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.NET video capture SDK tutorial

.NET video capture SDK tutorial shows how to use Screen Capturing SDK as a video capture SDK in .NET framework. You can use it from Visual Basic and C# – use the source code samples below.

VB code for .NET framework:

' create video capture sdk object
       Dim capturer As New CapturerClass()

' set to video capture the entire screen
       capturer.CapturingType = CaptureAreaType.catScreen

' set output video filename 
       capturer.OutputFileName = "EntireScreenCaptured.wmv"

       ' set width and height of output video
       capturer.OutputWidth = 640
       capturer.OutputHeight = 480

       ' start video capturing

       ' wait for 25 seconds

       ' stop video capture

       ' open the output video 

C# code for .NET application:

CapturerClass capturer = new CapturerClass(); // create new video capturer object from Screen Capturing SDK toolkit

           capturer.CapturingType = CaptureAreaType.catScreen; // set to capture the whole screen into video

           capturer.OutputFileName = "EntireScreenCaptured.wmv"; // set to write to WMV video file (you may use .AVI as output as well)

           // set output video width and height for the output video
           capturer.OutputWidth = 640;
           capturer.OutputHeight = 480;

           capturer.Run(); // run screen video capture 

           Thread.Sleep(15000); // wait for just 15 seconds

           capturer.Stop(); // stop video capture

           Process.Start("EntireScreenCaptured.wmv"); // open captured video in default video player on the computer