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Most Popular Facebook Groups About RPA

RPA stands for robotic process automation. It is a digital system software that helps mankind to store and analyze data that are very much repetitive. This automated artificial intelligence can be your perfect helping hand in managing laborious data.

RPA can perform all the tasks flawlessly, which will result in a favorable benefit for your company. You do not have to invest many resources, including manpower, in completing the repetitive tasks. There are several social media groups, mostly on facebook, who seriously create and share news about RPA.

Most Popular RPA Facebook

Robotic process automation (RPA)

This group is built to create a beneficial environment for the promotion of automation technology. They have a good number of knowledgeable members who keep the group updated with the latest news of the RPA domain. They also used to conduct workshops where you can take part in the live classes to learn RPA.

Now they are aiming at conducting live classes for teaching artificial intelligence. This group is public so that everybody can see the posts, but only the members can control the entry into the group. There is also a discussion forum to discuss the problems related to RPA.

Make Your Robots – Try RPA Tools


Kryon is famous for the strategy discussion under the surveillance of a group of trained members. Kryon works on RPA as well as process recovery systems. They are more prone to introduce artificial intelligence into the business domain. They have mastered in using RPA technology in market analytics and maximized the profit. Kryon has worked with various giant organizations.

Robotic process automation tech hub

It is a well popular group on Facebook, which has gained its popularity due to a variety of points. The owner of this page has 2-3 other pages also, so maintenance of the page is not an issue at all. They have posted some serious rules for the members of the group, which is to be followed by each and every member of the group. Thus this group has shared plenty of information through facebook posts.

Robotic process automation, machine learning, chatbot, tech intelligence

This group used to share valuable pieces of information about machine learning, AImembersand also along with RPA. So this page has a quite huge follower base. You can see many posts group to data trained, even on this particular page. All the news about any seminar or podcasts on the related topics organizations shared by the active members. So you can join this group if you are interested in surveillance learning RPA as it will contribute to your career growth very much.

RPA certification (Uipath, AA)

This group can surely help you in learning Uiparth from the experts in that field. Uipath is important as it provides the best platform for developing RPA. All you have to do is join this group as it is a public group. There you can get all the necessary information related to the domain of RPA. Moreover, the adepts are there in this group who can directly help you with any issue related to RPA.