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ByteScout Cloud API Server – Document Parser API – VB.NET – Census table from life and annuity quote request pdf

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document parser API in VB.NET with ByteScout Cloud API Server

ByteScout Cloud API Server is API server that is ready to use and can be installed and deployed in less than 30 minutes on your own Windows server or server in a cloud. It can save data and files on your local server-based file storage or in Amazon AWS S3 storage. Data is processed solely on the API server and is powered by ByteScout engine, no cloud services or Internet connection is required for data processing..

On-demand (REST Web API) version:
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Microsoft Visual Studio Solution File, Format Version 12.00 # Visual Studio 15 VisualStudioVersion = 15.0.26730.10 MinimumVisualStudioVersion = 10.0.40219.1 Project("{F184B08F-C81C-45F6-A57F-5ABD9991F28F}") = "LifeAndAnnuityQuoteRequest", "LifeAndAnnuityQuoteRequest.vbproj", "{9B91124C-66C3-4BD9-B29E-168C1ABB15AC}" EndProject Global GlobalSection(SolutionConfigurationPlatforms) = preSolution Debug|Any CPU = Debug|Any CPU Release|Any CPU = Release|Any CPU EndGlobalSection GlobalSection(ProjectConfigurationPlatforms) = postSolution {9B91124C-66C3-4BD9-B29E-168C1ABB15AC}.Debug|Any CPU.ActiveCfg = Debug|Any CPU {9B91124C-66C3-4BD9-B29E-168C1ABB15AC}.Debug|Any CPU.Build.0 = Debug|Any CPU {9B91124C-66C3-4BD9-B29E-168C1ABB15AC}.Release|Any CPU.ActiveCfg = Release|Any CPU {9B91124C-66C3-4BD9-B29E-168C1ABB15AC}.Release|Any CPU.Build.0 = Release|Any CPU EndGlobalSection GlobalSection(SolutionProperties) = preSolution HideSolutionNode = FALSE EndGlobalSection GlobalSection(ExtensibilityGlobals) = postSolution SolutionGuid = {4576C9BB-A42D-46A8-9198-7E2982E122FA} EndGlobalSection EndGlobal


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <Project ToolsVersion="15.0" xmlns=""> <Import Project="$(MSBuildExtensionsPath)\$(MSBuildToolsVersion)\Microsoft.Common.props" Condition="Exists('$(MSBuildExtensionsPath)\$(MSBuildToolsVersion)\Microsoft.Common.props')" /> <PropertyGroup> <Configuration Condition=" '$(Configuration)' == '' ">Debug</Configuration> <Platform Condition=" '$(Platform)' == '' ">AnyCPU</Platform> <ProjectGuid>{9B91124C-66C3-4BD9-B29E-168C1ABB15AC}</ProjectGuid> <OutputType>Exe</OutputType> <StartupObject>LifeAndAnnuityQuoteRequest.Module1</StartupObject> <RootNamespace>LifeAndAnnuityQuoteRequest</RootNamespace> <AssemblyName>LifeAndAnnuityQuoteRequest</AssemblyName> <FileAlignment>512</FileAlignment> <MyType>Console</MyType> <TargetFrameworkVersion>v4.0</TargetFrameworkVersion> </PropertyGroup> <PropertyGroup Condition=" '$(Configuration)|$(Platform)' == 'Debug|AnyCPU' "> <PlatformTarget>AnyCPU</PlatformTarget> <DebugSymbols>true</DebugSymbols> <DebugType>full</DebugType> <DefineDebug>true</DefineDebug> <DefineTrace>true</DefineTrace> <OutputPath>bin\Debug\</OutputPath> <DocumentationFile>LifeAndAnnuityQuoteRequest.xml</DocumentationFile> <NoWarn>42016,41999,42017,42018,42019,42032,42036,42020,42021,42022</NoWarn> </PropertyGroup> <PropertyGroup Condition=" '$(Configuration)|$(Platform)' == 'Release|AnyCPU' "> <PlatformTarget>AnyCPU</PlatformTarget> <DebugType>pdbonly</DebugType> <DefineDebug>false</DefineDebug> <DefineTrace>true</DefineTrace> <Optimize>true</Optimize> <OutputPath>bin\Release\</OutputPath> <DocumentationFile>LifeAndAnnuityQuoteRequest.xml</DocumentationFile> <NoWarn>42016,41999,42017,42018,42019,42032,42036,42020,42021,42022</NoWarn> </PropertyGroup> <PropertyGroup> <OptionExplicit>On</OptionExplicit> </PropertyGroup> <PropertyGroup> <OptionCompare>Binary</OptionCompare> </PropertyGroup> <PropertyGroup> <OptionStrict>Off</OptionStrict> </PropertyGroup> <PropertyGroup> <OptionInfer>On</OptionInfer> </PropertyGroup> <ItemGroup> <Reference Include="Newtonsoft.Json, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=30ad4fe6b2a6aeed, processorArchitecture=MSIL"> <HintPath>packages\Newtonsoft.Json.10.0.3\lib\net40\Newtonsoft.Json.dll</HintPath> </Reference> <Reference Include="System" /> <Reference Include="System.Data" /> <Reference Include="System.Deployment" /> <Reference Include="System.Xml" /> <Reference Include="System.Core" /> <Reference Include="System.Xml.Linq" /> <Reference Include="System.Data.DataSetExtensions" /> </ItemGroup> <ItemGroup> <Import Include="Microsoft.VisualBasic" /> <Import Include="System" /> <Import Include="System.Collections" /> <Import Include="System.Collections.Generic" /> <Import Include="System.Data" /> <Import Include="System.Diagnostics" /> <Import Include="System.Linq" /> <Import Include="System.Xml.Linq" /> </ItemGroup> <ItemGroup> <Compile Include="Module1.vb" /> </ItemGroup> <ItemGroup> <None Include="SampleGroupDisabilityForm.yml"> <CopyToOutputDirectory>Always</CopyToOutputDirectory> </None> <None Include="SampleGroupDisabilityForm.pdf"> <CopyToOutputDirectory>Always</CopyToOutputDirectory> </None> <None Include="packages.config" /> </ItemGroup> <Import Project="$(MSBuildToolsPath)\Microsoft.VisualBasic.targets" /> </Project>


