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unmerge cells in VB.NET and ByteScout Spreadsheet SDK

How To: tutorial on unmerge cells in VB.NET

We’ve created and updating regularly our sample code library so you may quickly learn unmerge cells and the step-by-step process in VB.NET. Unmerge cells in VB.NET can be implemented with ByteScout Spreadsheet SDK. ByteScout Spreadsheet SDK is the SDK to create, read, modify and calculate spreadsheets. Formula calculations are supported, import and export to and from JSON, CSV, XML, databases, arrays.

VB.NET, code samples for VB.NET, developers help to speed up the application development and writing a code when using ByteScout Spreadsheet SDK. This VB.NET sample code should be copied and pasted into your application’s code editor. Then just compile and run it to see how it works. Enjoy writing a code with ready-to-use sample VB.NET codes to add unmerge cells functions using ByteScout Spreadsheet SDK in VB.NET.

ByteScout Spreadsheet SDK is available as free trial. You may get it from our website along with all other source code samples for VB.NET applications.

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Imports Bytescout.Spreadsheet Imports System.IO Module Module1 Sub Main() ' Create new Spreadsheet Dim document As New Spreadsheet() document.LoadFromFile("Input.xls") ' Get worksheet by name Dim worksheet As Worksheet = document.Workbook.Worksheets(0) ' Unmerge cells worksheet.Range("B6:D18").UnMerge() ' remove output file if already exists If File.Exists("Output.xls") Then File.Delete("Output.xls") End If ' Save document document.SaveAs("Output.xls") ' Close Spreadsheet document.Close() ' open in default spreadsheets viewer/editor Process.Start("Output.xls") End Sub End Module

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