PDF.co API (former Cloud API) to convert HTML to PDF from PHP, Javascript, split PDF, merge PDF, read barcodes, read Excel files, read spreadsheets, convert to JSON

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  • PDF.co API (former Cloud API) to convert HTML to PDF from PHP, Javascript, split PDF, merge PDF, read barcodes, read Excel files, read spreadsheets, convert to JSON

PDF.co API (former ByteScout Cloud API) benefits:

  • Robust REST API to work with e-signatures, PDF, reading barcodes, generating barcodes. 
  • Pay as you go! Prices start as low as $0.07/request
  • E-Signature functions:
    • create fillable document templates
    • generate new e-signature request based on template
    • receive e-signed documents
  • PDF functions:
    • HTML to PDF – convert HTML to PDF. You may provide your own HTML code or URL to a webpage to convert into pdf;
    • PDF to CSV – extracts structured data from pdf files and provide
    • PDF information  – extracts Author, Producer, creation date, number of pages, how many embedded files, is it encrypted and other information.
    • PDF to TXT – converts PDF text content into plain text with a visual layout preserved based on the original pdf file.
    • PDF to JSON – extracts text and layout information from PDF and represents as JSON ready to be consumed by other API or your own code.
    • PDF To XML – extracts text and layout information from PDF and represents as XML data ready to be consumed by other API or your own code.
    • PDF to HTML – converts PDF into HTML page with text, images, layout preserved
    • PDF to PNG – renders pages from PDF into lossless high-quality PNG image files.
    • PDF to JPG – renders PDF pages into high-quality JPEG images that you may use to preview pdf document or to represent PDF document
    • Adds images and text to existing PDF – adds images into PDF file, adds text into PDF file and returns modified PDF
    • Split PDF – extracts a range of pages or single pages from PDF file as separate pdf files.
    • Merge PDF – merges pages from existing PDF files into new one in a given order
    • Add a virtual signature to your PDF document using PDF.co API
  • Barcode functions:
    • Barcode generation – generate QR Code, Code 128, Code 39, PDF417, Code 39, Code 128 barcodes and get them as JPG, PNG, TIFF high-quality images
    • Read barcodes – reads barcodes from images, read barcodes from PDF and get JSON with value, coordinates, data type of barcodes found and decoded. Supports QR Code, Code 128, Code 39, Datamatrix, PDF417, Interleaved 2 of 5.. and many many other barcode types! Supports noisy  and damaged barcodes, rotated and skewed barcodes.
  • Secure file storage is powered by Amazon AWS S3 service with SSL security protocol to provide secure file transfer. Also supports large files that you may upload directly to a temporary S3 bucket.
  • Pay as you go with pre-paid credts or use monthly subscription! Cancel at any time, no annual contract required.

Why choose PDF.co Web API?
(former ByteScout Cloud API)

  • Our PDF.co REST Web API is a modern cloud tool that is based on sophisticated technologies combined. It makes it gain a better performance when using it.
  • We gradually update all our products. Feedback from our customers helps us to create innovative and improved SDK, API and freeware all the time.
  • We’re happy to provide an outstanding engineers to engineers customer support if you need assistance with tools and extra info. You can contact us any time.
  • If you feel like you can find solutions yourself, you can always check multiple source codes and documentation.
  • The products have extremely friendly user interface making it more comprehensible for beginner and advanced programmers.

PDF.co API is also available as self-hosted Cloud API Server option that can be run on your own in-house servers;

Self-hosted API Server Requirements

  • Windows Server 2013 or higher;
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.00 or higher installed;
  • IIS server;
  • 500 MB or more free file space.

Self-hosted API Server features:

  • Built upon modular architecture so you may easily integrate selected functions into existing web applications or run as a standalone server;
  • Optional support for Amazon AWS S3 file storage;
  • Full C# source code for ASHX scripts. ASHX are the C# source code scripts which are natively supported by IIS server and precompiled in the runtime;
  • PDF functionality: HTML to PDF, PDF to CSV, PDF to XML, PDF to JSON, PDF optimization, PDF merging, PDF splitting, PDF to PNG, PDF to JPG, PDF to TIFF;
  • Barcodes reading functionality: reading of most popular barcode types from uploaded images and PDF. Supported types include UPCA, EAN, Code 128, Code 39, Interleaved 2 of 5, GS1, QR Code, PDF 417, Datamatrix and many others;
  • Barcodes generation functionality: generation of high quality barcodes as JPG, PNG, TIFF, PDF files. Supported barcode types are: Code 128, Code 39, QR Code, PDF 417, Datamatrix, MaxiCode, EAN, UPCA and dozens of others.