Imports System.Collections.Specialized Imports System.IO Imports System.Net Imports System.Runtime.CompilerServices Imports System.Text Imports System.Threading Imports Newtonsoft.Json.Linq ' Please NOTE: In this sample we're assuming Cloud Api Server is hosted at "https://localhost". ' If it's not then please replace this with with your hosting url. Module Module1 ' The authentication key (API Key). ' Get your own by registering at Const API_KEY As String = "***************************************" ' Sample document containing life and annuity quote request form Const SourceFile As String = ".\SampleGroupDisabilityForm.pdf" ' PDF document password. Leave empty for unprotected documents. Const Password As String = "" ' Destination TXT file name Const DestinationFile As String = ".\result.json" ' (!) Make asynchronous job Const Async As Boolean = True Sub Main() ' Sample template Dim templateText As String = File.ReadAllText("SampleGroupDisabilityForm.yml") If ProcessAndGetJsonFields(templateText) Then ' Get json strings Dim jsonString As String = File.ReadAllText(DestinationFile) ' Parse to Json Fields Dim oRet = ParseJsonFields(jsonString) ' Display some of data to console Console.WriteLine({code}quot;Parsing Details:{Environment.NewLine}------------------------") Console.WriteLine({code}quot;Contact Person: {oRet.ContactPerson}") Console.WriteLine({code}quot;Business Name: {oRet.BusinessName}") Console.WriteLine({code}quot;Business Address: {oRet.BusinessAddress}") Console.WriteLine({code}quot;Business Type: {oRet.BusinessType}") Console.WriteLine({code}quot;Phone: {oRet.Phone}") Console.WriteLine({code}quot;Email: {oRet.Email}") ' Export list of census to csv format Dim csvOutputFile As String = "result.csv" Dim csvString = ConvertToCsv(oRet.lstCensusTable) File.WriteAllText(csvOutputFile, csvString) Console.WriteLine({code}quot;{Environment.NewLine}{csvOutputFile} generated successfully!") End If Console.WriteLine() Console.WriteLine("Press any key...") Console.ReadKey() End Sub ''' <summary> ''' Process Input File and Get Json Fields ''' </summary> Function ProcessAndGetJsonFields(ByVal templateText As String) As Boolean ' Create standard .NET web client instance Dim webClient As WebClient = New WebClient() ' Set API Key webClient.Headers.Add("x-api-key", API_KEY) ' 1. RETRIEVE THE PRESIGNED URL TO UPLOAD THE FILE. ' * If you already have a direct file URL, skip to the step 3. ' Prepare URL for `Get Presigned URL` API call Dim query As String = Uri.EscapeUriString(String.Format( "https://localhost/file/upload/get-presigned-url?contenttype=application/octet-stream&name={0}", Path.GetFileName(SourceFile))) Try ' Execute request Dim response As String = webClient.DownloadString(query) ' Parse JSON response Dim json As JObject = JObject.Parse(response) If json("error").ToObject(Of Boolean) = False Then ' Get URL to use for the file upload Dim uploadUrl As String = json("presignedUrl").ToString() ' Get URL of uploaded file to use with later API calls Dim uploadedFileUrl As String = json("url").ToString() ' 2. UPLOAD THE FILE TO CLOUD. webClient.Headers.Add("content-type", "application/octet-stream") webClient.UploadFile(uploadUrl, "PUT", SourceFile) ' You can use UploadData() instead if your file is byte array or Stream ' 3. PARSE UPLOADED PDF DOCUMENT ' URL for `Document Parser` API call query = Uri.EscapeUriString( String.Format("https://localhost/pdf/documentparser?url={0}&async={1}", uploadedFileUrl, Async) ) Dim requestBody As New NameValueCollection() requestBody.Add("template", templateText) ' Execute request Dim responseBytes As Byte() = webClient.UploadValues(query, "POST", requestBody) response = Encoding.UTF8.GetString(responseBytes) ' Parse JSON response json = JObject.Parse(response) If json("error").ToObject(Of Boolean) = False Then ' Asynchronous job ID Dim jobId As String = json("jobId").ToString() ' URL of generated PDF file that will available after the job completion Dim resultFileUrl As String = json("url").ToString() ' Check the job status in a loop. ' If you don't want to pause the main thread you can rework the code ' to use a separate thread for the status checking and completion. Do Dim status As String = CheckJobStatus(jobId) ' Possible statuses: "working", "failed", "aborted", "success". ' Display timestamp and status (for demo purposes) Console.WriteLine(DateTime.Now.ToLongTimeString() + ": " + status) If status = "success" Then ' Download PDF file