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How to read merged cells in C# with ByteScout Spreadsheet SDK

Write code in C# to read merged cells with this step-by-step tutorial

Source code documentation samples provide quick and easy way to add a required functionality into your application. ByteScout Spreadsheet SDK is the SDK to create, read, modify and calculate spreadsheets. Formula calculations are supported, import and export to and from JSON, CSV, XML, databases, arrays. It can read merged cells in C#.

C# code samples for C# developers help to speed up coding of your application when using ByteScout Spreadsheet SDK. Just copy and paste the code into your C# application’s code and follow the instruction. Use of ByteScout Spreadsheet SDK in C# is also explained in the documentation included along with the product.

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using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Text; using Bytescout.Spreadsheet; namespace ReadingMergedCells { class Program { static void Main(string[] args) { // Create new Spreadsheet Spreadsheet document = new Spreadsheet(); document.LoadFromFile("Input.xls"); // Get worksheet by name Worksheet worksheet = document.Workbook.Worksheets["Sheet1"]; // Read merged cell Cell cell = worksheet.Cell("C12").MergedWithCell; // Read cell value Console.WriteLine(cell.Value); // Close document document.Close(); } } }

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