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How to parse from url for document parser API in Powershell with ByteScout Cloud API Server

What is ByteScout Cloud API Server? It is API server that is ready to use and can be installed and deployed in less than 30 minutes on your own Windows server or server in a cloud. It can save data and files on your local server-based file storage or in Amazon AWS S3 storage. Data is processed solely on the API server and is powered by ByteScout engine, no cloud services or Internet connection is required for data processing..

On-demand (REST Web API) version:
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--- # Template that demonstrates parsing of multi-page table using only # regular expressions for the table start, end, and rows. # If regular expression cannot be written for every table row (for example, # if the table contains empty cells), try the second method demonstrated # in `MultiPageTable-template2.yml` template. templateVersion: 3 templatePriority: 0 sourceId: Multipage Table Test detectionRules: keywords: - Sample document with multi-page table fields: total: type: regex expression: TOTAL {{DECIMAL}} dataType: decimal tables: - name: table1 start: # regular expression to find the table start in document expression: Item\s+Description\s+Price\s+Qty\s+Extended Price end: # regular expression to find the table end in document expression: TOTAL\s+\d+\.\d\d row: # regular expression to find table rows expression: '^\s*(?<itemNo>\d+)\s+(?<description>.+?)\s+(?<price>\d+\.\d\d)\s+(?<qty>\d+)\s+(?<extPrice>\d+\.\d\d)' columns: - name: itemNo type: integer - name: description type: string - name: price type: decimal - name: qty type: integer - name: extPrice type: decimal multipage: true


# Please NOTE: In this sample we're assuming Cloud Api Server is hosted at "https://localhost". # If it's not then please replace this with with your hosting url. # Source PDF file url $SourceFileUrl = "" # Destination JSON file name $DestinationFile = ".\result.json" try { # Parse url # Template text. Use Document Parser SDK ( # to create templates. # Read template from file: $templateContent = [IO.File]::ReadAllText(".\MultiPageTable-template1.yml") # Prepare URL for `Document Parser` API call $query = "https://localhost/pdf/documentparser" # Content $Body = @{ "url" = $SourceFileUrl; "template" = $templateContent; } # Execute request $jsonResponse = Invoke-RestMethod -Method 'Post' -Uri $query -Body ($Body|ConvertTo-Json) -ContentType "application/json" if ($jsonResponse.error -eq $false) { # Get URL of generated HTML file $resultFileUrl = $jsonResponse.url; # Download output file Invoke-WebRequest -OutFile $DestinationFile -Uri $resultFileUrl Write-Host "Generated output file saved as `"$($DestinationFile)`" file." } else { # Display service reported error Write-Host $jsonResponse.message } } catch { # Display request error Write-Host $_.Exception }


@echo off powershell -NoProfile -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -Command "& .\ParseFromUrl.ps1" echo Script finished with errorlevel=%errorlevel% pause



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