webClient.DownloadFile(resultFileUrl, DestinationFile) Console.WriteLine("Generated JSON file saved as ""{0}"" file.", DestinationFile) Return True ElseIf status = "working" Then ' Pause for a few seconds Thread.Sleep(3000) Else Console.WriteLine(status) Exit Do End If Loop Else Console.WriteLine(json("message").ToString()) End If End If Catch ex As WebException Console.WriteLine(ex.ToString()) End Try webClient.Dispose() Return False End Function Function CheckJobStatus(jobId As String) As String Using webClient As WebClient = New WebClient() ' Set API Key webClient.Headers.Add("x-api-key", API_KEY) Dim url As String = "https://localhost/job/check?jobid=" + jobId Dim response As String = webClient.DownloadString(url) Dim json As JObject = JObject.Parse(response) Return Convert.ToString(json("status")) End Using End Function ''' <summary> ''' Parse Json Fields ''' </summary> Function ParseJsonFields(ByVal jsonInput As String) As FormVM Dim jsonObj As JObject = JObject.Parse(jsonInput) Dim oRet As New FormVM() oRet.ContactPerson = jsonObj.TraverseJObject("ContactPerson", "field")?.Value(Of String)("value") oRet.BusinessName = jsonObj.TraverseJObject("BusinessName", "field")?.Value(Of String)("value") oRet.BusinessAddress = jsonObj.TraverseJObject("BusinessAddress", "field")?.Value(Of String)("value") oRet.BusinessType = jsonObj.TraverseJObject("BusinessType", "field")?.Value(Of String)("value") oRet.Phone = jsonObj.TraverseJObject("Phone", "field")?.Value(Of String)("value") oRet.Email = jsonObj.TraverseJObject("Email", "field")?.Value(Of String)("value") Dim censusTable = jsonObj.TraverseJObject("CencusTable", "table") If Not censusTable Is Nothing Then Dim rows = censusTable("rows") If Not rows Is Nothing And rows.Count() > 0 Then For i As Int32 = 1 To rows.Count() - 1 Dim oCensus As New CensusTableVm() ' Parse individual data oCensus.SrNo = rows.ElementAt(i).ElementAt(0).ElementAt(0).Value(Of String)("value") oCensus.DOB = rows.ElementAt(i).ElementAt(1).ElementAt(0).Value(Of String)("value") oCensus.Gender = rows.ElementAt(i).ElementAt(2).ElementAt(0).Value(Of String)("value") oCensus.Occupation = rows.ElementAt(i).ElementAt(3).ElementAt(0).Value(Of String)("value") oCensus.Salary = rows.ElementAt(i).ElementAt(4).ElementAt(0).Value(Of String)("value") oCensus.IsShortTermDisability = rows.ElementAt(i).ElementAt(5).ElementAt(0).Value(Of String)("value") oCensus.IsLongTernDisability = rows.ElementAt(i).ElementAt(6).ElementAt(0).Value(Of String)("value") oCensus.LifeInsuCoverAmt = rows.ElementAt(i).ElementAt(7).ElementAt(0).Value(Of String)("value") oRet.lstCensusTable.Add(oCensus) Next End If End If Return oRet End Function ''' <summary> ''' Convert to Csv Format ''' </summary> Function ConvertToCsv(ByVal lstCensusTable As List(Of CensusTableVm)) As String Dim oRet As New StringBuilder(String.Empty) ' Get Header Row oRet.AppendLine(getCsvTitleRow()) ' Put Child Rows For Each item In lstCensusTable oRet.AppendLine(item.ToString()) Next Return oRet.ToString() End Function Class FormVM Public Property ContactPerson As String Public Property BusinessName As String Public Property BusinessAddress As String Public Property BusinessType As String Public Property Phone As String Public Property Email As String Public Property lstCensusTable As List(Of CensusTableVm) = New List(Of CensusTableVm)() End Class Class CensusTableVm Public Property SrNo As String Public Property DOB As String Public Property Gender As String Public Property Occupation As String Public Property Salary As String Public Property IsShortTermDisability As String Public Property IsLongTernDisability As String Public Property LifeInsuCoverAmt As String Public Overrides Function ToString() As String Return {code}quot;{SrNo},{DOB},{Gender},{Occupation},{Salary},{IsShortTermDisability},{IsLongTernDisability},{LifeInsuCoverAmt}" End Function End Class Public Function getCsvTitleRow() As String Return "SrNo,DOB,Gender,Occupation,Salary,IsShortTermDisability,IsLongTermDisability,LifeInsuCoverAmt" End Function End Module ''' <summary> ''' Extension method container for JObject ''' </summary> Module JObjectExtensionMethods <Extension()> Public Function TraverseJObject(ByVal jsonObj As JObject, ByVal propertyName As String, ByVal objectType As String) As JToken Return jsonObj("objects").Where(Function(x) x.Value(Of String)("name").Equals(propertyName) AndAlso x.Value(Of String)("objectType").Equals(objectType)).FirstOrDefault() End Function End Module


