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Pros and Cons: ByteScout RPA vs BluePrism

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) means automating the mundane and repetitive tasks with the help of auto bots. Today, there is a flood of RPA tools in the market which can perform the RPA operations according to their claim. BluePrism, UiPath, ByteScout, and Automation Anywhere are some of such RPA tools.

Irrespective of the type of tool, the core of every RPA tool remains the same and that is the automation of repetitive tasks so that those tools can take robots out of humans in order to give humans time to work on critical tasks that need human logical thinking or decision-making ability.

Make Your Robots – Try RPA Tools


ByteScout RPA provides a way to visually build your automation app that extracts data from invoices without manual data entry required. These blocks can be used to read invoices, extract text from invoices, extract text from PDF, render PDF to images, convert PDF to HTML and generate HTML from PDF, read and generate barcodes and do other automated tasks.

BluePrism is an RPA tool built by BluePrism Group that develops enterprise robotic process automation solutions. Initially, it was developed to fix white-collar back-office automation issues but later they started developing solutions across the industry.

ByteScout RPA vs BluePrism

How it Works

ByteScout RPA tool has a Free community edition which the users can download from the ByteScout and get their hands dirty with RPA operations. It runs on-premise and is able to process all the data locally.

BluePrism also offers a on-premise trial and learning edition of its RPA tool.

RPA key benefits


  • ByteScout is relied on by the majors like Samsung, Accenture and many others. ByteScout RPA increases efficiency and does not require to write a code, thanks to the pre-built templates and built-in blocks.
  • ByteScout RPA tool is available to download at no cost and its Free community edition can build and run up to 5 invoice processing robots of any size.
  • Fits for SMB and enterprise RPA needs because of its flexibility of operations and scalability.


  • BluePrism RPA tool is Designed for Enterprises.
  • BluePrism is also built with a ways to increase the efficiency of any process.

RPA Features


  • AI powered data extraction – ByteScout RPA tool also provides plenty of options to get the automation done from pdf extraction to bar code extraction from document processing to text recognition , all in one place.
  • Drag & Drop – Simple Drag and Drop functionality will fasten the RPA development.
  • Training and Technical Support: ByteScout RPA has online training and round the clock technical support available in case of any query.


  • Drag & Drop interface is supported. You can also use simple drag and drop to build the process.
  • Includes AI capabilities

Core Values

ByteScout RPA tool is the tool built for non-developers to help increase the time to market for new automations by x10 times.

BluePrism, on the other hand, is an RPA tool is also focused on helping in implementing new automations with special no code editor.


Every industry be it Insurance, Banking or Automotive industry. From Banking, real estate to Fintech and Education, ByteScout offer industry-wise customized solution to fit into their demands.

BluePrism also offers solutions for in hospitality, Utilities, communication , media, and technology industries.

RPA Advantages


  • Secure & Privacy First. Data processing and automations can run without Internet on local machine.
  • Invoices Data Extraction. AI powered data extraction from invoices helps to reduce manual entry required and customize document processing workflows.
  • No Coding Skills Required: with the power of visual block building interface and pre-buuilt templates, anyone can create automation in minutes.


  • BluePrism has emerged as the solution to automation challenges.
  • BluePrism can be used to automated documents processing workflows.

Pricing Policy

ByteScout RPA pricing varies from product to product and which can be seen here. For some tool, the user needs to request the quote.

BluePrism has not revealed the pricing of the license tool in public but it is speculated that the cost for one license starts from 15000 USD annually.