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Detailed RPA Comparison: ByteScout vs UiPath

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Every RPA tool’s ultimate goal is to minimize the human efforts in order to bring efficiency and scale in the business processes. But the real test of any RPA (that stands for Robotic Process Automation) depends on various factors and one of the main factors is the scalability of efficiency and robustness. There are a lot of RPA tools in the market and in this article, we are focusing on various aspects of these RPA products: ByteScout RPA Tools and UiPath.

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  1. Overview
  2. How it Works
  3. Key Benefits
  4. RPA Features
  5. Core Values
  6. Use Cases
  7. Main Advantages
  8. Pricing Policy


ByteScout RPA Tools is the new RPA product developed by ByteScout. It provides a visual no-coding required a builder for constructing customized invoice processing workflows. You can create a workflow to read data from invoices, statements, reports using built-in AI-powered blocks that are able to extract unstructured data from pdf and documents, run OCR against scanned images. It can work offline and can be used to process sensitive data without sending them to/from the Internet.

UiPath is an RPA tool developed by UiPath Inc. Uipath also has OCR capabilities to extract text from documents. Uipath RPA has activities as the core unit of work that used to build an automation process for the business processes.

Detailed RPA Tools Comparison

How it Works

ByteScout RPA Tools can be used to automate your business processes where you are reading data from invoices, extracting data from invoices or reports. RPA Tools comes as a visual application builder based on blocks with optional (if you want) cloud option. It includes a lot of pre-built templates so you can create a new app in just 15 minutes. File monitoring, invoice processing blocks are included. Best of all it comes as free Community Edition that allows you to create unlimited robots with an unlimited number of blocks used. Pro version is also available for Enterprise users.

UiPath comes in different modes like the UiPath Studio community edition which is free and also comes as the enterprise UiPath Studio edition which for large companies. Community Edition of UiPath Studio allows only 2 Studios for designing automation, only 3 robots for free.

Key Benefits

ByteScout RPA Tools

  • No coding or writing code is required. Creating automation for invoices is as easy as dragging and dropping blocks into the canvas in Robot Designer in a Scratch-like based interface.
  • The UI of ByteScout is extremely user-friendly and provides dozens of robot templates for each use case in order to minimize the efforts taken by users.
  • ByteScout and ByteScout Academy have free online video training courses that are available online.
  • The visual app builder is based on blocks very similar to the visual Scratch programming language. You can add blocks, connecting blocks, implement conditional logic for your workflows, declare variables.
  • The RPA Tools product is focused on processing invoices and includes lot of blocks to sort invoices, extract data from invoices using Artificial Intelligence, to read text from images, to monitor folders for new files arrived, to write and reads spreadsheets (XLS, XLSX, CSV files), read data based on visual templates.
  • The product includes Robot Designer and Robot Runner where you can create, edit, update and run robots.
  • The base Community Edition is free so anyone can download and start making invoice robots without any payment.


  • UiPath offers different solutions according to customer requirements like UiPath Studio, Orchestrator, Robots.
  • UiPath can be programmed to automate external applications. While you can create automation with a visual interface, if you want to go with more complicated tasks, you may want to use VB.NET programming.
  • UiPath Academy also includes a training program for UiPath users.
  • UiPath Community Edition is free but limits the number of robots.

RPA Features

ByteScout RPA Tools

  • Works Offline. The robots made by RPA Tools also work offline by default for faster execution and data privacy.
  • ByteScout RPA Tools uses the built-in engine to work with invoices, spreadsheets, files, barcodes so no other applications are required to be installed. It provides a fast and reliable way of working with data.
  • Pre-build templates are included. These templates cover a lot of scenarios and workflows like reading invoices, reading invoices and writing them to a spreadsheet, monitoring folders for new files, reading spreadsheets from Excel files without Microsoft Office installed.
  • Build-in blocks powered by Artificial Intelligence. Document Parser, Invoice Extractor, Spreadsheet Reader, Folder Monitor, and many other blocks are included.
  • Fast Speed because no screen recording is required. As ByteScout RPA Tools relies on the set of engines capable of reading and writing data without the need to access screen and without need to run 3rd party apps, it works faster.
  • Designed specifically for processing invoices and other financial documents.


Core Values

The most appealing thing about ByteScout is that it is focused on processing financial documents and requires no coding or programming if you want to create am invoice processing robot. Its powerful set of blocks requires no other applications or Microsoft Office to be installed, also does not require to have access to what other applications shows on a screen.

UiPath, on the other hand, is a diverse RPA tool in terms of technology designed for wide and general usage where you may also write code and can connect to 3rd party applications.

Use Cases

Every industry be it Insurance, BPO, BPA, Public Sector, Health Care, Telecom, Manufacturing, Banking or Automotive industry. From Banking, real estate to Fintech and Education, ByteScout offers a platform for making the industry-wise customized solution to fit into their demands.

UiPath also offers solutions for in BPO, BPA, Public Sector, Health Care, Telecom, Manufacturing, and Retail & CPG.

Main Advantages


  • Easy To Use Visual Robot Designer: The ease of use makes ByteScout stand out from the crowd of this RPA market.
  • No 3rd party apps required: ByteScout RPA Tools requires no 3rd party applications to be installed if you need to read data from pdf, decode text from an image, generate or update a spreadsheet.
  • Offline Processing for Sensitive and Financial Data: ByteScout RPA Tools can operate offline without Internet connection required at all.
  • Quick Robot Creation based on Templates: The wide set of templates can be used with minimal guidance and allows a non-technical person to get up and running with her RPA journey with just a few minutes.


  • Diverse in Operations: Relies on other applications and on-screen recording processes to capture data from the screen and other apps.
  • Users with a programming background can also use this product to create new robots and re-use their knowledge of VB.NET and programming languages.
  • Parts of the product connects to the cloud so it works best with connection to the Internet.
  • Samples of robots are available that can be re-used by users for new robot creation.

Pricing Policy

ByteScout RPA has a FREE community edition. Pro version with scheduling management support is available starting at $99/month.

UiPath (as of 2019) also has community edition and also provides the following pricing options:

  • UIPath Studio License (Annual): $2000 – $3,000
  • Orchestrator License (Annual): $20,000
  • Attended Robot (Annual): $1,200 – $1,800 Each
  • Unattended Robot (Annual): $8,000 Each