templateName: Untitled document kind templateVersion: 4 templatePriority: 0 detectionRules: keywords: [] objects: - name: CencusTable objectType: table tableProperties: start: y: 324.75 pageIndex: 0 end: y: 683.25 pageIndex: 0 left: 27 right: 581.25 rowMergingRule: byBorders - name: ContactPerson objectType: field fieldProperties: fieldType: rectangle rectangle: - 178.5 - 111 - 76.5 - 15 pageIndex: 0 - name: BusinessName objectType: field fieldProperties: fieldType: rectangle rectangle: - 177.75 - 126 - 105 - 17.25 pageIndex: 0 - name: BusinessAddress objectType: field fieldProperties: fieldType: rectangle rectangle: - 183 - 144.75 - 187.5 - 24 pageIndex: 0 - name: BusinessType objectType: field fieldProperties: fieldType: rectangle rectangle: - 183.75 - 206.25 - 77.25 - 19.5 pageIndex: 0 - name: Phone objectType: field fieldProperties: fieldType: rectangle rectangle: - 181.5 - 236.25 - 86.25 - 15 pageIndex: 0 - name: Email objectType: field fieldProperties: fieldType: rectangle rectangle: - 182.25 - 250.5 - 112.5 - 17.25 pageIndex: 0


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <packages> <package id="Newtonsoft.Json" version="10.0.3" targetFramework="net40" /> </packages>



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