ByteScout RPA Platform - Automate Your Business Workflows without Programming - ByteScout

ByteScout RPA Platform allows everyone to create and run workflows for automating everyday routine operations. No programming skills or programmers required! Save days and months of manual labor work in your business!

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RPA platform key benefits

    • No programming skills are required! Use the visual editor to add and connect blocks using built-in Workflow Designer
    • Available blocks are:
      • documents splitter and merger – split and merge documents and pdf
      • text extractor – extract text from pdf, documents, scanned documents
      • invoice extractor – process invoices from thousands of companies
      • document parser – extract information from documents using custom templates
      • pdf generator – generate new PDF documents using templates
      • file reader and writer – read and write to and from any file or folder
      • text finder – search keywords and phrases inside documents and pdf files
      • scheduler – run tasks on schedule
      • email receiver   –  receive emails from  IMAP and POP3 mailboxes
      • spreadsheet reader and writer – read and write Excel and CSV spreadsheets
      • barcode reader and generator – scan barcodes from images, pdf or scanned documents  
      • e-signature – send signature requests or batch e-sign documents
      • antivirus checker – scan documents and files for viruses and malware before passing them to other blocks
    • Privacy: can run offline on your desktop or in-house server.
    • Custom blocks can be developed by 3rd party developers to serve your specific needs
    • Dozens of ready to use workflows templates are already included and can be easily customized for your needs
    • Video tutorials are included

Support and help are included