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Where to Find Courses on RPA

From the cult Star Wars movies, through the Terminator and the Transformers, all the way to the latest SF accomplishments – robots have always been fascinating and intriguing to humans. Somehow, they are always ahead of time, superior and invincible. It almost makes you wish you never get to meet them in real life.

Online RPA Courses

When we think of a robot, some big, metal machinery first comes to mind. But there are also software robots that are widely present in various spheres of our lives and businesses (industry, e-commerce, finance, HR, insurance…). They are intended to replace people in the day-to-day boring tasks.

As we can see, robots are already among us, but no harm to us has been done. So, for now, apocalyptic scenes of destruction will remain movie material and we will have to accept them as boring and peaceful guys.

In all honesty, though, could you imagine that for the creation and ‘‘training’’ of such robots it was not necessary to be a programmer or a scientist? Knowledge has never been more accessible, and this is exactly what you’ll be able to achieve if you decide to take an RPA course online (Robotic Process Automation).

  1. Robotic Process Automation 101
  2. Benefits of RPA
  3. Things an RPA Course Will Teach You
  4. UiPath
  5. Udemy
  6. MindMajix
  7. RPA Academy

Make Your Robots – Try RPA Tools

Robotic Process Automation 101

Robotic process automation is a digital workforce, a program that processes data and information much faster and more efficiently than humans. This increases productivity and performance as software robots run at full capacity 24/7. So, both the company and the employees are at a profit.

For example, when a company switches from one system to another, it is necessary to transfer a huge amount of data from various sources. If done manually, this would be a long and painstaking job, often subject to error.

With the help of RPA, this process is performed much faster and more efficiently.

Another good example for demonstrating the benefits of robotic automation is customer service, as we may also need to respond to hundreds of emails each day. This problem is easily solved using RPA. Emails with the same or similar issues are categorized into groups, and clients are offered various solutions.

Only specific requirements and unique cases that require human attention are being forwarded to any of the authorities. Similarly, this is what happens with insurance companies that need to process different types of complaints.

Consequently, it is safe to say that all monotonous jobs can now be done easily and error-free by a software robot. Workers can shift their focus to tasks that involve thinking and making concrete decisions. So, if you would like to make your day-to-day job easier, a robotic automation course might be the best solution the internet database has to offer.

Benefits of RPA

24/7 – Increased productivity

Efficiency – Reduction of costs

Speed – Disburdens the employees

Reliability – Eliminates errors

Focus – Increases engagement

Things an RPA Course Will Teach You

At an RPA free course, you will gain adequate knowledge for the development and application of software robots. You will learn to design, test and train them to do certain tasks instead of people.

Most importantly – you do not need to have any prior knowledge of programming to attend a course in robotic automation.

You will start with an introduction to the basic RPA concept, and then you will be introduced to the UiPath RPA platform through which this process is performed. UiPath is currently the most popular RPA tool in the world. Furthermore, you will learn how to create software robots and how to automate the process through the help of different examples.

Following are details on some of the best process automation courses available online.


UiPath is a global software company that offers one of the best platforms for learning RPA. They offer free robotic process automation training. This platform is best suited for people from the following professional backgrounds: technical leads, program and project managers.

The whole learning process is done online, free of charge on their academy platform. Upon completion, they also award you with a diploma. You can decide to study for one of the following: business analyst, RPA developer, solution architect with different levels of difficulty. The academy offers hands-on experience on the software.

The educational materials for RPA experts offered on the site are very popular and it really teaches you good foundations of RPA and UiPath. They also offer a good base of video tutorials and resources. For all questions, you might have during the learning process, visit their community forum.

Where: Online

Duration: Self-paced

Price: Free


We were taught to always trust in the knowledge and its value. This is precisely why online learning platforms have become so trendy. Udemy is currently the leading online learning platform with over 22,000 online RPA courses available at an affordable price, many of which are free.

It offers individuals from around the globe the opportunity to learn more about automation. All the Udemy RPA courses are self-paced, so you watch and learn whenever convenient.

The platform is video-based, and the tutors are experts in their respective fields.  After successfully completing the course, an Udemy certification is also at your disposal, should you ever need to prove your skills to someone in this way.

Where: Online

Duration: Self-paced (15 hours of lectures available in 3 popular courses)

Price: Varies (from $11 to $199 for the RPA Developer course)


Mindmajix offers an instructor-led live online course on RPA paying special attention to its application in design and development. The classes are held at pre-set times and can be watched via GoToMeeting or WebEx. Each class is recorded and can be watched afterward in case you missed it or wish to go through the material again.

A special benefit offered by this company is the possibility of organizing corporate group training. The classes can also be geared towards self-paced schooling.

The MindMajix robotic automation course focuses on the fundamentals of automation and enables students to master the basics of the RPA tool.

It is aimed towards enthusiasts who are fighting, in a modern way, to acquire and improve their knowledge.

Where: Online

Duration: Varies (their most popular course consists of 30h material)

Prices: Varies

RPA Academy

Online, self-paced courses for RPA enthusiasts are also offered by the Blue Prism certified RPA Academy. It offers courses designed by professionals and aimed at other professionals for the purpose of an extremely democratic, free exchange of knowledge that accepts neither formal boundaries nor any restrictions.

The founder of the academy, Edward Brooks, created it with the idea to make this new economy more approachable and easier to train people in. You can pick from a large selection of live courses and on-demand courses, offered in different formats. Below are a few more RPA course details.

The 28-day RPA certification course is their most popular pick now.

Where: online

Duration: Self-paced (28 days in most cases)

Price: $349 per month for unlimited classes while on-demand courses range from free to $499

A few other great sources for starting your RPA journey:

  • Argos Labs
  • Automation Anywhere
  • Digital Workforce Academy
  • edureka!
  • Multisoft Virtual Academy
  • Simplilearn
  • WorkFusion

By picking one of these courses, you will get the chance to learn what RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is and how to create and train software robots for specific tasks. And the best part is – you won’t have to worry about robots taking over your workplace. Instead, they will be in your jurisdiction entirely.