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Most Popular Online RPA Communities

Robot Process Automation (RPA) is a tremendous technology provides technical concept which allows establishing business processes through rule-based interactive actions by using robotic software that simulates and execute. Similar to human beings, these RPA robots efficiently use a large number of IT applications likewise ERP software, browsers, office suits, and other frameworks. These are the few benefits of using RPA:

  • Isolated Integrated Information
  • Extensively reduced organizational labor cost
  • Efficiently improve business processes
  • Non-Intrusive – Keeping the stability of old functions and IT systems
  • Maintain the balance between development cycle while shortening the ROI cycle

Most Popular Online RPA Communities

Interested in learning more about RPA?

For all those beginners who are interested in knowing more about RPA. Still, want to continue their career and improve in Robotic Process Automation, then your first step is to go through user groups and communities. These communities will eventually help you in improving task handling, enhancing organizational performance through interacting with like-minded people, expert groups, professional individuals.

In fact, through fast track communities and expert groups will surely help you in understanding the core values while driving you the powerful solutions. These RPA forums and communities offer various opportunities at each level to exchange ideas, bring innovation while quickly adopting initiatives and terminology being presented by the experts. They are also helpful for those who seek a job in RPA.

Make Your Robots – Try RPA Tools

Ui Platform

UiPath provides different resources to accelerate digital transformation:

For additional help and to understand more about UI, they provided these enhancing features:

UiForum and Ideas: Discussion forum to enhance the learning experience and welcoming new ideas to bring a new dimension in innovation.

Academy: User Guide and Learning modules consist of courses and learning paths to enhance your learning skills. Click here to learn more.

Resources: During RPA journey, regardless of complexity these resources give you the combination of know-how support and user guide.

Blog: A pathway that helps everyone to understand about RPA more deeply, articles to share their experience.

Slack: Slack workspace UiPath Community to interact with people. Click here to enhance your slack experience

Ui Connect: This is an open network for professionals and companies to connect in this automated world.

Ui Path Go!: A one-step shop for your RPA products.

Automation Anywhere Community Edition

Looking for a complete RPA package? Want to experience the RPA platform? Interested in to initiate your automation skills without paying anything? Then Automation Anywhere Community Edition is the right option, to begin with. The platform has so much to offer that includes:

  • Complete automation to automate your business processes through Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Cognitive automation along with AI help to automate your document processing effectively
  • To show the performance of your bots; Operational and business analytics have been used.
  • Bot Store- a marketplace for the bots, provides a variety of ready-to-use bots that help you to speed up your automation process.

This community edition also comes up with a large number of learning resources, user guides, tutorials, and videos. You can have free access through:

Get your free access to University, how-to guides, instructional videos, along with the access to A-People! the world’s largest RPA community. Moreover, you can have the support of the A-People forum in this community.

Blue Prism Community

This open platform helps the professional, developers, companies to communicate and engage in the discussion and be the part of digital transformation. A community that provides every possible support to learn, create and share.

All the useful information, new product ideas, real-time techniques to adopt and tutorials to learn more about Blue Prism products. You will find all the materials that you need to work on your successful journey of learning RPA and executing the era of digital transformation.

Blue Prim Community membership offers the following features to the members:

  • Forum Access to Blue Prism & Digital Exchange forums.
  • Support of Self Serve Intelligent Automation to Learn & share
  • Offerings & exploring all the upcoming Blue Prism
  • Chance to exhibit, rate and share your exciting product ideas
  • Get updated with the Community’s Events calendar
  • Never miss a chance to attend exclusive online & world-class in-person meet-ups, webinars & much more.