized as VBScript files and can be executed by system.
1) Install PDFDoc Scout library on your computer
2) Run Notepad
3) To create PDF document in VBScript we have to write a very simple script:

Set PDFDoc = CreateObject("PDFDocScout.PDFDocument") ' create PDFDoc object
PDFDoc.InitLibrary "demo", "demo" ' initialize library

PDFDoc.OutputFileName = "HelloWorld.pdf" ' set output filename for PDF document
PDFDoc.AutoOpenGeneratedPDF = true ' automatically open generated PDF document in default PDF viewer application

PDFDoc.BeginDocument ' starts PDF document generation

' add text to current page - draw text at (100,100) and rotate at 15 degrees
PDFDoc.Page.AddText "Hello, World!", 100, 100, 15

PDFDoc.EndDocument ' close pdf document generation

' disconnect from library
Set PDFDoc = Nothing

Feel free to copy code from this page, paste into the notepad and save  as a "HelloWorld.VBS":
4) Double-click "HelloWorld.VBS" file from Explorer or from another file manager and script will be executed.
You can view generated PDF file (.PDF) using Internet Explorer or another application that is capable of displaying  PDF documents.
PDF document created using VBScript and PDFDoc Scout
You can download the source code of this example here:
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